Thursday, May 31


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Wednesday, May 30

Tuesday, May 29

More Biking!

We really had fun biking last Sunday and so we did it again yesterday! This time in a different trail over by our town.We started off by a trail following a train track and went all the way to the new stores. Since it's memorial day, none of the stores were open but it was nice to have the place all by ourselves, ya know?!

Of course, I was up for some more biking, so we circled the town and went back to our van to get some drink! Hubby prepared an iced tea before we left and it definitely quenched our thirst! There was a playground nearby so, we took some rest and let the kids play for a while...and we played too!

Went for some more cycling again and this time we stopped by the water park! Haven't thought about the place so, my kids were'nt dressed to get wet.

After that, we were up for some more adventure and went back to the van to drive a little bit further to our favorite park, Highbanks! And as soon as we got there, we checked out the nature center...Jessica's favorite place to check out bugs, watch the birds at the window, cool skulls, snakes, turtles and more...

We even had a chance to touch the mouse eater snake! David was too chicken out,lol! As long as it's not poisonous, I don't mind...

And Jessica's favorite spot...the reading room! Their dads read them books about frogs, butterflies and other animals. They are both into animals so for sure they enjoyed that visit and I did too...well, aside from taking photos, I enjoyed watching the birds at the window!

Designed Just for Women

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Dishes is never unending story...well, I guess having 4ppl in the household and eating 3times a can never run out of dishes! And this is the sample of having it all piled up! for just one day, this is how it looked like!

And so, I just tackled this several minutes ago before I jumped here in the pc. I normally do hand wash but when it gets overwhelming like that...I have the dishwasher to help me out! But the rest is by hand since I couldn't fit all...What a relief to see an empty sink! well i hope for at least half a day!LoL!

Monday, May 28

A Cool Way of Bidding!

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Sunday Family Day!

We started off by attending mass around 10:45am and got home by noon to have lunch. Later played at the yard enjoying the nice warm weather and you can see my kids here having a great time at our yard! They were just chasing each other, running around - oh how nice to be carefree!

Later we decided to go biking! I think it's been 5yrs since I last drove a bicycle and now, having 2 kids, it would be tough...thank goodness to those cycle seats, it lets us have a family event and enjoy cycling all together! It took hubby quite some time to get the bikes ready, installed the seats, put some air on the tires and by 3pm, we were out the door!

I was pretty amazed that I was ok for quite a mile. Last time I went for a ride, I was having such a hard time so, we drove as far as we can...We drove thru the shady trails in the park and went all the way to the bridge crossing the was kind of scary to see below but so cool to be up there in the bridge!

Next stop, the park of roses! Not til June til we see all the roses but it was still nice to get a little walk and check out all the herbs and flowers they have daughters enjoyed running around and I, on the other hand was chasing them as always!LoL!Here's hubby and the kids...Got a full day filled with family fun and was ready to get home before dark...we were up for some more cycling anytime soon!

Check out here for more photos!

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Sunday, May 27

Do I Need to Loose Weight?

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Saturday, May 26

Nice Plan

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Night Out With My Friend

Last night, I was out for a dinner with my friend, Lisa and I had a great time! Who wouldn't? A palatable meal, great ambiance, entertaining movie and a sweet sweet friend!!! She made this slideshow of our photos we snapped outside the restaurant!

Girl's Night Out

Too bad we both forgot our cameras...we could've taken great photos inside with the chef's fascinating cooking style right infront of you and a blazing fire that makes it more entertaining! Such a cool place! We watched Shrek 3 afterwards and it was funny! We'll surely do this again! Never a dull moment with you my friend...and thanks for the awesome gift!!!


My kids at the colorful place - Gymboree Gym! During a bday party last Saturday, my daughters 1st time at the gym and they had a blast! with all the toys, activities and colorful's a wonderland for them!

Friday, May 25

Any Single Men Out There?!

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1. 10 years at sea; one lonely man!
2. Why is the sky blue?
3. Here there be no weeping child.
4. Ah...the fool does not know what love is.
5. The kids from the school must learn something significant.
6. Of course it makes you happy if you know what you want.
7. This weekend, I am going to a picnic with friends, deal with our water heater tank and maybe even go boating if it doesn't rain! Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 24

Earn Cash by Blogging!

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Nice Surprise Dear!

Hubby surprised me with a late bday gift last night. He brought home an ube roll cake and told me to close my eyes for the BIG surprise...When I opened my eyes, it was a big box right infront of me and and here's what I got...
He knows I've always wanted a flatscreen monitor and now he got me something I could make use! I was so surprised and happy!


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Last night, hubby found a bucketful of water in the basement! The heater tank was leaking!!! And now he can't deal with it right away, oh well of course, work comes first and until friday, he's very busy. So, we gotta deal with a cold shower, washing dishes only on cold water and oh my the kids! I gotta boil water for their warm bath tonight! tsk...tsk..tsk...He's a bit pissed off having to buy a tank that will cost about $400!!! Shucks!!!

Computer Rentals

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Our Fave Fruit Shake

My kids and I love to make fruit shakes during summer. Nothing like the sweet and nutritious taste of a fruit shake when it's hot! And these are my little helpers doing the job!Here's how we make one...

Strawberry Banana Milk Shake

2 bananas
5 strawberries
1/2 cup milk
many ice cubes

Cut up bananas and strawberries. Blend ice and milk and add the fruits. Then you have a great healthy shake!!!

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Wednesday, May 23

More Website Traffic

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Lots of Free Stuff!

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(May 11-14)

Tuesday, May 22

Father's Day Is Next!

It was a great mother's day I had and I feel wonderful having to surprise my mom some gifts during mother's day. Pretty soon, it will be Father's Day! And what better else to let your father know how much you appreciate and care for them than to give them something really special?! I found a great online shopping place for any kind of gifts that you would think your father or grandfather or anybody would love to receive from you! Shopping for Fathers Day Gifts has never been this easy!

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My Ballerina

Jessica has been going to ballet lessons and will have the last one next week! It's too bad they don't have one for the summer. She really loved it! And hopefully next opening, we will enter her again...She is always excited to put on her ballet outfit every time! She would even practice at home but kinda shy if I caught her doing it. And at the lesson, she tries to do her best! That's my girl!!!

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It's Tuesday once again and I haven't tackled anything except of course taking opportunities online. Yesterday, I tackled a lot of stuff though:

  • laundry (washing & folding)
  • mopping kitchen floors
  • cleared the sink (all dishes but now they're back!)
  • vacuumed carpet floors

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Monday, May 21

Europe's Coolest Hotels!

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  • MONDAY - Seafood Tomato Alfredo
  • TUESDAY - Pinakbet
  • WEDNESDAY - Steamed Brocolli, Fried Tilapia, Rice
  • THURSDAY - Skillet Herb Roasted Chicken
  • FRIDAY - Chicken Stirfry and Rice
  • SATURDAY - Family Picnic (Pansit, Maja Blanca, Chicken Barbecue)
  • SUNDAY - at ma-in-law

Sunday, May 20

Butterflies in her Stomach Hands

Jc and her dad has been taking care of a cocoon that they have longed to see the butterfly...soon enough, it hatched and they were both so excited that hubby took a picture of it!
They let it free in our yard after having the cocoon in our garage... both wanted to see it hatched but they missed it and when hubby found the butterfly, told JC immediately and asked to get her photo taken too with the butterfly! Oh how excited they were!

Saturday, May 19

Rent a Laptop the Easy Way!

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Friday, May 18

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Isn't it Sweet???

My eldest made me an art craft for Mother's Day and I was really touched! She was so careful of keeping it a secret but I knew from the day she had a bag, that it was for me...*win* she kept asking me "Is it mother's day already?" LoL! So, she was really excited to give the gift to me...
This is the 1st Mother's Day gift I had from my daughter...soon, two of them will be giving me their own handmade gifts! Sweet!!!

Be A Winner, Join the Contest!

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Join Friday Fill-In Here!

1. How poor are they who have not patience and those who practices are plentiful!(tsk, this is bad!)
2. All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: love, hate, envy, pride, money, power and sex
3. It's the friends who believes in you.
4. Hate arrogants, love humble ones.
5. Everything has its goodness but not everyone sees it.
6. I don't give a damn for a man that can only tell lies.
7. The advantage of a bad memory is that you can never gossip.

Thursday, May 17

Orlando Commercial Real Estate

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another blissful year of my life
having to celebrate my bday and mother's day at the Grand Canyon with my family
a safe trip to Arizona and back here at home
a wonderful opportunity to see my neighbor from the Phils. again after 6yrs!
my daughter's own craft as a mother's day gift for me
a wonderful family vacation we had!

Wednesday, May 16

Keep Your Home Safe

There are so many stories I've heard about burglaries and crimes in your own home. It is such a scary thought and I pray to God that it won't happen to us! We had an incident once but outside in our driveway, someone got into my car and stole some stuff inside. It is always good to make sure that your house and your family is secured by having a home security system! It is a must have for any families! To protect you against burglary and even with any horrific incidents such as fire or carbon monoxide detection. Before buying one, you should know what you are buying and what are the necessary information that will help you buy the best one out there! Compare and know more about the equipments to make sure you get the right one by simply checking out articles from! Get more ideas from home security blog and you will surely find some interesting items!!!

2nd Day at Arizona

After Sedona, the next day was the Grand Canyon trip! It took us only an hr. and a half to get there from flagstaff hotel. It was such a spectacular view and I couldn't believe that we were there! My kids doesn't exactly understand the whole experience yet but someday I can show them all the photos and they will realize how lucky they are! LoL! It was such a perfect day for me having to celebrate my bday plus mother's day at the Grand Canyon! All day we did some little hikes, ride on the shuttle bus to get us from places to places and enjoyed the beautiful site with a nice warm weather! Read more about our experience at my other blog!

Let Siterra Handles It!

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Our 1st day at Arizona

We just got back yesterday from Phoenix, Arizona. I had a blast having to celebrate Mother's Day and my bday at the Grand Canyon! It is indeed a lifetime memories that I will always treasure!!! We arrived really late at Phoenix since we booked a flight that departs at 8:45pm. So, got there around 11:30pm. Nothing much to do but to head straight to the hotel to get some rest and have an early start for the following day! The next day, we didn't waste no time and drove thru Sedona where we could see the Red Rocks and roam around that great city. For more details visit my other blog!

Best Calling Card Experience!

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Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ

The Grand Canyon

Tuesday, May 15


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So, what are you waiting for? Join uTango now and start accumulating the money that you deserve!!!

For today's's all about the ugly work of UNPACKING! LoL! We just came home today at 10am from our 3day trip at Arizona...It was fun and a wonderful experience to see the Grand Canyon! And now, it's back to reality, gotta cook again, do laundry and of course, unpack all our luggages...tsk...tsk...tsk...


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Saturday, May 12


I am having my early photohunt for I will be leaving today for my bday trip!

This is the digiscrap I made for my eldest who is now 4YO. A page for her 5month photo!

Credits here!

And this one is for my youngest who is now 18mos.

Credits here!

Don't forget to scroll down and find my invitation for a chance of winning $10!!!

Friday, May 11

Friday 5

1. If you were a nocturnal animal, what nocturnal animal would you be?
I think an Owl...just so cool to that you can turn your head around,LoL!

2. Which is better: to obey the law to avoid punishment, to obey the law because the law makes sense, or to obey the law because everyone should?
To obey the law because the law makes sense.

3. Who is your favorite all time movie villian?
I hate villian.

4. Are any kind of ethics involved in wearing a hat?
take it off inside any buildings. What's the use? There's already a shelter!

5. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? Why?
Nap? Are you kidding me?! When my kids are napping, I can do my chores.

My Dental Appointment

It's not till last week that I made an appointment to my dentist after 2yrs! I know it sounds pretty bad but I am now trying to get back to my routine having to get a dental cleaning at least once a year! When I had my 2nd child, that was the time that I keep pushing aside my dental care and hubby keeps reminding me. So, finally I got an appointment. It is really not good to neglect such thing. For those who are in Virginia and Washington region, there is one great dental center that can serve you...Hayfield Dental Care offers you an excellent services and hear this - a painless dental care is what we wished for and they can give you an ill free procedure with dentists who have advance special trainings that means they can perform any procedures! Go see a dentist if you haven't done so...

A Dual Celebration!

A Dual Celebration!

I just have to announce it since I am thrilled that my Bday falls into Mother's Day!!! This coming Sunday we will be celebrating mother's day and of course, my the Grand Canyon! Yipee! I am so excited to visit that place and take so many photos. I know it can be really hot out there so, I am thinking all the necessary stuff that I needed for my whole family such as sunscreen lotion and plenty of water! It's such a shame we couldn't stay too long since hubby gotta go back to work! But he promised me it won't be our last time to visit there. I hope so!

Thursday, May 10

A Giveaway on My Bday!!!

Come Celebrate with Me!!!

I am giving away $10 to two randomly picked winners...Visit my other blog for details!

Be Rated In the Right Way!

When you have a job, usually the boss is the person who gives you feedback on how you did with your performance. Wouldn't it be better if the people who knows you and your work can rate you? Your colleagues, managers or clients, in fact anybody that you think their opinion counts can do the feedback! And this is what you call the 360 degree feedback. In this way, you can get feedbacks confidentially and get a detailed report to get an awareness of how others see you. Then an action planner is sent to you to work at your own time. You can get this at and they have product portfolio at any type of worksets. Appraisal360 is used by most major companies now. It is a great way for self awareness to be able to become more effective and to better communicate with others. In the end, individuals and organisations can both benefit from this!

Quick and A Simple Salad Recipe!

Yep, it is definitely quick and's all you need...

(click to enlarge)
Preheat the oven to 350°. Place the salmon in a medium baking dish and bake, covered, until cooked through, about 15 minutes. Let stand until cool. In a medium bowl, combine the cucumber, bell pepper, scallions and lemon with 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil. Add the baked salmon, flaking the meat with a fork, and mix until combined. Season with salt and pepper.

Then you can have a healthy and tasty Salmon Salad! Taken from Everyday with Rachel Ray!


Let me introduce you peeps to my coolest and prettiest girlfriends,LoL! They are one of the best friends I have here and for the past 4yrs, they have been there in good and bad times!!! It wasn't that long ago that I needed their help badly and they were there to lend a helping hand with no hesitations at all! That's when I truly believe that they are my angels and my real true friends! I know I can be a pain sometimes to be a friend, but I am truly grateful that they are always around and just suffer with LoL! I just want to grab an opportunity to thank them with this simple entry! For all the good things they have done...I could not thank them enough!

Building Your Assets!

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Are You Happy With Your Bustline???

Honestly, I am not! After nursing two babies, I ended up with a flat chest, LoL! It just doesn't look right and I feel like there is no hope, I am stuck with this for the rest of my life! Well except of course, when I get pregnant again, LoL! Some women have the same dilemma and turned into surgery. There are testimonials how it changed their life for the better and of course we've seen women having a breast augmentation in television, for so many different reasons. There's this one who was hoping to boost her career in modeling by having a larger breast and some just to build up their confidence by achieving a well proportioned body. If you are not against any of this and is thinking about going thru such extremities, Rodeo Drive Breast Augmentation is the place for you! They are serving at Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and their beautiful offices are designed to make you comfortable. Well of course you would want a fully trained surgeon who will perform the procedure and you can expect that at Rodeo Drive. Have a consultation first and see what they can do to assist your specific needs. As for me and my breast, I think I am okay with what they look like right now *wink*

I am Your BIG Sister!

When Jessica was almost 3, she became a BIG sister! As soon as Katie comes along, you can tell she has that instinct to protect her little sister. She can be rough as well but still she has shown great concern to her younger sis especially when Katie turned 1yr old. As soon as she can run around, if the big sister spots her to somewhere she's not supposed to be at, such as the bathroom, Jessica would yell "mommy Katie is in the bathroom!" or when she is running away in our driveway towards the road, Jessica would run fast to grab her! She is that quick! In this photo, she was worried Katie will fall from the small creek...

For A Brighter Future!

I have always been taught that education is the key to success. If you have a degree, you have better chance of getting a great job that pays you well or climbing up to the top ladder of success! So many great stories of people who succeeded by having a degree and was able to work for a company that suits their profession. Some might not so lucky or have hindrances why they haven't finish their studies or didn't go to college at all. If you are one of them, there's always a second chance and another option! If time and schedule is the only factor that's holding you, that's when online courses is the best option for you! Capella University is an accredited online university where you can find many courses and can fit in to your schedule by simply logging into the internet. I know a lot of people who are turning into online studies and have heard great remarks how easy and convenient it is! If you are one of those who are trying to get their mba, Capella University offers this! They provide learners an opportunity to develop their skills and their IT curriculum stays current!

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A Gift from a Friend

Yesterday, I received a special package from my dear friend in Japan! It wasn't the 1st time she sent me one, last time was for Christmas and I could never believe I got a package! It's so rare I receive one,that's why I am happy to share many good quality chocolates plus a perfume! and of course, a sweet card "On Mother's Day" with early bday greetings! She is so kind and sweet...Thanks Kathy!

Wednesday, May 9

It's Totally Free!!!

Norton is one of the most trusted name in virus protection for your computer. That's what I have and hubby has been using it right from day one he got his pc! And now they are offering free Norton Antivirus and this is no scam! Make sure your computer is protected from any virus and spywares, Norton Antivirus is the name you can rely on to do this job!It can even allow you to view any type of media and edit them on your computer plus will give you a quick search of your files in your pc using google! Norton doesn't stop right there, it has so many features that can help you work in your pc easier and any essentials that you needed!

My Plan (Someday)

In college, I studied marketing thinking I could become a businesswoman. I have always believed that selling something or having your own business, you could really attain your goal - which is to earn good money! The more work you do, the more money coming in unlike working in someone else's company, you have a fixed salary no matter how hard you work or not. Since I got married before I could finish my studies, I have set aside my plans to have a business someday. But for those who have plans and been thinking about it. Maybe like a restaurant business and yet there are many factors that is stopping you from doing so, such as not enough capital...there is one name you can trust that can help you out! And that is ARF (Advance Restaurant Finance)! For any small business loans, they can provide it to you starting from $5,000 up to $500,000! They are licensed finance company and have professionals to work with you. Find out how you can benefit from using ARF in your loan needs by visiting!

Wednesday Mind Hump!

This meme is very simple, go visit here and simply copy & paste the questions in your blog. Don't forget to leave a comment to let them know you participated and visit other participants too!

1. What is your favorite song with "Thank You" or "Thanks" in the title?

Thank You by Dido...I love the lyrics and rhythm of this song! I always sing that song when I hear it in the radio...and now, I am actually singing it in my mind,lol!

2. Who do you want to thank, and why?

My mom since it's almost mother's day...she has given me everything, love, care and support...nothing is more precious than having a great mother!

A Russian Artist Makes American Debut

An artist from Moscow came all the way to Pacific Grove, California last Feb. 2, 2007 for the Grand Opening of Lysavoc Art Company Inc. Russian Artist Victor Lysakov is one of "The Best European Artists" that participated in so many prestigious exhibitions and auctions in Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Sweden, Austria and Poland.

His work is known to be distinct in color palette that shows a lot of unmistakable colors that is so vibrant! He challenges us, viewers, to conquer fear since most first impressions is usually a scary piece but with his artwork, it tells us that painting should not be scary if we take a closer inspection and we could then realize that the eccentric becomes extraordinary!

You will find all his pieces interesting and shows different themes that would suit your interest. Either biblical, festival, melodies, animals, women or traditional. Each expresses his thoughts and beliefs and could catch your attention that you could tell each one conveys a story. Go visit his website at, check out his gallery and discover what a great talent he has!

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Seen Any Movies Lately?

I love watching movies, be it at home or in a theater! It is just so exciting to see one and once I watch it, I get so involve and hubby told me I even looked like I never blinked an eye,LoL! That's how I enjoy movies! And my favorite type of movies is usually romantic, comedy, mind buggling & thrilling movies, I'm not so much in action though. As much as I would love to watch the recent ones, it is tough having 2 kids so, I usually get a break and go with my girl friend or just borrow DVDs from the lib.

Just today, I found a new thrilling and heart pounding movie that is coming soon! Ashley Judd is one of my favorite actress and I always admire her great talent. Almost all her movies are brilliant and now, she is one of the leading cast in bug movie.

As you can see, it got this kind of mystic, dark type of theme that is all about the movie. You could spot immediately the bug and that's what makes it so interesting! You will wonder if it's a certain alien movie or some kind of illness caused by bugs. But it is actually a mix of paranoia and a nightmare that makes the movie thrilling!From the director of "The Exorcist" comes another suspense thriller movie...

This one can easily catch your attention. Seeing Ashley Judd's face, it just draws me. She is one of a kind actress! When I see her in any posters, I knew right then it's going to be a good movie worth watching for...I am giving so much suspense and not giving you any synopsis about this movie. Well, here's a trailer to give you a clue what this movie is all about...

Now you see how this can really be a great one to watch? Something like this won't let you get out of your seat for every scene is always going to be suspense!!! Don't miss another great movie from Ashley Judd, watch the Bug Movie!

Tuesday, May 8

I tackled everyday or weekly chores this time. Lots of closets need to be done but I just don't have time right now. After this, I am off for the ballet lesson for my daughter and do some grocery, this will do for now...(click photo to enlarge)

Monday, May 7

My Biggest Frustration

It must be shallow, I guess but my biggest frustration when it comes to my appearance is my tummy! I hate to see my belly fat sticking out, quite frankly! I just miss the old days when I could wear jeans and tight shirt and no belly hanging out. It looks so great when it's really flat, you know?! I don't know why I am so obsessed about this. I'm sure I am not alone in this manner. But have you ever considered tummy tuck? If you do and still thinking about it, there is one place at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills that features an innovative tummy tuck! Of course you will consider certified and experienced surgeon also equipped with cutting edge technology and not only that Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck has all that, but also they prioritize more on what's your desired goal! Visit and browse thru all the before and after photos also, read some of the testimonials from their clients, it might just be the right place that you are looking for!

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Bed Time Battles

Bed time was never a problem between me and my baby Katie until these past few days...quite honestly, this 2nd child of mine is so much easier to handle than my eldest. Since newborn, she takes longer sleep and so seldom that she wakes up at midnight. She was so good whenever I put her in the crib and I don't know what happened now. Hubby told me it must be just a phase that she's going thru. She would scream so loudly now whenever it's bedtime even if I'm in the same room with her! It just happened like a snap and I don't understand why...I am hoping things will be back to normal with her as for now...I do all the tricks and tips that I've learned before and hoping it will work again...


  • Give your child a routine at night, consistent with the time for dinner, time for bath, time for bed and story time. When she gets used to the routine, she'll know what comes next so, it would come easy for both of you.
  • When you put her in the crib, expect screaming and crying...if it's the 1st night that you are doing so, try to stay in the same room and hold her hand to comfort her but don't get her out of the crib
  • The 2nd night, she will still be crying if you put her in the crib, do the same thing and for several nights, leave the room immediately even if she starts screaming. Give at least 3-5mins and if she still won't stop, come back and comfort her. Pick her up if you want but don't talk to her. when she's all calmed down, bring her back to the crib and of course, she'll start crying again, time her again like 8mins. this you keep coming back & leaving her room, make the timer longer and longer.
I could honestly say, it worked for my eldest. I trained her when she was only 3mos old. and everytime the habit is broken like we go for a trip for several days, I use those technique again and it's a lot of work because I don't get any sleep too but after 1-2wks, I am pretty surprised, it works like a charm...let's see what it will do to my baby Katie. We're at the 4th night now...I'm crossing my fingers...

I'm A Shopper Alright!

Shopping to me is like a remedy or even a form of rejuvenation. Sounds silly I guess! But it does really makes me feel good when I do shopping. Even just buying groceries,clothes, shoes, purses, accessories,et al. And well of course, I love to shop for my kids too! I can't resist adorable pretty dresses or outfits and shoes! Never to forget hubby! I do buy him some shirts but usually, he does the shopping by himself because he is really picky! Aside from all that, I enjoy buying home accents to decorate our house or any kitchen gadgets. But I slowed down now that we are planning to move. Don't want to carry all that stuff in the next house, you know!

Shopping can be very expensive or even just a little amount per item, but if you end up with tons of items, you'll end up paying a bunch! It all adds up you know! But why not try to buy something on sale or marked down items or even better, paper or online coupons? I love using coupons! For me they are just like precious gifts that I have to make use of! It's really a nice feeling that even though you spent some money, just the thought that you save too is really satisfying!

My favorite store for shopping if not at the malls, it's either Kohls or Target! Great thing, there's a site that I can get online coupons for those of my 2 favorite stores! Go check out to find great coupons for your favorite stores or you could even discover new great stores in their website!

Menu Plan Monday

  • Monday - mung beans and rice
  • Tuesday - baked chicken, stir-fry veggies and rice
  • Wednesday - pinakbet and rice
  • Thursday - Chessy chicken and rice casserole
  • Friday - leaving for the trip at Phoenix! Yuhoo!
  • Saturday - dinner somewhere at Sedona
  • Sunday - special occasion *wink* (mother's day & my bday!)

Sunday, May 6

My Dilemma

When I got my 1st job here, my biggest dilemma was a daycare for my daughter. I didn't have anyone to watch her while I am working and it was tough enough that I have no idea where to look for and what to consider! I was lucky, I have a friend who has been leaving her kid to a daycare center near our workplace. So, I ended up leaving my daughter at the same place. And for those who are residing in Canada, lucky for you! Because there is a great site to find local daycare centers online! is a place where you can easily get information of childcares nearby your place or workplace. Canadian parents and childcare providers are teaming up and an up-to-date information can be found in their site for you to find any current openings!

Question of the Day

What is your favorite non-English word?

"Gihiguma ko Ikaw" - in English, I Love You! That's a Bisaya Dialect from the province of Mindanao in the Philippines. I just remember hubby gave me a card on my bday (back then when we were still courting,LoL!) and he wrote that word & so of course I asked him, do you understand what that means? (who knows he could've just picked that up somewhere) and he replied "of course I do, I researched that word just for you,LoL!)

A Little Bit Info About Hubby's Business

When hubby started his own business, he didn't have a lot of work yet and not much stuff. He used to be a chemist at Nestle and was tired of the same routine everyday so, for a change, he did set up his own business serving pharmaceutical companies by doing installs on some of the laboratory equipments he is qualified and even do repairs and qualifications. Later on, his business grew and needed more employees that started with 2 employees until it there was 5. Sadly, he has to let go some because he didn't need them anymore. His business is changing from time to time. More and more work needs to be done by only him because he was qualified. So, then he ended up with one employee until now. I often help every now and then but not much because kids tied me up and the house. He was hoping someone could handle some of his paperwork such as filing, bookkeeping and doing payroll. He's lucky he got me to help out a bit and pretty much he can handle it by himself if I am not available. But for those who aren't so luck like, it can be a real headache preparing payroll and bookkeeping! That's when comes in! They provide the best online payroll system with full service such as taxes, W2 filings, direct deposit and so many more! You can find out all about the payroll pricing at their website. They also charge flat fee per month for bookkeeping with low monthly bill. Just started your business??? It's best to get Quickbooks Online Edition and they have a great deal if you purchase one! For a need of change in your business system in a simpler way, check out and you'll be amaze how low their pricing is!

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A Day at the Park...

A Day at the Park!

I have some great photos I'd like to share during our afternoon walk at the park...

That's my youngest Katie, who loves to explore like her big sister, Jessica! She was running away while stopping by to touch any flowers or leaves...this time I asked her to say cheese instead she grabbed a leaf and played peek-a-boo with me...hehehe!

Here's my solo pic, over by the pond...
And hubby with kids...

Saturday, May 5

Need a helping hand???

Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, there's only one great financial strategist that can assist you to build a world-class company and that is Venture Alliance Partners! Why not invest your money to the core? Venture Alliance is there to help you and have great goals that works with you by teaming up with investors and entrepreneurs to work together. The best part is that they look at entrepreneurs as they're best partners! Visit and you will find out more why you need to choose them than others. Their website is very easy to navigate and a very neat and cool presentation!

Photohunt - Childhood

Theme: Childhood

Yep! That's me...during kindergarten graduation. And yes, I wanted to be a teacher but my mom who's a teacher talked me out of it.LoL!

Friday, May 4

A Sad Story that I have to Share

In my hometown, it is just a small community and almost all the residents in that subdivision knows everybody. A lot of my neighbors I have known since childhood up until now...The sad part is, whenever I come home, I hear bad stories like someone who got pregnant at a young age or worst, a childhood friend that died from drugs. Drugs can really cause such thing, family breaking apart, chaos in the household, anger, runaway kids. There's even 2 more that I know who lost their minds because of drugs. They don't think and talk right anymore. I used to know them as jolly kids full of life! It is so sad that this happens to them!

Drug Addiction is something you can fight back! There's always hope for those who fell into that trap. Family members or any friend that you know, the best solution that you can have is a Drug Rehabilitation. It is a safe haven for them to gain back what you or they have lost. It is not an easy task to find one for it involves a lot of research and can help you with this problem. It is a drug and alchohol rehabilitation referral service. They help you fully understand what is drugs and alcohol addiction to be able to know what's the best solution and they also provide information about drug rehab, drug detox, recovery and so many related issues. There you can find what you need to look for in a rehabilitation center.They have dedicated and knowledgeable staff who can assist you with your needs.

At their site, you will also find information of any types of drugs and you can even request for more information by simply filling out a request form provided below every drug information. Free assessment is available. Try to save a life today and use to find a rehab that suits your needs!

Friday Fiver

1. Do you gamble? Nope

2. Have you ever rode a horse? yeah, when we went to our family farm & my legs were achin' and have to walk miles & miles so, they got me a horse to ride on it, no need to walk...

3. Do you drink alcohol? yes, margarita every fri/sat night if possible...

4. What is your favorite Mexican food? mango chicken quesadillas...YUM!

5. Friday fill-in:
On Saturday, I plan to ____. do laundry and have a me-time in the afternoon (that means leave the kids to hubby),perhaps i'll go shopping alone!

{See More Participants Here!}

Wednesday, May 2

What's your Ideal Relaxation???

When I hear the word relaxation, I imagine somewhere in a tropical island either walking along the shore while sweeping my feet off on the water or laying down in a classic rope hammock...I could just imagine being swayed by the wind and it gently swings me back and forth listening to the sound of the waves and trees being blown by the wind...ahhhh...I could easily drift off!!! I remember during my friends outing, we went to an Island where there's only one classic rope hammock tied up in a tree, we would keep pushing one out to get our chance!LoL! Well, you really can't deny it, it relaxes you and makes you feel at ease, doesn't it? You can always experience this relaxation even just in your backyard if you get a classic rope hammock and you will definitely be persuaded to take a nap in it or to read a book! There are so many different types of hammock that you can choose from and when you visit, you will find out what best suits your style!

Works For me Wednesday

Birthday Edition

When throwing out a party for my kids, I prefer themed parties and buy supplies at Factory Card & Party Outlet. I save a lot by going to that store! Plus they have fun games like donkey's tail, piƱatas and kiddie bingo!

For adults, give it a little bit of twist by having a karaoke party!

Do You Have a Dehumidifier?

I am talking about basement dehumidifier. Honestly, I have no idea that houses with basement need that. We have a huge basement here but that's the only room I never use and quite frankly, it's my least favorite room. Well for one good reason, there are no windows at all and it's usually colder down there. Hubby used it for his work stuff or shall I say "junk". With tons of boxes and equipments that I couldn't even walk through! I have learned that not enough ventilation causes it to get damp and a basement dehumidifier improves air circulation! It's even important to make sure that you get something that suits the room size and humidity of your basement. That I really has no idea, and I'm sure I am not alone about this. If you need any tips to find the a good basement dehumidifier, you should definitely check out and surely you will learn a bunch of info like I did!

Wednesday Mind Hump

1) Are you a photographer? Yes but not a PRO

2) If so, tell us about your photo equipment.
I'm just using Fujifilm Digicam

3) Describe (or post) one of your favorite photos, either one you've taken or one you've seen.
The one where we went to Old Man's Cave and I caught my youngest standing in bet. the tree, for me it was just a perfect moment! Photo on number 5

4) Do you like having your picture taken? Absolutely! Only when I'm all cleaned up!LoL!

5) If you are able, post a photo for us to see!
(click photo to enlarge)
Want to join? Click here!

Sail Away...

When I was a kid, I consider boating very scary. Just thinking of what can happen if the boat sinks, u know. Well considering the fact that I don't know how to swim, that is a BIG factor of my fear. Not until I went to Seattle, a friend of ours took us boat riding, that I realized it can be a lot of fun! It was so nice that hubby and I talked about having a boat when he retires from work. Even a friend of mine here has one and whenever we visit to her place, we always go boating. I often wondered how they kept their boat nice and in a good shape. For those who has a boat, of course some have custom boat covers to keep it in the best shape as possible. Now, the only problem often times is not getting the right cover for your boat. What you need really is a good advice for any of your boat cover needs. I had no idea there are so many different types of it. Not until I visited If I have to make a choice, I'd definitely choose one of the custom boat covers for a guarantee that it exactly fits the boat. Some might not realize that an excessive or even too small cover can cause a problem and that's when you need a custom boat covers! Now here's a cool one..."Sunbrella Boat Cover" it's my 1st time to hear such a thing and just learned that it is the most popular one! To learn more how to find the best cover for your boat, visit for a wise purchase!

Wordless Wednesday

(Click Photos to Enlarge)

Tuesday, May 1


Looking for some thrills and actions in your life? Kids, teenagers even adults who miss their childhood and longs to be a kid again...then paintball is for you! It is a safe fun way of playing with others and it is definitely entertaining! And for those who are hooked in this game, there's the right kind of place to find all the paintball gear and stuff that you need and that is at! It is the ultimate paintball one stop shop for sure! They have everything you need there from paintball guns to paintball mask...they have it all!

I absolutely have a fun time browsing thru all the stuff! And I couldn't help but to check out this cool Spyder Sonix Paintball Marker Gun! It just jumps out at me! I love how it looks- so modern and it's sleek design. And I personally love the color red, that's why,hehehe! You can find and choose from any designs and colors that suits your style from all the paintball guns they have!

Another thing that caught my attention is this cool tank pouch! Isn't that neat? The camo design is so hip and stylish! At 1st look I thought I could not only use it for the paintball stuff but also for anything! It can carry all items! For only $19.95!

And for those who wants to find the best deals...there's paintball gun packages that includes almost everything you need! For a great price! Plus a free shipping of any $200 or more of your purchase for online orders within the continental of US. You can feel safe on purchasing online because their company has been verified a secure site. And well of course, you would only want to buy something from those who knows what they are selling and Ultimate Paintball employers play paintballs so, rest assured they can help you on whatever you needed to know. Start having some fun now and add a thrill in your life by getting paintball stuff and start playing, if you already do...check out what they have to offer you and you can find some great deals for sure!


Tackle It Tuesday!

It's been yrs. since I hated our shoes being stacked in one area. And so, I bought 2 shoes organizer so, when we come in the door, we have somewhere to place those shoes not just everywhere!

Credits: Welli Designs Clustered Frames

Bid For Prizes

When Ebay started, it took a boom in the bidding industry and how it works, you win the item if you bid the highest but see bidding in an opposite's what I am talking about,bid4prizes is a place where you can bid BUT the winner is not the highest bidder, but the "lowest unique bidder"! Lowest Unique Bidder is based on the person who bids a unique amount that nobody has bid that same amount, it can be from a penny to 2cents or any amount! And the awesome deal doesn't end there, you get the item for FREE! Yes, totally free no matter how much you bid! The dollar amount used for bidding is just a value to determine the winner. It is so easy to join. You can bid using your cellphone or your computer and when you choose an item to bid from your pc, you will receive a text to your cellphone from bid4prizes if you have the lowest unique simple is that???!!! And for the prizes...they have the coolest stuff!!! Like notebook, Wii, LCD monitor even a BMW!!! Believe it or not, you can get it for free if you become the lowest unique bidder...go to NOW of you chance to win this awesome stuff!!!

Spread Some Love

Yesterday, I participated in the one day blog silence to honor the victims of Virginia Tech & was surprised that there's such a blogger hating bloggers who support this event. I was just astonished of his foul language but in the end, I decided not to delete his comment to give an awareness to other bloggers out there. Well, at least he left his link in my comment box so, I was able to find out that he took one phrase from his blog post and used it as a comment to anyone who has participated in the one day blog. Some became really angry and confrontational when they left a comment on his post but I prefer not to share the same hatred feelings he have shown to others. I prefer to respect his beliefs but also shared my beliefs in an effort to make him respect what we are trying to support. Not by pushing him to accept it, but just by keeping sensitivity among others in other words, consideration. I know he has the right to express his thoughts but I'm hopeful next time in a decent manner. What's the use of foul language? We can always express our thoughts and feelings in a decent manner if we chose to right?

Have Some Fun!

By joining - webcams, chat, personals! A new way of connecting to other people! What makes this site unique is having so many fun things to do inorder to meet someone or just find some friends in a unique kind of way...they allow you to post your own webcam and you can check out other members too who have posted their webcams. I clicked one and it downloads pretty quick, the voice is crystal clear and the connection is great! And add some little spice by their flirting game, also there's "hot or not" game that you can participate to rate someone, I like playing that one & the cool part, you can view more of the participants pictures not just one! You can leave comments too! So many people has joined in the fun and I had a great time reading at their comments! The best part- it's totally FREE to sign up!