Friday, December 14

Getting Revenge?

Yesterday while baby sitting my friend's kids...Jessica was being such a pain! I mean, every passing minute she's always in trouble like yelling at Morgan, grabbing a toy from Katie but the worst was throwing a toy at Logan's face! She did it twice even after I put her in time out! She seems to be very sorry right after she hit him but I don't get it...what did Logan ever do to her? They were just playing nice and all of a sudden she threw a toy on him! When I told their mom all about it, she mentioned "I guess she's getting her revenge!" Well, you see, couple of days ago...we were at a friend's house with them and Jessica got hit by Logan with a toy in her face and up until now it looks like a black eye. She has been complaining how painful it, maybe my friend is right but I hope not...I don't want her to be revengeful! I explained to her she can no longer play with them if she keeps doing it and she'll loose friends if she continue that attitude. She seems to be listening!(for now)...