Wednesday, December 17

Used Tape Drives

In search for a back up system or tape drives? End your search today because you can now buy it online at! They sell new or used tape drives and other back up systems. Finding parts for older models might be tough but might be able to help you! Buy top brands such as HP, Quantum, Dell, ADIC, Storagetek, Sun, Fujitsu, Exabyte and these are just few to mention. They also do repairs and you can inquire for the price online. If they cannot repair it, guaranteed no service charge at all! So, it's worth a try to send in your troubled tape drive, don't you think?

Christmas Carol

Whenever my bes invites me for a Christmas Carol night at her place {no, not to sing but to listen}...I try not to miss it coz it's something I really enjoy every Christmas season! It reminds me of my childhood when I went out w/ my neighbors/friends and sang our heart out from houses to houses. I was doing that for the fun of it and well of course for money when I was little and in highschool and college - it was for charity just like the Carolers here. So, it's always nice to support them and someday, when we have our farm house done, I would definitely invite them to our home to carol us!

Sunday, December 14

Go For Lasik!

I'm lucky that I'm fairly healthy person even if I get sick often especially winter time. It's usually just the common cold or nothing serious so, I am really thankful for that! My parents however aren't so lucky, aside from having health problems which are common at their major problem that they have is their poor eyesight! It's really bad that they have to wear glasses when reading. I have to type BIG BOLD letters just to make sure they see it clear during our chat sessions,LoL! Well, if they have the money, I'd definitely suggest the laser eye surgery! I have a lot of friends who had this and they are definitely happy with the result! It's painless, safe and effective so, why not have it rather than wearing eyeglasses that is definitely a hassle.

The LASIK technology is quite impressive knowing that LASIK has been tapped by the Department of Defense and NASA to help improve the eyesight of those personnel who works in a demanding task and crucial situations. The result was amazing! 95% of the 100 military personnel showed an amazing 20/20 vision achieved. That alone tells how effective it is. LASIK has been validated to be safe and effective by the NASA and Department of Defense. You can get more LASIK information online and see if this is something you might consider.


So Long...Long Hair!

Hello short hair! Yep - got in the mood for a new look lately and so, I tried short hair after 8yrs!LoL! It's been a while since I last wear my hair short and it's not only the shampooing, combing and styling that got me all wear out from having a long hair, it's also the feeling of having something, not materialistic! Something about myself and that was it, my hair indeed!LoL! Hubby never approved of cutting my hair short so, I tried to be sneaky and boy! He was just devastated but he'll grow out of it, just like my will grow again!Hehehehe!

Eat More!

Even if I know that I'll be surrounded by temptations {sweets, fatty food and all that} at a party...I still made the effort last night to make it to the The Fil-Am Christmas Party and well of course, a chance to meet Filipino around town! I totally had a great time but one of my girls isn't! To think she's the one who pushed us to this event,hehehe! I mean me and hubby was at the point where we decided to just stay home but my eldest said that she really really wanna go and so, with a little bit of motivation from hubby and my girls excitement, I went ahead even if I knew we were late! Well, not too late for the food. Men! I haven't seen so much food in a row of tables before!!! I mean if you are struggling with your weight and yet cannot avoid those palatable meals infront of you, you better get your diet supplements ready! LoL! Parties is always a chance to relax, have fun and of course, you cannot ignore the, all we can do is to eat moderately...nahhh! I'd go for it!LoL!

Life with My Girls

Recently, I've read some controversial blogs out there about potty training and spanking. I was buzzed by a friend who felt so down when a lot of moms out there reacted on her actions. Although, I cannot blame them, still I feel so sorry for my friend since she has no purpose whatsoever to offend any moms or hurt her child. All I know is that she loves her child and she's a good mom. I'm glad that right now, there hasn't been anymore of that controversy or it stopped!

Being a mom is tough! It's the toughest job out there and those who doesn't understand that should try it hands-on in anyway they can to fully know the nature of motherhood/fatherhood/parenthood. No matter how you try to be a good one, your patience will always be tested. No one can ever be perfect but we can all try to be a better one! Although, I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom, I also hope to become part of a workforce out there especially in times of money woes {never liked to ask or rely on hubby's salary alone} but if given really a choice between building a career or a housewife, I'd surely stick being a housewife {isn't it obvious?} and sometimes got the pressure from other people who tells me I need to get a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment and they think getting a degree and working out there is the only way. I respect their opinion but as I grow with my gave me the satisfaction that I've been longing for and I believe I have accomplished something really BIG by simply being a mother of two, nothing more, nothing less!

Friday, December 12

Working at Home

Ever since I became too busy with moving and jessica being in school plus getting my father over here and all that, I lost a lot of transactions and opportunities online. Even lost track of all my bloghoppers since I haven't had the chance to visit bloggers and join memes and tags like I used to. Well, things have changed and I'm just doing what I can here to still make a little bit of extra cash. It was great when I first started! It's something like having a home based business although it was taking away so much of my time. That's how it is when you work but the beauty of having it at your home - you don't have to worry what to wear, you can sneak in the fridge whenever hungry and still do ordinary things you can do at home while making the money! Well there's always pros and cons. I never thought I'd come back active in blogging again. I was at the point where I wanted to make an entry just once in a blue moon. It might happen again but for now, I am back to the old days...and see if I can snag more opportunities!

Thursday, December 11

New Lib!

Ever since we moved, I missed a lot of things that I used to do {I mean at anytime}. Even if I always see my friends and spend time with them, it's not the same as to just one phone call - hey, let's go shopping! let's get a cup of coffee or something like that and things like "I need to get some hopia today at the Filipino store" know, things were convenient, things that I am used to. Familiar roads, familiar places, familiar faces...

Well, I got different routine now being at the apartment but it's changing from time to time. Now that the farm house is totally unlivable with people working on our basement, electricity cut off and water, it's no longer a place where I do my laundry, hang out or even stay for the night. Well, I know time comes when we can totally reside there...

As of now, I try to explore what this city has to offer. Good to know there's one nearby Asian store where I can get my hopia in times of craving,LoL! One mall that I'm not really thrilled about but fun enough for my kids to hang out at their playground. Familiar stores - GFS, Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Meijers and all that {well yeah, those are definitely everywhere!LoL} AND of course...the library! Now, I'm definitely starting to feel like one of the locals here!hehehe!

Wednesday, December 10

Ahhhh...Just A Wish!

We've suffered quite a crappy weather these past few weeks. Today isn't so bad since it's in the 40's but the winter really came too early at this year! It's the time of the year when you think about getting away, having a nice vacation somewhere! Oh just a wish indeed! Oh how I miss traveling! Lately, we've cut back, I mean really stopped our traveling days since we are working on having that farm house livable which obviously will cost as a bunch and the economy is not helping! We've tightened up our budget so much and I'm sure most of you do too!

If you have the budget for a trip this coming holiday season, I must tell you about Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing! Yes - it is a hotel and not just another hotel out there. This one is located at the newest Brandon Landing shopping and entertainment district! You can definitely find many ways to enjoy your vacation there having everything nearby! Now, for me, I am mostly attracted to shopping or outlet malls, theaters, fine dining and any attractions! This is definitely the place for me!!! So, it's all bookmarked and once the economy gets better, the house is all settled and we got some spare money to spend, traveling is on my first list!


You can also consider visiting the Historic Downtown Branson, Missouri and when you do, have Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel as your place to stay!From guest rooms, suites or condos, your choice! It's also located nearby all the theaters, outlet malls and numerous attractions! Those are the major things that attract me most to this place!

Ohhh it's all just a wish but who knows, someday I might blog about my stay there *wink*


Tuesday, December 9

Who Wants Lemonade?

Sweet friend Race just included me on "Lemonade Award" and I'm really thankful that she's just there, always remembering my blog, thanks friend! Now, for the rules...

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

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Wednesday, December 3

Give Me Something Strong!

When it comes to coffee, I wanna make sure that I drink something strong but what I got here is just an instant coffee. Espresso really is the kind of coffee you want if you like it strong! If that's what you prefer, why not have it always ready for you in the morning at your home? How? Just get yourself an espresso machine! You can choose and buy one of the espresso machines online! Or better yet, wrap it up for the Holidays to your boss or to any loved ones who couldn't resist the aroma and taste of an espresso!

Farewell Party

It was just several weeks ago that we welcomed my father here in US and last week, we bid goodbye to him as he leaves for Chicago. It wasn't really part of the plan but I've always known that his friends there offered to let him stay at their place and to help him find a job. We've decided to go for that after we tried applying for jobs here in our town with no luck! Hopefully he gets his luck in Chicago! The main goal really is to find a full-time job that can cover his health insurance and my mom as well. They wanna make sure, before my mom gets here, she's all covered. He'll come back once my mom is here with us so, it's for the best that he's there with his friends and pretty much he's all covered with everything. He left last Friday and from then on, party everyday with all his friends there, LoL! I'm sure right now, they are working on a job for him *wink*