Sunday, April 29

Let us offer a one day silence tom. for all the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre and to show respect to those who have lost their loved ones simply but not posting anything for tom.,April 30th

One Day Blog Silence

Situation Sunday 1

Situation Sunday

1) You are standing on the edge of a cliff, you have 2 ropes you are hanging on to. On the other end of one rope is one child, and on the other rope is another. You know you can't pull both of them up, only one. What do you do?

I will hold on to both and just leave it up to God what's going to happen, and scream for help!!!

2) You are invited to dinner at a co-workers house. You get there and all is going good. The meal comes out and it is something you would never eat- Possum stew ,with a side of frog legs. How do you handle it?

I will bite tiny piece of the frog legs and say politely "It's really not my kind of food.I'm sorry."

3) It is late at night and you are driving a hundred miles to get home. Your cell phone has no service. The road you are on is not one with lots of traffic. You break down 10 miles from home. Do you stay in your car, hoping some one will come by or walk, run the rest of the way home?

I would stay in my car, makes me feel safer and wait for some car to pass by and would stop to help me out. I think if I walk, it would be easier for someone to snatch me,lol! I'm rethinking about this,LoL! I think I'm going to run as fast as I can to my home!!!

4) A friend asks you something that is totally against your principles. You do not want to hurt their feelings. How do you handle it?

I will tell her honestly that I cannot help her on what she is asking but I would certainly help her if it's something I can do.

Friday, April 27


Photohunt Theme: Rare

I love taking pics of my daughters, be it spot shots or choreographed! But it is so rare to get them both together smiling and with great participation for mommy to get a great shot like this!!! (Taken last Easter Sunday)

Thursday, April 26

Fantastic Poems

Fantastic Poems

Heard or read any poems recently? Are you in the mood for composing or even reading a good poem? There's a great site for someone like you! Be inspired by visiting Community Creatures! A site for someone who has an adventurous and wide imagination minds...Pretty interesting place to read almost about anything...from dragons to fairies to will certainly find your interest in that site! They categorized each poems at the right side bar so this definitely gives you a quick search of the things you are most likely to enjoy reading. The poems are really expressed in a different way...makes you envision something or keeps your mind working, this is what I need,LoL!

Tuesday, April 24

Wordless Wednesday

Details here...I promise, it's a short detail =)

Monday, April 23


A New Way of Doing Business

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Menu Plan Monday

  • MONDAY - stir fry veggie and chicken with white rice
  • TUESDAY - chicken lasagna (oh yeah, the frozen one!)
  • WEDNESDAY - leftover lasagna (well, i'm getting lazy lately)
  • THURSDAY - turkey hotdogs in a bun (what can i say...i'm totally a slacker!LOL!)
  • FRIDAY - can we eat out dear???
  • SATURDAY - ok, i'll find a great recipe out there! enough being lazy!
  • SUNDAY - well...maybe I can cook, who knows???

Start Making Money While Blogging!!!

Start Making Money While Blogging!!!

Yes it is possible and very easy to do! Bloggerwave is a great place for you to start raking in some dollars while doing what you enjoy...that is Blogging, of course! How is this possible? Once you register at bloggerwave and add your blog, all you have to do is wait at least 2 days to get approved (mine only took several minutes!) and then you can start taking opportunities!!! What are opportunities? They are tasks that you can post an entry in your blog that talks about the link provided. As easy as that! No hassle no fees...just the guarantee that you will make money!!! What are you waiting for??? Register now and you will surely find out that it is indeed NOT a scam!!!

Saturday, April 21

Photo Hunt - Theme: Steps


This is my eldest, Jessica! Back when she just started walking at the age of 9mos. You can tell from the look of her face how excited and happy she was knowing how to walk...but the trouble has just started. As soon as those little feet can run...mommy's gotta chase her all the time!

Friday, April 20

Easy Travel

Easy Travel

Any of you who are planning to travel pretty soon or later? Even for a business trip or better yet a vacation? I've been to so many travels and you can never avoid the stress from the flights to hotel bookings and even car rentals. You should always make sure that they are taken care of before you depart and the timing is just right for all the booking schedules! It doesn't sound easy and involves a lot of your time to find out what's the best deal in town for a hotel and making sure that hotel is great and in a nice location plus of course the flight, getting the best departure and arrival times and great connecting flights and don't forget the rental cars if necessary, you have to compare prices to get the best deal and arrange the time of pick up to drop off...wouldn't you want to do all this in one snap?! Well, it is indeed possible!

For any of your Hotel Reservations, there is one site that can guarantee you to get the best price and that is! It will make all your trips easier and hassle-free by having to book your flight or even flights with hotels and car rentals or ,whatever you needed in one easy tool!In their site, you can select your travel plans- place and the dates you prefer and will give you a list of so many hotels with an avg/person amount, so you can compare prices. Plus you can get the hotel details, we all need to know what kind of place we are staying, right? From the distance of the hotel from the airport to the room details, you can get all these information. And if you came up with a search with included flight, hotel and car rental, they will give you all of that in one search and you can definitely change anything as you wish, either the hotel or the flight or the car rental.

Fear nothing when you make reservations with credit cards for they ensure the privacy of their customers information and they use a secure server that encrypts the credit card number and encoding it to a non usable number. And in the hotel information, they provide all the listings of what credit cards are acceptable. They also offer you a lot of discounts from all the participating hotels. They definitely know, we like to save money as much as we can! And well of course, they also know that we always want to get the best hotel experience so, they make sure they give you all the details that are necessary. For a great price and easy booking, try now! And I have to say, I am so impressed of how easy it is to plan for a next vacation so, i bookmarked it!

Monday, April 16

Menu Plan Monday #7

  • MONDAY - frozen Di Giorno Pizza (how convinient!)
  • TUESDAY - mung beans and rice
  • WEDNESDAY - pancit and rice
  • THURSDAY - tilapia, rice and green beans
  • FRIDAY - chicken stir-fry and rice
  • SATURDAY - spaghetti and garlic bread
  • SUNDAY - chicken tenders, steamed broccoli, mc & cheese

Friday, April 6

Photo Hunt - Theme: Clean

Phothunt Theme: Clean

I have just given my 18mos daughter a bath so, I chose her for the theme but I had dinner 1st b4 I took this photo and her hair dries up pretty quick!

Smell sooo good!!!

I can't believe this???!!!

The weather has been perfect here, and the flowers starts to bloom u
ntil snow hits us again the other day & these poor flowers...tsk...tsk..tsk...

(from our deck, couple of days ago, my daughter was just playing w/ that bike!)(and this one on from the front, see those pretty purple flowers covered w/ snow?)

Wednesday, April 4

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, April 3

Tackle It Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

No pictures today peeps! As I am about to tackle some impt. stuff around here such as:

  • filling up form I-130 (to petition an alien relative) w/c are my parents
  • print them out & send a check $190 each! (yes, the price has gone up) then mail it
  • return library items that are due
  • edit some photos from yesterday
  • post new entry on my other blog "Wandering Thoughts" about our trip yesterday
  • organize all my digi photos & burn it into a CD to finally print them out at the store
  • find swimsuit for JC, she has grown so fast that among all her swimsuits, only one fits her
  • shop for a formal & spring shoes for JC and just formal shoes for Kt coz she can use up spring shoes from her big sister
  • buy myself a spring dress (most of my dresses are all in black & brown, pretty lame colors)
  • do everyday chores

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Monday, April 2

Are you feeling lucky???

Great news friends! 5 minutes for mom is giving away a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner! I am sure you have heard about this great vacuum from commercials & I am drooling over this amazing vacuum! So, I am taking my chances & join the contest...might be lucky u know?! If not, at least I tried *wink*...So, if you are one like me who gets excited of an easier & cleaner way to cast away dirt & dust at your home, go visit 5 minutes for mom for more details! It is so simple to join!

Menu Plan Monday #6

(Cooking Recipe)

  • MONDAY - Seafood Restaurant (hubby's business trip at KY & we are all going!)
(boiled chicken soup w/ ginger)

1 packet of Ajinomoto's Tinolang Manok Mix
(if none, use ginger & fish sauce for flavor)
2 skinless boneless chiken breast or
any cut up chicken
4cups water
1 small green papaya
or 2 chayote
chopped onion
minced garlic

Saute garlic & onion. Add chicken. If chicken is half done, pour water and seasoning mix. Boil. Add papaya/chayote. Simmer until cooked.

  • WEDNESDAY- steamed brocolli, breaded chicken, mc & cheese
  • THURSDAY- Bertolli Chicken Ala Vodka and Farfalle (frozen ready to cook meal)
  • FRIDAY- fried tilapia, white rice, french cut green beans sauteed w/ onions
  • SATURDAY- grilled chicken marinated w/ honey mustard & soy sauce, corn & rice
  • SUNDAY- chicken stir fry