Monday, December 31

Are You Ready for 2008???

I am! I'm sure you are too!!! I guess it'd be just appropriate to make my own New Year's Resolution or better yet my wishes and goals for the coming year...

* the most important thing for me is our health! I'm wishing God wouldn't only grant me and my family good health as well as my family back home especially my parents who might be here in about a couple of mos...I know it will be a BIG adjustment for them, with the weather and everything else, I hope they could come here and live in a good condition of health

* I pray to God that we can find solution in getting health insurance for my parents so both of them can go here together. I can fully understand how risky it is to have them both at the same time with no health insurance here but I still want them together and hopefully, David can find a way.

* I thank God for my lovely daughters and hoping my eldest could get into school for Kindergarten and hopefully she can do well.

* I am asking for the ability to handle a BIG change in my life moving in a country and having to adjust to everything.

* Also hoping to get a good job that I would love to go to everyday and not having to sacrifice my family time or anything else that's important in my life (which is my family)

* Trying to avoid gossips is one of my resolutions that I may have the strength and will to avoid all that and ignore anything I hear negative.

* Having more patience to my kids who can be real pesky and try to always remember, they are just kids...that's how they should act...keeping that high tolerance above all to endure anything

I guess this will do for now and I am full of hopes and wishes but the key really is to make that work! Hopefully I can! Anyways,I'm babbling here...just want to make sure I can greet you all a very...