Monday, June 25

Great Learning Center

I haven't been really a good teacher to my 4 year old daughter and to think that I wanted to be a teacher, how can I be a good one if I couldn't even teach my own kid??? I just don't think I have the patience and usually we do the ABC cards and counting up to a hundred but we couldn't really get even half of our counting that's because she gets bored and frustrated when she can't remember something. I easily give up too! If she's in school, I'll be in big trouble having to help her in any of her homeworks or topics that she might be having a problem with...good thing there is a great place to assist your kids in their academic aspects and that is at! It is an Innovative Tutor that won't only let your kids do well in their school but also keeps them motivated and have the fun in learning so to enjoy and excel in their class! For nearly 15 years they have been doing this to kids and works thru PreK to 10th grades. We will see how my kids will do in school and I will keep this website in mind!