Tuesday, June 26

Snagged Tag!

I found this one at Janine's blog so, I thought it would be fun to grab it and tag somebody else! This is all about dreams...

What Dreams May Come

1. Unforgettable Dream

I saw my bestfriend in a casket and I couldn't understand why she died. I cried and cried. The ff morning that I woke up, I told her immediately about this dream coz in our belief, you will break the curse so it won't happen at all...

2. Scary Dream

I was held hostage by my xbf. In reality, he was quite possessive and abusive so, I guess this explains why I had this kind of dream. He was holding a knife on my throat and we took the elevator with my sister in there and my sister was begging to let me go. I was so scared to death.

3. Funny Dream

I was kissing someone and was so worried how is he going to accept me- having kids and I was like a single mom, the father of my child didn't exist at all. I thought this was funny...for me!

4. Dream House

4 bedroom house, wooden floor only bedrooms are carpeted with island kitchen and lots of arches with red tile roof!

5. Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)

Josh Hartnett!

6. Dream Job

Shopping for someone else and being paid a bunch!LOL!

7. Dream you had last night

I don't remember.

8. Dream for yourself

To find my passion in life and make a profit out of it. It would be great to have a job you love to do plus getting paid from doing so!


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