Friday, December 14

I Need New Area Rugs

Every time I have a party coming, I tend to notice stuff that I needed around the house and end up buying a few!Just like yesterday, as I was vacuuming our carpets and rugs, I notice a rip on one side of it. I badly want new area rugs! Something that is more traditional like that but I gotta wait til we move though. Since I want to match it up to the whole house and we can certainly use a big one coz we are planning to have a wood floor in the entire first floor of the house. If only I could have that in my wish list for this Christmas! Well, it's not a bad idea to give someone especially your spouse an area rug...I guess it wouldn't be a surprise coz she better have the choice!Great selections at so, that's really easy to browse through online! Let her pick what she wants or you can both do it together...soon, I'll be doing the same thing,LoL!