Wednesday, June 27

She's A Toddler Alright!

Now that she's 20months old, she can be a really hyper and tricky! She can express simple words and wants and even follow instructions. It's pretty amazing how my li'l toddler follows my commands on picking up her toys and she knows where to put it back or go get your diapers and wipes, all the simple ones...I found this really cool site to do so many activities with their right age! Here's one of a great activity for my 2omonth old:

Learning Skills

  • Fine motor development
  • Problem solving
  • Social interaction

What's Wrong?

Your toddler is still figuring out how the world works when you introduce a game of What’s Wrong? See if she can figure out what’s so silly about this game—and how to fix it!


  • Picture book
  • Sock and shoe
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Bowl and water
  • Cracker and peanut butter


  • Collect the items above, or other items that can be turned around, upside down, or made to look different than usual in any other way.
  • Hold your toddler in your lap. Hold a picture book upside down and begin to read. See if your toddler can figure out that the book is wrong and fix it.
  • Put a shoe on your toddler’s foot, then put on the sock. See if your toddler notices what’s wrong and tries to fix it.
  • Put toothpaste on the back of the toothbrush instead of on the bristles. See if your toddler can figure out what’s wrong and what to do about it.
  • Pour some water into a bowl and tell your toddler you brought her a drink. See if she notices the silly container and asks for a glass.
  • Spread peanut butter on a cracker and set it upside down on a plate. See if your toddler turns it right-side up!


Be sure your toddler can’t get hurt doing these silly tasks.