Wednesday, December 27

teething Kt

One of the hard part having a teething child is the constant biting onto anything (never forget sometimes to someone) But lucky me! I never had a problem with my kids biting on me...juz to their dad!hehehe! Katie isn't too cranky when one comes up but I'm pretty sure when the molars starts coming out, the fun part will begin...

Thursday, December 21

climbing stairs

Having a 2nd child doesn't make u too paranoid on everything anymore. I guess it has to do with the thought that the 1st one survive, so what the heck??? Bad I know! But I just couldn't help instead of getting frightened, I was all excited the minute I saw my baby Katie climbing up the stairs!!! I never taught her how but having 2 sets (15steps) each, gets her going! Now, the going down part should be tricky...

Friday, December 15

kt & jc at play

here's KT (at 7mos) with Ate JC playing around (Run Time: 5mins 2secs)

Wednesday, December 13

The Art of Eating, Playing and Noise

And this is the part where parents can say aaoooaahhh...isn't that cute? where have all the days gone by? Yes, the fun of childhood days! I would want to see these again when the time comes that all they could think of is "ur not cool mom!"...i hope that day would never come! I always wanna be a cool mom!!!

Who Said Big Sister is the Strongest?

The Wonders of Baby Noises!

There's no fun in eating without a mess, right?