Friday, June 22

7 Things About Me (NOW)

Yen tagged me on this one so, I am tagging Grace, Anna, Julai, Racquel, Lori, Lutchi, Haze, Emmyrose, Mic and Nita

1. I am a mother of 2 girls (4 and a half yr. old eldest; 20month old youngest)
2. I maintain 2 blogs (this one and Wandering Thoughts) making money out from those blogs.
3. My family and I are going for a camping tonight! We have so many things planned this weekend.
4. I am on the process of petitioning my parents to come over here. Still waiting for the notice!
5. I was able to do that because I am now an American citizen Took my oath last April.
6. I love taking pictures Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket of almost everything and bragging about it on my blogs,lol!
7. I enjoy nature walks, camping, family time even just going to the parks!

There you go ladies...Now, it's your turn!