Tuesday, December 11

Stressful Days

This holiday season, usually most people are so stressed out including me! I'm not just busy buying gifts but I also need to prepare for my daughter's birthday party! It's coming pretty quick! After Christmas is her birth day then New Year's Eve, that's a lot of parties!!! I'm not just going to shop for presents, but also food and things needed for the party. This only means I have to fight the crowd in the stores, fight the traffic in the streets and wait a long time in the cashier's line, LoL! I'm sure you deal with the same stuff...wouldn't you want a great pampering right after all these???!!! It would be very nice to get a gift certificate for any day spas and that is one way to relax and rejuvenate! But who would give me such a thing? LoL! Well, for some, it's part of their indulgence to go to a spa and I have heard testimonials from others how relaxing it is! Yeah, just heard..haven't experienced this yet! Maybe one of these days when I get a job and just indulge myself even just once!