Wednesday, December 12

In Search of A Great Place to Live

Everybody wants the best place they could live at, who doesn't? It really depends on what you are looking for in life or what you prefer. Some may want to stay in a crowded place with busy streets and convenient to any stores others may prefer a quiet more like a serene place close to nature. If you ask me, I grow up in a suburban where you could hear even your neighbors yelling at each other,LoL! But that's what I like before I came here. Now, that I've adjusted to my life here in US, when I went back to my old place, I couldn't stand the noise! So, I guess I'll settle with more like a quiet place but not so isolated. If I have my way, I'll choose nearby the ocean where it's very relaxing! More like Wilmington NC real estate! Definitely a nice place to live...