Thursday, June 21

Fun ECards!

I happened to check out this cool website where you can make your own ecard in a fun and exciting way! At you can Build A Sandcastle and send it to your friends and family! It is such a cool thing to do especially when you have kids. They will truly have fun together buildnig a virtual sand castle together and since my 4 year old daughter is taking a nap right now, I made one for myself and later when she's up I'll show this to her...

(Click the image to see it larger)

I sent this out to my sister and I think she will really enjoy this!hehehe! You can make your own too if you visit! It's so simple, no sign up needed! All you have to do is click on build your sand castle then you can go ahead and do the easy simple steps! First off, you can choose the beach that you like and I ended up with the Beaches Negril but there are so many to choose from so, go ahead and pick one that you like! After you picked one, you will be given so many cool tools to make a sandcastle. Play with the sizes and colors as you click on each block, it will give you a customization tool and at the sidebar, there's so many cool stuff for accessories! When you're done, you can either save it for your own copy or send it to friends and family!

Start making your own now and be sure to send it away to others!