Tuesday, January 30

Christmas 2006

Another very late video snap! Kids had a fun time during Christmas and the most awaited part...opening gifts! My youngest doesn't quite understand what Christmas is yet but the oldest, all she could ever think of are the presents!!! Of course, that's the part where she will get all the goodies! We try not to spoil her too much and keep it very simple...this clip for me is really worth a memory coz I couldn't believe what she said !

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Sunday, January 28

Katie's 1st Bday

I know this is long overdue but I still want to share it to u guys...I took this video on the very day she turned one. It was just us-family, mommy baked cupcakes with the help of ate...bday party was late and I didn't have my videocam at the party but then I got a CD copy (di ko lang alam pano i-upload on host sites using a CD) So, here are some of the clips...

Runtime: 1min & 14sec

Runtime: 1min & 34sec

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Saturday, January 27

Where's the rest???

I've been lazy uploading some videos and I know...I know it's been a while since I haven't posted...Been busy with other stuff and it just draws out my motivation when it comes to uploading videos...takes so much of ur time from editing to downloading...but i will give it some time again. will have some more coming up pretty soon!

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Photo Hunt - Theme: Silver

This week's theme is silver and the most common thing that comes in mind when u say silver--, I thought I'd find something unique and when I looked around the house, I spotted my favorite piece of art! I bought it at "What on Earth" store when it first opened at the mall...I was having a hard time choosing bet. all the cool stuff there but this one is my fave...I like how it looks, kind of modern but still artistic...It is totally the focal point on my bookshelves! So, I thought I'd share it to you guys...

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