Tuesday, December 11

I Badly Need A Facial!

I'm in my late 20s and I'm beginning to see wrinkles in my forehead now! I try to put moisturizer that has SPF in it but I'm not sure if that really helps my skin, I certainly hope so! Not only my wrinkles is my problem but also a lot of dark spots from my pimples! I always think, I'm no longer in my teenage years, why do I still suffer with lots of pimples?! It sucks but I guess it's in my genes, looking at my mom and dad, they both suffered from the same problem I have. Well, I hope my kids won't have the same problems. I could only wish for a clear skin coz no matter what skin care product I use, it doesn't really clear up my skin as much as I wanted to! The worst problem for facial skin is when you aged, you get droopy face and wrinkles and age spots! Geez...something to look forward to! But there's always face lift surgery that you can consider if you are up for that! As for me, I guess I just have to keep avoiding cosmetics that has harsh chemicals and using SPF if I can.