Tuesday, December 11

Mother's Work

A mother's work is never ending. As what my rants and chitchats from my other blog earlier...I just couldn't help but complain,LoL! Well, it's human nature to complain. You can't possibly say you never complained in your entire life ever before? hehehe! Just right now, I'm finishing up some tasks in my blogging after a tiring night at a party! During the day, I was busy cleaning up the house and putting stuff away. I just didn't want to come home in a messy house! Well, it was worth all my effort coz now I'm feeling good seeing a nice clean house, well at least for just tonight! Once my 2 girls are up...they'll be ready to mess it up all over again!LoL! But thing is, I let my 5yr old clean up her bedroom and the living room and she does a good job *wink*