Tuesday, December 11

How To Find Great Books For Your Toddler

Every night, part of my kids' routine is to open up a book and we read it to them. It's always good to have that special moment and at the same time, your kid is learning too! My 2yr old has just started to say "Read a book" every time we put her in bed. Since the eldest is 5 and she's just 2, it's good to choose the right books for them. My eldest picks books that has longer stories and descriptive lines. For my 2 yr. old I choose the ones with lots of pictures and illustrations, simple words and colorful ones!I keep it short and some are those she can touch and feel so she's got participation through the whole reading. It's also good to pick Dora's books since she's her fave character, that really keeps her interest! Here's great tips from parentcenter.com...

1. Find rhyming and word pattern books.
2. Share your childhood favorites.
Choose books with colorful illustrations.
Pick books that fit your child's interest.
5. Look for books your child can manipulate.