Thursday, November 29

Weird Facts About Myself

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Thanks for the tag Monaco! This is for Dauph, Darlene, Emzkie,Marissa, Tikya, Vera and Ice

You know this is tough coz I don't normally do weird things so I have to squeeze my brain out and find things that you migh think it's weird...

1. I use hot shower as my massage by turning it to the fullest and let it flow all over my shoulders and back for a good 5-10minutes

2. I can't stand cluttered counter tops, I gotta clear it every now and then or it will drive me nutzzz

3. BUT I can leave the sink full of dishes even overnight.

4. I don't like to be yelled

5. but I yell all the time.

6. If I see labels of canned goods in my pantry that are not facing the front, I have to turn it!

7. I hate plastic bags that are just squeezed into the drawer, I want it folded.