Thursday, June 28

It's Coming!

I am so thrilled and could hardly wait for the DSLR I ordered at B&H Photo! Actually, I've been wanting Canon Rebel Xti since last Christmas and never got it *sigh* waited for my luck! LoL! Hubby just wouldn't spend that much money on a camera that he thinks it would be too complicated and heavy to carry around and might end up sitting in a box! Well, if he couldn't take my word on it...I figured, I can buy it myself from my blogging money! I could've bought it a long time ago just that there's so many things that is worth spending the money before the camera. Now it's about time to set it as my priority coz I want it so badly! So, I just pushed hubby to pay at least $200 and I took care of the rest...I'm so happy that I finally ordered and so excited to receive it next week!!!