Sunday, December 23

Busy All These Days!

Despite of my chaotic days, I don't want to leave any expired tasks, that's why I'm blogging right now. Good thing I woke up so early today. Each day will be a very busy day, with the holidays and parties! My days are pretty much scheduled until January:
  1. 24th-25th (ma-in-law is here)
  2. 25th,5pm (Christmas Party with friends)
  3. 27th,5pm(Jessica's Bday Party)
  4. 29th,3pm(Party at Michelle's)
  5. 31st(New Year's Eve Party at Lorena's)
  6. Jan. 9 (Bday Party)
  7. Jan. 12 (leave for Orlando Trip)

Tons of chores but none was accomplished yesterday! because of this pie! (It's an Upside Down Apple Walnut Pie) I got the recipe from a book. I went to the grocery store to get all the ingredients for this and for all the food to make on Christmas Day, got home by 2pm and made this pie, hurriedly dressed up the kids and myself, got there at the party around 5pm, got home at 9pm and that was it! My day was over...none in my list was done,LoL! I'm hoping today I can accomplish those!