Monday, December 3

Tagged By Darlene!

I've seen this around but I haven't been tagged until, thanks Darlz for including me in your list!

Tagging: Jadyn, Juzahlyn, Joy, Ivy, Retchel, Yza, Liza and Dauph

=How old is your Lover?
♥ He's very secretive about his age,hehehe!
=What is your lover Favorite Color?
♥ Probably pink!waaaa...
=What Is your lover Favorite Movie?
♥ he likes war movies, stories that are so intense and needs lots of analyzing!
=What does Your Lover like to do most?
♥ He loves gardening, hiking in the woods and target shooting
= How much Do you LOVE your LOVER?
♥ as much as I could take,hahaha! Well, I have 2 kids w/ him - 6 yrs together = you calculate it!
=Is Your Lover a Flirt?
♥ Nahhh...when he likes someone, he tells me about it and he's not shy to do so!
=Where did U and Your Lover First Meet?
♥ Philippines
= How Long Have you and your Lover Been going out?
♥ 6yrs
=Do you and your Lover Parents Have a good relationship?
♥ yap! can't complain, she's a great ma-in-law!
= Does your lover like night or day?
♥ he can't do anything at night! Or shall I say...useless at night!lol!
=Does your Lover like Rootbeer or Sprite?
♥ Rootbeer
=Do you and your Lover get along?
♥ well, we often argue but we managed to be together for 6 yrs!
=Do you and your Lover Fight?If so Who Wins the fight?
♥ Most of the time since I get frustrated easily and I usually end up crying. He says sorry most of the time!
=How often do u go to your Lovers house?
♥ figure it out!
=What does your lover call you?
♥ Hon but when infront of his mom he calls me by my name
=Is your Lover older or younger than you?
♥ Older
=Does your Lover buy you gifts often?
♥ Nope
=Do you Hate your Lover at times?
♥ Yep
=What is your LOVER favorite Sport?
♥ none
=Do your lover tell you everything?
♥ I certainly hope so!