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(credits: Welli Designs clustered frames, Mjv doodle flowers, AHutchinson clipboard heart & Tbrady Love doodles)

This is our honeymoon photos back then when we were sweet, LOL! Nahhhh...we still are sweet! but i just love going back to these days...we spent a great time together at Eden Nature Park in the Philippines and it was totally a romantic and harmonious place with a beautiful cottage villa with no tv! well, for honeymooners that's just perfect right? LoL! The whole place was really nice and totally a neat park!

My Favorite Spot In The House

One of my favorite spots at home is at our living room with our fireplace! I just love that area where we have a huge arm chair to relax or read a book and have the fireplace on. It is just a perfect area for reading or taking a short nap,LOL! Especially when the fire is on!I'm loving the ambiance of the whole place! Now, that picture is not our fireplace...I just found that in one amazing store online who sells any type of fireplace - wood, cast stone, marble and any type of mantels. Doesn't that look inviting? At you can find high quality stuff that delivers distinct styles and surely you can get something you like among all the collection they have! For any outdoor fireplace that you are looking for, it's definitely a place to shop! Great value, easy navigation site, excellent selection...overall, a great online store for buying a fireplace!

Let's Talk About Fashion!

I have always been a fashion diva. I love to dress up, be trendy, get the latest designs out there and just be me! I enjoy shopping a lot! I mean who doesn't? Well, I guess men aren't into shopping like women do. But all you ladies out there, ready for some latest fashion? If you love different styles of purses or clothings, here's a cool blog that always deliver you great Indie Lust, you will surely enjoy reading and browsing thru all the apparel, accessories and handbags from all the independent designers out there. She has compiled great designers linking to their website and a preview of what they offer! The author is really an enthusiast globehopper and knows what women all over the world likes! Enjoy all the showcase at her blog and start discovering amazing designs that will surely catch your eyes!

Friday, June 29

I Love To Bake!

One of my interests aside from blogging and scrapping is baking! When I had a conference chat with my 2 close friends from the Philippines, somehow baking came into our topic and they reminded me that I am the only one among the group who loves to bake! Yah, even as a little kid, I was helping out my mom making cakes from scratch. Since then, I couldn't get away from the oven. Well, mostly simple recipes like cookies, muffins, cake, pies and cheesecake. The only thing is, I can't stop eating! That's why I have to limit myself from baking,hehehe! Here's one strawberry cake I baked recently!

I Bet You!

Do you like to watch sports and supports a team? Any type of sports like basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and even horse racing? Now, enjoy your favorite team or sport and start betting online! is an online betting facilities where you can place a bet of any kind of sports worldwide! And even for those poker and casino lovers out can play online casino at their website and win lots of cash!!! They provide a wallet system to manage your account easily. You can download the game easily with a link for help just in case you need something and a manual for installing the game. The best part, they'll give you $200 free chip to start up! So easy to sign up and to download the game. Even any interactive games like virtual racing, spin a wheel, bonus bowling and so many fun games available at their website!

What A Great Solution!

What do you prefer when buying major you buy online or walk in at the store? I'm sure most of you chooses to walk in at the store to be able to check it out thoroughly and making sure that is really what you want to purchase. Well, first you always do a search on the intenet to know what are the best appliance brand names and when you do a search for any home appliances like ovens, ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. it doesn't really directs you to where you can purchase it. This is when helps you out! How? It can show you any appliances where to purchase it and even finding the closest location! Think how convenient it is for you to just type what you want to buy and your location then you'll be able to see listings of all available items and the location to buy it! If you already has a preference like let's say a Frigidaire Refrigerators, do the search and will lead you thru all types,colors and features of any Frigidaire refrigerator! Save a lot of time going places to places and enjoy the easy search powered by who generated over 250 million pages of relevant local search results for over 40,000 US cities and towns to show appliances that are available in your town!

My Other Blog's New Look!

I recently changed the look of my other blog. Yesterday, I woke up early like 5am and so, with so much time without any noise or disturbance, I was so eager to make a new long to my old banner...

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i love this old one especially having my 2 girls in it but i think it's good to make a change every now and then...

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I just thought I'd make one inspired by my fave!
If you have any spare time...visit my other blog here, thanks!

Science Is Not My Thing!

Science was never my favorite subject. I don't know...somehow I find it complicated but it can be interesting at times especially experiments and laboratory stuff, that for me is interesting! But once you go back to text book...that's when my mind shuts off,LoL! But seriously, science is really a major factor in our life! It helps us understand a lot of stuff and the best part is having a breakthrough medicines from gradual researches. Well, I have to be grateful to some of the laboratories out there doing research since that's how my husband makes his income. He does services for different pharmaceutical and laboratory companies. One of the leading laboratories that creates life science products is Biosynthesis Inc. and they produce synthetic peptide. They have 20yrs. experience of designing peptides using state-of-the art technologies. For any scientific products, check out!

Thursday, June 28

Up For Some Adventure?!

If you are an adventurer...Kailua is the place for you! Where is it at? At the beautiful place called Hawaii! And why is that place for you? Simply because there is so much to do up there. Do you like snorkling? renting a kayak or parasailing? Then it's the place for you! Anything that will keep your adventure spirit high can be achieved at Kailua and the best part are at a beautiful beach where not only you will love any type of activities at the beach but also you can enjoy touring a volcano or a rainforest tour! These are amazing things for you to do and it will make your trip a memorable one! While you are out there, of course you need a place to stay and the best site to find great homes, condos, hotels is at! They simple offer the best rate for Kailua home rental and you will definitely love all the homes that are in their listings! Hpw sure am I? Very sure! Becauce I've looked it up and totally stunned of all the beautiful homes and amenities that is offered! You surely don't want to miss this out so, bookmarked the site for a guaranteed fabulous stay and great rates for Hawaiian Beach Rentals!

A Friendly Site!

Do you like meeting new friends? Enjoy acquaintances and possible friendships at FriendFinder! It is a whole new way meeting people! Most of us now are online so, this is the way to go to become friends with others, have the fun of chatting, getting to know each other, find people with common interest or possibly a partner in your life that you've been looking for! At friendfinder,it is so easy to join. All you need is to sign up with a screen name you prefer and all the other information. You can even have a choice of sharing other personal information like your body type and height and describing yourself. Then, you will get a confirmation from your email with a password sent to you and instantly you will have it so, you can log in immediately and start meeting people! You see how easy was that?! It only took me like a minute to do all that! They have so many cool features like a voice intro, how nice that is to hear someone's voice! You can also rate photos of others, add friends in your network and so many more!!! Chat with anyone all over the country. Make your own album and invite others now to start having some fun!!!

It's Coming!

I am so thrilled and could hardly wait for the DSLR I ordered at B&H Photo! Actually, I've been wanting Canon Rebel Xti since last Christmas and never got it *sigh* waited for my luck! LoL! Hubby just wouldn't spend that much money on a camera that he thinks it would be too complicated and heavy to carry around and might end up sitting in a box! Well, if he couldn't take my word on it...I figured, I can buy it myself from my blogging money! I could've bought it a long time ago just that there's so many things that is worth spending the money before the camera. Now it's about time to set it as my priority coz I want it so badly! So, I just pushed hubby to pay at least $200 and I took care of the rest...I'm so happy that I finally ordered and so excited to receive it next week!!!

Recovery Home

To find a suitable place to continue your (or someone you know) recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction...Sunset Malibu should be your 1st choice! Well, for most, they have a great mission to help you recover from addiction and what better else to do this than being in a luxurious and the most comfortable place with spectacular views! You'll definitely think, it's not an ordinary drug rehab. I mean, honestly, it's totally like a 5 star hotel with beautiful fireplace, cozy looking beds, awesome island kitchen...everything looks fantastic! Well, of course, not to mention, their extensive treatments for individuals to a drug-free life! Take a tour at their website now and find out more on what they can offer!

Coaster Furniture

When looking for any furniture, you can easily find it at Coaster Furniture! They have a huge selection of anything you need - for your living room, dining room and bedrooms. They also sell entertainment furniture like tv stands,audio cabinets. Baby coming soon? You definitely need cribs, changing table, bassinets, rocker and all that stuff! You will surely enjoy browsing thru all the selections at their store! If you have teenage kids, they will surely love to have a bean bag in their room and choose from any colors at their store or even anything for their bedroom! Lamps,accessories...everything you could think of, they've placed it for you at their site and here's the best's pricing is really good! So, shop now at Coaster Furniture!

Kick Off Stress!

If you live in the city, pretty much you are sick and tired of all the hustle and noise in the city. The traffic, the crowd, the rushing...all those that gives you stress. Don't you think it's about time to kick off that stress in your shoulder and have some relaxing fun trip away from all that city life??? If you feel like doing so, the best choice really is a beautiful ocean where you can only hear hushing waves of the beach and rustling leaves blown by the wind...Now, a perfect place to all that is Hawaii! Yep! I can't stop talking about Hawaii these days. Well, for most, it's getting so hot and a beach is the place where you could really cool off! There's also a nice place called Kihie, located at the island of Maui. It's one of the beautiful spots out there and if you would consider that place, check out Kihei homes to get an extravagant place to stay without going over your budget. Great selections can be found at Hawaiian Beach Rentals too! Enjoy being in the ocean or just at the pool! Relieve your stress and getaway from the city life for the mean time!

Wednesday, June 27

She's A Toddler Alright!

Now that she's 20months old, she can be a really hyper and tricky! She can express simple words and wants and even follow instructions. It's pretty amazing how my li'l toddler follows my commands on picking up her toys and she knows where to put it back or go get your diapers and wipes, all the simple ones...I found this really cool site to do so many activities with their right age! Here's one of a great activity for my 2omonth old:

Learning Skills

  • Fine motor development
  • Problem solving
  • Social interaction

What's Wrong?

Your toddler is still figuring out how the world works when you introduce a game of What’s Wrong? See if she can figure out what’s so silly about this game—and how to fix it!


  • Picture book
  • Sock and shoe
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Bowl and water
  • Cracker and peanut butter


  • Collect the items above, or other items that can be turned around, upside down, or made to look different than usual in any other way.
  • Hold your toddler in your lap. Hold a picture book upside down and begin to read. See if your toddler can figure out that the book is wrong and fix it.
  • Put a shoe on your toddler’s foot, then put on the sock. See if your toddler notices what’s wrong and tries to fix it.
  • Put toothpaste on the back of the toothbrush instead of on the bristles. See if your toddler can figure out what’s wrong and what to do about it.
  • Pour some water into a bowl and tell your toddler you brought her a drink. See if she notices the silly container and asks for a glass.
  • Spread peanut butter on a cracker and set it upside down on a plate. See if your toddler turns it right-side up!


Be sure your toddler can’t get hurt doing these silly tasks.

Let's Go Swimming!

Aloha! Do you feel the summer heat? Why not come to a place where you can refresh and cool off! Hawaii is the place to be! Oh gosh just to think about the beautiful beaches there, palm trees, the sand, great food, entertainment, all of the activities you can do out there...all of it are a dream come true vacation! Make it into reality and spend your summer at the beautiful island of Hawaii! Actually, I've never been there before but that is for sure one of my travel destination someday when the kids are older so, I can enjoy all kinds of cool stuff out there! And if that time comes, I would surely bookmark to find the best Hawaii home rentals! Even condos, apartments, can find it easily at their website! The best part, you can make your booking so easy by having a one stop shop at their site! Book your flights, car rentals and your stay as simple as clicking your mouse! Stay in their amazing homes and rentals that you will definitely love. Nothing makes it easy for you to find the perfect spot and look for Hawaiian Beach Rentals than their website! So pack your swimwear and sunblock now and hit the beach!!!

The Police CD Is Now Available!

If you love The Police, now is your chance to enjoy their music in a wonderful double disc cd released last June 5th! They also have tours all over the world, and if you missed that, you can avail the Police CD and have a great collection of their awesome songs! Here are the list of songs included:

Disc 01
01 Fall Out
02 Can't Stand Losing You
03 Next To You
04 Roxanne
05 Truth Hits Everybody
06 Hole In My Life
07 So Lonely
08 Message In A Bottle
09 Reggatta de Blanc
10 Bring On The Night
11 Walking On The Moon
12 The Bed's Too Big Without You
13 Don't Stand So Close To Me
14 Driven To Tears
15 Canary In A Coalmine
Disc 02
01 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
02 Voices Inside My Head
03 Invisible Sun
04 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
05 Spirits In The Material World
06 Demolition Man
07 Rehumanize Yourself
08 Every Breath You Take
09 Synchronicity I
10 Wrapped Around Your Finger
11 Walking In Your Footsteps
12 Synchronicity II
13 King Of Pain
14 Murder By Numbers
15 Tea In The Sahara

My hubby and I have always enjoyed their music and one of hubby's fave is Roxanne of course! That really is something that everyone would never forget!While my favorites include Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Every Breath You Take! What's yours? Have it all in this double disc cd! It's really fantastic to have them back and I always admire their music! It has made an impact in the music industry for sure! Check out this 30second clip where they are featured.

I surely have fun listening to all their songs and I am sure from generation to generation, they will always be around and loved by so many!

Paris is Back!

I'm sure you all know by now that Paris Hilton has been released from jail last Tuesday and there are tons of media frenzy on the day she was out! It's been very quiet lately and I was relieved of not hearing anything about her but the silence doesn't stay that long for now she's back! Well, I am happy for her but on the other hand, many neighbors are really mad at a large crowd that created frenzy in her grandparents house. Well, no matter what people think, I am sure glad she was able to serve her jail time and the whole thing made it to the media to serve as a lesson to all kids out there who adore her. No matter if you're an ordinary person or a big celebrity, you should always abide the law!

Easy Booking!

Traveling can be fun but a real hassle too! The part where you purchase a ticket for your flight, find a hotel & arrange a rental car, all together is a huge undertaking. Calling and checking the flight numbers and hotel rooms and availability, comparing prices and making sure everything is set according to your, that would really take a lot of your time for sure! If you want to avoid all these, you can do your booking at! When you do your hotel reservations at their site, you will save a bunch!!! Flight + hotel + car rental or just hotel itself, do it all in just a click of your mouse and at the convenience of your house! You can also find motels, resorts and vacation rentals at the cheapest price! Whether around the US or outside, they offer world wide destinations. Do a search for the certain place you might visit and you will find how easy it is and be able to compare prices and find the best one at!

Details Here!

The Right Memory

When in need of memory upgrade, there is one great place where you can shop securely and pay less with a service that exceeds your expectation...that is at! If you want to know the exact memory that your computer needs, you can just go to their website and they provide an auto search at their homepage or if you just want to find the manufacturer, you can search it easily as well as getting the great price of the part number that you needed! They have state of the art manufacturing facility that provides Sun, HP, Compaq, DEC systems and IBM memory that are all compatible with the original memory.

Tuesday, June 26

Weekend Blast!!!

It was really a fun weekend spent at ma-in-law's place.Having to do so many things in one day and the next day as well, it was great! So exciting for me and the whole family especially our first camp out! Here's a recap of our fun-family weekend (click title for more info)...

A Food Festival at the nearby town

Playtime at the Playground!

Strawberry Picking


House and Farm Tour

Furniture..Furniture...and More Furniture!

When you have a house, you tend to realize you need more furniture inside. Bedroom furniture or home office furniture, even for your living can be quite expensive to have all that! But at, you will find great selection of furniture at a great price! They also make sure that it's made out of the finest material to meet great quality and bring it to your home...They are a member of a Business Bureau and will ship any items for FREE- Now that's a great deal!!! How nice it is to shop online and feel secure using your credit cards plus you will have the convenience of choosing a furniture in your own home and you will find best selection that are not available from any walk-in stores. All items have a warranty for at least one year- that's a good thing! They even have a u sectional sofa couches that are mastercrafted and you will surely find comfort and relaxation in all those couches with a recliner and an armless chair - they are all sectionals! Choose now and bring home the best furniture you will have!

Kick Off Your Summer!

Summer surely is a fun time! There's so many things you can do outdoors and the best way to refresh yourself from these hot days is to go to the beach! Even when it's cool seasons, it is best to enjoy the warmth at Maui! It's always a great warm weather out there and the beautiful scenes would definitely takes your breath away! When you visit Maui, make sure you got the best place to stay by checking out Maui condos! There's nothing even better than having to get the comfort of a home like being able to cook in the kitchen, lounge in a patio or relax in a huge bed with great sofas too or even cool off at the pool and jacuzzi and come to think of it, you can just go outside and hit the beach! How cool is that??? It is truly amazing to be at Maui and lots of pretty places you can check out and things to do out there! Make sure you check out Kauai Travel Info too for you to be aware of what this beautiful place has to offer! Take your kids out since it's no school days or even just your special someone to have a quality time that is spent perfectly at the beach!!!

Snagged Tag!

I found this one at Janine's blog so, I thought it would be fun to grab it and tag somebody else! This is all about dreams...

What Dreams May Come

1. Unforgettable Dream

I saw my bestfriend in a casket and I couldn't understand why she died. I cried and cried. The ff morning that I woke up, I told her immediately about this dream coz in our belief, you will break the curse so it won't happen at all...

2. Scary Dream

I was held hostage by my xbf. In reality, he was quite possessive and abusive so, I guess this explains why I had this kind of dream. He was holding a knife on my throat and we took the elevator with my sister in there and my sister was begging to let me go. I was so scared to death.

3. Funny Dream

I was kissing someone and was so worried how is he going to accept me- having kids and I was like a single mom, the father of my child didn't exist at all. I thought this was funny...for me!

4. Dream House

4 bedroom house, wooden floor only bedrooms are carpeted with island kitchen and lots of arches with red tile roof!

5. Dream Celebrity Date (foreign or local)

Josh Hartnett!

6. Dream Job

Shopping for someone else and being paid a bunch!LOL!

7. Dream you had last night

I don't remember.

8. Dream for yourself

To find my passion in life and make a profit out of it. It would be great to have a job you love to do plus getting paid from doing so!


Wendy, Emmie, Mic, Shabem, Juz, Cherry Rose, JennyL, Nita, Julai and Grace

Cool Off!

It's hot summer days once again and it is so nice to go to the beach! Wouldn't that be so refreshing to hit the waves or just enjoy the sunrise and sunset? Even a walk along the shore stroking your feet against the sand and water...Gosh to think about this is like I'm day dreaming! If you wish to be somewhere in a tropical Island...make your dreams a reality and visit Hawaii! It is definitely a best place to cool off and enjoy life! Being in the ocean is very relaxing and to spend your day at Hawaii makes it even better! How about Maui??? Oh yes! It is indeed beautiful to be at that place and if you think this is where you envision yourself to be at right now, check out Maui vacation home rentals to find the best stay during your vacation! What better else to make your destination spot a perfect one than having to stay at a nice and beautiful condos, apartments, hotels, rentals or anything that you prefer! Enjoy the comfort of like having your own house but only thing is, you are in a fantastic beach resort! For any of your Hawaii Travel, make sure you visit to have the ideal accommodation that you would surely remember for the rest of your life!

Join Tackle It Tuesday Here!

My tackle was done last night making a pie. It was supposed to be really simple getting a very easy recipe online but making the dough was the hard part coz I couldn't get it to the perfect shape! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to check out the recipe!

Almost everyday my tackle is getting opps and posting entries on my blog so, you could just imagine how messy my house now.hahahaha!

Change Your Life!

Struggling with drug addiction or know someone who does? Have not even considered a drug rehab for treatment, thinking that it's just a waste of your money and time? Then think twice! There's a great unique place that will help you change your life! You think you've seen enough rehabs, well not until you see Cliffside Malibu. Drug Rehabs shouldn't be a place where you think you will be punished for your addiction, it should be a place where you will be treated with respect and could be comfortable place to stay! At Cliffside Malibu, you will get all that plus the have the assurance to become a drug-free person! They have quite a strong objective on how to achieve this. One is to provide appropriate treatment for their residents. That means they treat you as an individual and you will have your own drug treatment plan and having it that way, will make it more effective! Not only you will achieve that goal, you can also enjoy the beautiful setting of the rehab being at Malibu, CA! It has an awesome pool, modern facilities, spectacular scenery and so many more! Visit to take a tour of their place and learn more how can this be a great solution for you or someone you know!

Fun Slide!

Jessica was eager to try a huge slide at a food fest we went to last Saturday. Actually, we were expecting a carnival but I guess this will do...she was excited to try it and at first I thought she would be scared to do so...but no...she wanted to do it! So, we let her be and too bad only one slide for one ticket! It should be until you get tired to get ur money's worth,hehehe! I'm not thinking like a business owner at all...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to read about this story.

Monday, June 25

Luxurious Vacation

Summer is always the best time for vacations. Having no school, it's easy to leave 1 to 2 weeks with the whole family! Where is your next vacation plan? Do you ever think of how relaxing it can be being at the island??? Imagine the beautiful palm trees, sandy beaches, colorful sunset and amazing sunrise in the horizon...all these you can enjoy at Hawaii! Definitely it's one of the hottest spot there is and it can be tough to find great deals because it's such a popular place! Lessen the burden of finding the best place to stay by booking at Find Hawaii luxury vacations easily and have a perfect vacation by not only enjoying the beauty of the ocean but also have to stay in a luxurious home, condo, apartment, rentals or any of your choice! Enjoy every inch of the room, you will definitely love it how comfy cozy and beautifully designed the houses and rooms are! There are so many things to explore at Hawaii, many islands to enjoy and find out more at Kauai Vacation Info. Live the life to the fullest by having to take advantage of their great accommodations and make your vacation a lifetime memory!

Coupon Deals!

Do you like coupons? Who doesn't! You can save a lot by having to get good deals simply using a coupon! As a mother of two, I try to save on anything as much as I can be it groceries, furniture, clothings or anything that we needed, I make sure I get the best deal by buying on sale products, using coupons or looking for clearance sales. I enjoy the feeling of having to purchase something at a cheaper price! And if you like that idea too, try! It is a place where you can find discounts on so many retailers by using discount codes on the web! Shopping online is very popular nowadays and why not try to save more when you do this by simply getting a coupon from! They have so many selection of your favorite stores. I love to shop at The Children's Place for my daughters outfits! Their styles is so cute and it's made out of a very nice material that doesn't wore out easily. Good thing has great saving coupons for that! Find out for your favorite store now and get updates into your mailbox by getting weekly newsletter so not to miss out at any great deals out there!!!

How Cool Is This???

If found a nice crafty project that you and your family can enjoy! It's a Picture Puzzle perfect for all your family pictures laying around the house! Display them in a unique and fun way. Here's how to make it...

Picture Puzzle


This six-piece desktop decoration showcases family photos on two sides when it's assembled and doubles as a brainteaser when Dad needs a distraction.

You will need:

  • 6 (1 1/2-inch) wooden cubes
  • Acrylic paints and paintbrushes
  • Rubber band
  • Thin black marker
  • 2 photos (3x5 or 4x6)
  • Double-sided adhesive sheets
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Letter stickers (optional)

    Step 1 1. Paint the sides of each cube, leaving the top and bottom bare.

    2. When they're dry, arrange them in a rectangle, unpainted sides up, and wrap a rubber band around them to hold them together. Using the marker, trace the rectangle onto the picture side of each photo, making sure everyone's faces fit within the rectangle. Apply a double-sided adhesive sheet to the back of each photo and cut along the tracing lines. Peel off the adhesive's backing and adhere one photo to the top of the cubes and one to the bottom (since it's a bit tricky, it's a parent's job).

    Step 33. Divide the photos by cutting along the edges of the cubes with the X-Acto knife (another job for a parent). Add letter stickers if desired.

  • Source:

    Great Learning Center

    I haven't been really a good teacher to my 4 year old daughter and to think that I wanted to be a teacher, how can I be a good one if I couldn't even teach my own kid??? I just don't think I have the patience and usually we do the ABC cards and counting up to a hundred but we couldn't really get even half of our counting that's because she gets bored and frustrated when she can't remember something. I easily give up too! If she's in school, I'll be in big trouble having to help her in any of her homeworks or topics that she might be having a problem with...good thing there is a great place to assist your kids in their academic aspects and that is at! It is an Innovative Tutor that won't only let your kids do well in their school but also keeps them motivated and have the fun in learning so to enjoy and excel in their class! For nearly 15 years they have been doing this to kids and works thru PreK to 10th grades. We will see how my kids will do in school and I will keep this website in mind!

    Weekend Camp Out!

    We had a great family time camping out at David's family farm! It was actually my very 1st time to sleep in the outdoors like a real forest. No kiddin! The 1st time I had it is way back in gradeschool but it was only at school campus...nothing adventurous about that. Next time was in our backyard here and still, not quite real. So, this a secluded forest like place with my whole family and the kids were great! Here's some clips (forgive me the videos are muted, didn't realize no sounds on my digital camera):

    Marshmallows on the fire!

    Just hanging out - taking it easy!

    Island At It's Best!

    When you I think of a great place for vacation, an island with beautiful beach is usually what comes in my mind! It is definitely my ultimate dream vacation since I can be as close to the nature, enjoying the ocean! So relaxing to hear the waves, wind brushing thru the palm trees leaves and walking thru the sandy beaches! Another cool thing being in the beach, I can either choose to be adventurous by trying jetski, water skiing, surfing or I could just lounge to a hammock, watch the sunset/sunrise or just stroke my feet on the sandy beaches! If you think like me...fulfill your ultimate vacation at Hawaii! Nothing beats this place! And to make the best out of your stay at Hawaii, find any Hawaii beach accomodations online and book your stay in a very simple and easy way at! Either a romantic getaway or a family fun adventure, you can choose from hotels, resorts, cottages, apartments, condos to bed and breakfast! Anything that suit your needs! Get the comfort of having a luxurious bed and a private kitchen or having your own terrace to enjoy the view of the ocean! The possibilities are endless when you choose a vacation rentals at!!! To know more what are the best places and things to do, check out Hawaiian vacation news for more information. Nothing can really top your vacation if you have the best place to stay and that makes it memorable too than any of your vacation trip! So, book now and get out there!

    Friday, June 22

    Recent Videos!

    I took some time to play with our video camera after it has been collecting some dust around our house for quite sometime now,hehehe! Hubby has been telling me to always capture every moment coz they'll never go back to these days and I totally agree! I just hate downloading the videos in the pc and uploading them to the host is so time consuming but I guess if I have time to take opps online, why not videos of my own kids, right?LoL! So, let me share you some of the recent short clips:

    My 2 girls playing bubbles with dad!

    Katie Knows Where Our Trash Is...

    Visiting Europe?

    To go to Europe is one of my greatest dream and hubby and I agreed we will spend our 10th year anniversary there (if we make it to 10yrs,hahaha!) I know it can be pricey over there but with the help of internet, we can find really good deals like this Cheap Hotels in Iceland! and with free extras too! You can find last minute deals at so, any place you would want to go at Europe, don't you worry with how much it will cost you for hotels because it's guaranteed you will find great value at their website! Hotels are priced per room and when you search for a hotel, you can sort it out by price, location, ratings, last minute deals or year round and as also the name of the hotels! So, the next time you visit Europe, bookmarked now to avail great price rates of hotels!

    7 Things About Me (NOW)

    Yen tagged me on this one so, I am tagging Grace, Anna, Julai, Racquel, Lori, Lutchi, Haze, Emmyrose, Mic and Nita

    1. I am a mother of 2 girls (4 and a half yr. old eldest; 20month old youngest)
    2. I maintain 2 blogs (this one and Wandering Thoughts) making money out from those blogs.
    3. My family and I are going for a camping tonight! We have so many things planned this weekend.
    4. I am on the process of petitioning my parents to come over here. Still waiting for the notice!
    5. I was able to do that because I am now an American citizen Took my oath last April.
    6. I love taking pictures Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket of almost everything and bragging about it on my blogs,lol!
    7. I enjoy nature walks, camping, family time even just going to the parks!

    There you go ladies...Now, it's your turn!

    Background Check

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    Off For Camping!

    Today we will be leaving for a camping in my ma-in-laws farm. It might sound like not a real camping but for me it is! Since the farm is like more than 50acres and there are cayotes and snakes that I have spotted in that area...kinda freaky for me to spend the night there but knowing that the house is like about 15min. walk, i think I can manage,LoL! It's my 1st time spending the night outdoors, well I mean I've done it before in gradeschool - camping but only at school campus (nothing adventurous about that). Also here in our own backyard, still not quite real camping,hehehe! So, now...I'm looking forward for a great experience with my whole family!!!

    Thursday, June 21

    Fun ECards!

    I happened to check out this cool website where you can make your own ecard in a fun and exciting way! At you can Build A Sandcastle and send it to your friends and family! It is such a cool thing to do especially when you have kids. They will truly have fun together buildnig a virtual sand castle together and since my 4 year old daughter is taking a nap right now, I made one for myself and later when she's up I'll show this to her...

    (Click the image to see it larger)

    I sent this out to my sister and I think she will really enjoy this!hehehe! You can make your own too if you visit! It's so simple, no sign up needed! All you have to do is click on build your sand castle then you can go ahead and do the easy simple steps! First off, you can choose the beach that you like and I ended up with the Beaches Negril but there are so many to choose from so, go ahead and pick one that you like! After you picked one, you will be given so many cool tools to make a sandcastle. Play with the sizes and colors as you click on each block, it will give you a customization tool and at the sidebar, there's so many cool stuff for accessories! When you're done, you can either save it for your own copy or send it to friends and family!

    Start making your own now and be sure to send it away to others!

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    Wednesday, June 20

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    Below is the entry about this photo...

    Adventures at Hocking Hills

    We have had countless visits at Hocking Hills and honestly, we never get tired of going over there. There are so many things to do, discover and explore! Last Sunday was just a perfect day since the weather was sunny and the fact that it was Father's Day...I knew he would love to spend it over there!

    As soon as we got there, my eldest was so eager to start the hike! We totally forgot the baby carrier so, it wasn't a great idea to take all the hike going to the cave. We just plan to take short walks and just seize the moment in every benches that we spotted and let the kids explore around...

    As you can see in this photo, both of them are having a fun time taking those steps while me and KT were behind, I made a silly noise every time we took a step and she laughed hard every step!LoL!

    When we arrived at the Cedar Falls, I was bit disappointed that it was too dry and no water falls at all...but it was great not seeing a bunch of people in there, it kinda felt like it was our own spot! So, we enjoyed that moment before someone gets there! The kids loved standing on top of the boulders and as I tried to take a photo of the two...U can tell, Katie doesn't want her sister's arm around cute!!!

    And oh yah, we spotted this snapping turtle too along the way! I was wondering why a woman keeps taking pictures of the water and I didn't realize there was a turtle in there until David pointed it out to me! It was huge and I was so thrilled to see it!

    Me and Katie were both contented sitting on a boulder while hubby and Jessica were both exploring and couldn't sit still. It seems like the 2 of them loves to walk around while the two of us likes to just enjoy the scene in one spot,LoL! Here's another shot of hubby and Jessica while spotting another snapping turtle in a different area but then it was smaller. We assumed it's the baby of the bigger one...

    And as we continue walking, hubby found an area where it wasn't part of the trail, curious enough, we all went down and scoped the place! It was cool to check it out but I soon realize it wasn't safe coz every step was too slippery and in fact, Jessica slipped and fall in a paddle instead of being concerned, hubby and I couldn't stop laughing! Bad parents!LoL! And here's a photo of me in the forbidden area, hehehe!

    Went back up the hill afterwards because Jessica was really cranky! She even screamed so loud crying I think not because she fell but because hubby and I laughed at her, gosh! we just couldn't stop cracking up having that moment engraved in our minds,LoL! So, then we went back to the van and not too far from the place, we spotted a great bridge and so, what's the rush??? Went there to check it out!!!

    You can look down and see the creek. It was pretty cool! And over all, it was indeed another fun-family adventure! Nature will always be a part of this family and I am always grateful for moments like this! Hoping my kids can always treasure this memory thank goodness for digicam to always capture any big or small events in our lives...

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    Tribute to My Father!

    I grabbed this one for Darlene and find it interesting to answer and decided to post here. This is just a simple thing about my father...

    1. What is your father's favorite color?

    I actually don't have any idea but I will try to guess it's red because I remember he painted our kitchen with red.

    2. When was the last time you told him you love him?

    I think in a Christmas card I sent out for my whole family. I always have a message for them and letting them know how much I love them!

    3. Your first gift for him.

    It might be one of a crafty stuff we made at school especially in gradschool, we always have parent's day and asked each student to make something for their mom and dad so, I guess it might be something like that.

    4. Describe his personality in once sentence.

    He's totally tough, straight looking face but has a great sense of humor and got BIG generous heart for anyone!

    5. His greatest dreams.

    To be able to get here in US and live in the country, raise some animals, have a garden...he's totally like David!

    6. As his child, what have you done to make him proud?

    Probably being able to marry someone who is responsible enough to raise a family like David and raising 2 kids without the help of anyone, just me and david all along!

    7. Message for your dad.

    No matter what, I will always be the daughter who is very proud of what you have accomplished and what you have done for the family!

    Reno 911

    One of my favorite cable channel is Comedy Central. It always cracks me up when I catch Reno 911 and it has been a successful show knowing that a lot of people really enjoyed it and so they came up with a movie! The movie was a success as well! Too bad I wasn't able to watch since I don't get a chance to go to a theater nowadays having 2 youngsters. For those who missed the movie and even those who have seen it already, great news for you folks! The Reno 911! Miami The Movie has released a DVD! What's great about this DVD is it's totally unrated!!! You wil truly enjoy the widescreen feature with commentaries, extended scenes and so many more!!! Go get yourself this dvd to enjoy the movie! For those who wants to know what this movie is all is truly hilarious! So, if you are up for some cracking jokes and funny scenes, this is the movie for you! You will definitely get a good laugh from all the casts especially the whole gang of cops where each one has a very funny character and definitely not your ordinary cops! Laugh with them as they try to save the day when there was an attack during the national police convention, a bunch of terrorist ruins the convention and the fun part is, it happens during spring break in Miami! For sure it would be interesting to know how they handle the situation and how they fight against the terrorist with their hilarious characters!

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    Tuesday, June 19

    What's Your Love Style???

    Another tag from Grace. I am so slow with tagging nowadays but I still try to keep up if I can. Sure, it is a fun blogging thing to do...but anyone really reads one's result in the quiz? Just wondering!hehehe! Ok then, here's my result:

    Your Love Style is Agape

    You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.
    Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.
    You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.
    Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.
    For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.
    What's Your Love Style?

    To be honest, this doesn't surprise me, really! Call me martyr but that's my role in a relationship. I don't know, I might be stubborn but still sacrifices BIG time just for the sake of the relationship. So, now it's your turn...let's see if you are like me...I'm tagging:

    Mic, Shabem, Cleo, Yen and Wendy

    Celebrity Gossips

    Nowadays, celebrity people are always in the news. Either something ridiculous like Britney Spears slid off the street almost dropping a baby to biggest news of Paris Hilton going to jail. We always find amusement on what's going on with their lives even just a simple trip to the store, paparazzi are everywhere snapping those cameras. You can find in magazines a celebrity just eating a burger or taking their dog out for a walk and find out the guy who shoots those pictures are paid BIG bucks!!! Can you believe how they are marketed nowadays??? And if you can't help yourself and become one of those who are addicted to any of latest hollywood gossip, better bookmark! Almost everything that is the hottest or latest juicy gossips, scandals, speculations, rumors and even the facts can be found at their website! The cool thing is, you can vote for the news and interact with others who are members. Enjoying the pleasure to dish out any celebrity or book marking news! They make sure their news is accurate and the purpose of their website is purely for entertainment. So sit back and enjoy checking out the latest buzz at!

    Our Father's Day Celebration

    I wanted to let my hubby decide whatever he wants to do for the day and I know he've been willing to check out the flea market nearby our favorite park at Hocking Hills. So, it was just perfect to do it 1st thing in the morning then afterwards we could take a walk at Cedar Falls. He doesn't really like to celebrate even his own bday but I just wanted to make the Father's Day special since he has done a great job being a father to my kids!

    Click here to read what we did on Father's Day!

    If I Were A Spy...

    Have you often thought about being a spy? Just today, I'm thinking how cool it will be if I am a spy. The thrill of solving and putting pieces together and having to hide your identity, that's such an exciting profession but I know it's not always safe. It involves risk including your life. If I were a spy, I'd use all the high tech gadgets available for spies! Would be nice if I have like a watch that I can use as a communicator and a GPS as well,hehehe! Like those stuff in Mission Impossible movies or James Bond movies. Pen that becomes a videocamera or a car that can become a boat something like that are all great stuff a spy can have especially being chased by the bad guys. You may think why am I thinking about this out of nowhere? Well, not exactly out of nowhere...I happen to check out USA Network's Burn Notice a cool tv series that is about a guy being a spy. Watch all the adventures and misadventures he will go thru as being an agent who gets a "burn notice"...that's how spies get fired! Find out how untouchable he is and all the thrills of this show at See how he managed after being burned and trying to find out the reason of his termination while not being able to utilize his contacts and just use his training to get thru. It is such a cool show that is all about investigation, spy, intelligence agency, police and all that.

    Monday, June 18

    Tagged By Emmyrose!

    I owe her this tag for about a week now...just so many posts to catch up with so, here it goes...

    Rules (i added one):
    • you should dive in to your archives
    • search your old post
    • recycle it, not just post the link but to post the whole entry again...
    • tag others
    • put the name and link of the person who tagged you in the title of your entry
    Here's my take on the tag...(taken from my journal) I chose this post since it was the best bday and mother's day so far,hehehe!

    (click thumbnail to read the post)
    I'm tagging:
    Janine, Juliet, Rissa, Cherry Rose, Darlene, Dauph, Emz & Haze

    Publish Your Book!

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    New Video!!!

    I finally spent some time to get my videocam going and deal with uploading this morning. It has been so long since I last used the videocam and it's about time! Kids grow fast as we know it and capturing memories is really important to someday enjoy it when they are all grown up! Here's one where my daughters where playing with balloons and their laughters are priceless!

    Business Suites

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    • MONDAY - Mung Beans (this time with just mushrooms no chicken) and Rice

    • TUESDAY - Rice fried mushrooms with onions
    • WEDNESDAY - Spaghetti
    • THURSDAY - Fried Fish, Steamed Carrots and Rice
    • FRIDAY - camping (we are planning to grill chicken and turkedogs)
    • SATURDAY - still camping
    • SUNDAY - leftover

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    Sunday, June 17

    Cherry Tree

    Last Friday, we went off to see a farm that hubby has been wanting to buy. It's out in the country and has lots of acreage! That's what hubby wants...and as we scope the place up, we saw cherries in the tree and my kids were really excited to have a piece!

    Katie just couldn't wait to have a piece of it and when she did, she spit it out,LoL! It was pretty sour! Would be cool if we get the place but only one problem, the soil type doesn't allow us to build a building and hubby wants a place where he can build a new house and a warehouse for his business...I'm not sure if something can be done about this so, I don't know yet if we can move sooner or later...

    A Must Read Book!

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    Saturday, June 16

    The Perfect Hotel

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    Friday, June 15


    This is when Katie was still 3mos. young and I remember no matter what I do with her hair, it always stood up! And how cute that was...even now, it still makes me smile...

    Used Cars

    You really be better off buying a used car than purchasing a new one if the used car is still in low miles and good condition. You save a lot of money by doing so. Hubby has been buying Used Cars and so far, he never have any problem with it. It is not that simple to get one, either you look on paper ads or go to a car dealership, it would take a lot of your time to go places to place to canvass, check out what you would like and compare prices. Why go to all these hassle when you can do it online? How easy and convenient that is! You can just browse thru a lot of photos and each will have it's details about the car...if you plan to do so, try It is an online used car advertising in UK and it's setting a new standard on selling used cars online! You can find wide selection of used cars from traders to sellers and it's way too impossible not to find something what you are looking for in their site!They have a huge database that is ever growing. The fact that you will save a lot of money by getting the cheaper price at BuyYourCar is another great benefit for you as a customer. Also making your shopping experience as easiest as it can be! You can even get some good advice at their site to avoid scams from any used cars sellers and buyers. Don't waste your time driving to far away places just to find a car that you are looking for, check out now!

    Thursday, June 14

    Muscle Up!

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    Wednesday, June 13

    Homemade Father's Day Card

    Me and my daughter has been planning to make hubby a great Father's Day card made from scratch! He appreciates that than getting one of the rack from the store. I happened to bumped into a site where you can make this cool card!
    Formal Greetings
    Formal Greetings

    Even if the dad in your house isn't a shirt-and-tie kind of guy, he's sure to love this stylish Father's Day card.
    Decorative scrapbook paper

    Time needed: 30 Minutes or Less
    formal greeting 1. To make one, first cut a 4- by 12-inch rectangle from a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and fold it in half to create a double-layer 4- by 6-inch rectangle.

    2. Form the collar by cutting 2 matching 1-inch-long horizontal slits about 1 inch below the fold.

    3. Fold over the 2 flaps as shown, then glue them down with a 5-inch-long tie shape cut from another piece of decorative paper glued between them. Glue a pair of small buttons to the collar.

    4. Once the glue has dried, lift the bottom front of the card and write a Father's Day greeting inside.

    We will definitely try this one out this Sunday!

    The Police Is Back!

    Great news to all those who loves "the police" band! They are now back with their greatest hits releasing their police cd 'best of' selection and has a world tour going on this year!!! How could you not love "the police"? They have awesome songs that are really unique from all the other bands because of their punk and reggae combo style in their music. It has totally influenced other bands and just by hearing a lot of revival songs by some other popular artists from their greatest hits, makes you really believe that they have marked a great history of their music in the world! I grew up in the Philippines and almost everyone there knows who "the police" is! Songs like Roxanne, Every Breath You Take and Every Little Thing He Does is Magic are all known by most people out there and I'm sure it's the same in all the other countries. One of my favorite songs in their new police cd is Every Breath You Take. It is such a cool song that I even memorized the lyrics! LoL! If I hear it play, I play it loud and could make me move into the groove, you know?! I am so pleased to see that they are back once again and celebrating their 30th anniversary with the release of the police in UK! Having a World Tour is such a very exciting thing and if you want to try you luck to win a New York Fly-Away to see The Police live in concert, visit NOW!!!


    I got to admit, I have not been good at teaching my 4YO daughter to read and I've seen her eager to learn. Now that it's summer, most certainly, I neglect to teach her and so, these great tips will help me get started!

    1. Six books to summer success: Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. When choosing the six, be sure that they are just right — not too hard and not too easy. Take advantage of your local library. Ask for help selecting books that match your child's age, interests, and abilities. Libraries often run summer reading programs that motivate kids to read, so find out what's available in your area. Also check our booklists for recommendations.

    2. Read something every day: Encourage your child to take advantage of every opportunity to read. Find them throughout the day:

    • Morning: The newspaper — even if it is just the comics or today's weather.
    • Daytime: Schedules, TV guides, magazines, online resources, etc. For example, if your daughter likes the food channel, help her look for a recipe on the network's Web site — then cook it together for more reading practice.
    • Evening: End the day by having your child read to you from the book he is currently reading (one of the six books, above). Have him rehearse a paragraph, page, or chapter before reading to you. Rereading will help him be more fluent — able to read at an appropriate speed, correctly, and with nice expression.

    3. Keep reading aloud: Reading aloud benefits all children and teens, especially those who struggle. One benefit is that you can read books your child can't, so she will build listening comprehension skills with grade-level and above books. This will increase her knowledge and expand her experience with text, so that she will do better when she reads on her own.

    Source: msnbc.msn

    Buying Silver Coins

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    Tuesday, June 12

    And I'm keeping my distance...

    Granite Countertops

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    Back to Swimming Lessons Again!

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    The Wonders of Massage

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    One Exciting Day!

    It was such a thrilling ride last Sunday when I went tubing with friends! It was actually my 1st time and I was so eager to try it. There was also the jetski but I was more interested in tubing rather than the jetski. The only problem is, I don't know how to swim! But with the lifevest, I pretty much trusted that it will take good care of that problem just in case I'll be thrown off the water...I was actually a bit scared especially when it goes really fast and I held on to my dear life the whole time!!! LoL!!! But still it was such an awesome experience!!! See more of the pics here!

    The Hottest Shades!

    It's summertime once again and when this season is here, I never forget to wear my sunglasses! The main purpose really is to prevent me from getting a headache from the sunlight. Honestly, I can't bare the light during summer that's why it is such a pain if I forget to bring my sunglasses outdoors. Before, I used to be so conscious about the brand names but now, I wear whatever looks good on me. Honestly, I don't mind getting an expensive brand name one but only if it is given as a gift. I think most people look for the style and well of course because of the status when they buy name brand glasses. When kids nowadays see one of their favorite pop star wearing a sunglass like Prada or Dolce Gabbana, they look for the same thing and wants to wear it themselves for the status symbol! I think the best place to buy one is at Discount Designer Eyewear! They have all the name brand glasses like Coach, DKNY, Prada, D&G,Gucci and so many more!!! Find one that you like at a very great price! It is such a steal if you buy it at and you will be guaranteed to the best quality there is with a secure transactions and great return policies! Get the hip and the coolest or the most elegant and stylish sunglasses now with fabulous prices!!!

    So many things to tackle, I know, but I am just always occupied with taking opportunities online but still I want to maintain an organized house if I can. So, for today I will tackle:
    • bills (that is way overdue...tsk...tsk...tsk...)
    • go to post office to mail all the bills
    • bring my daughter to her swimming lessons
    • clean the pantry and organize (will show photos later)
    • clean and organize the fridge (will show photos later)

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    Monday, June 11

    The Best Way To Shop Online!

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    Dora's Bday!

    My kids and I went to my friend, Dora's bday party! She had a simple cook out at her backyard with so many food to grill! Having hotdogs, burgers, chicken and fish...there's nothing left you could think of on what to grill! It was a fairly nice weather so, it was just perfect to spend the whole afternoon in their comfy backyard with a BIG tree giving us a nice shade...the kids really had fun as well! To you my friend...HAPPY HAPPY BDAY!!!

    Friday, June 8

    Prepaid Card for Teens

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    Places For Kids To Explore, Discover and Learn

    Having 2 kids taught me how to explore all the small things around us and with their curiosity, it allows them to get a some understanding in some stuff and these places are great for youngsters like mine:

    • Parks (check your local parks online, they give great listings,hours and directions to get there)
    • Usually they have always something going on at your local parks, check out their nature center if there's one and grab a piece of magazine inside to see all the activities available
    • Musuems and Science Centers
    • Library (they always have Story time schedules so, inquire for details)
    • Playground (either at the mall or parks) I know it sounds like a lame place but not for little kids, some has really cool play stuff such as in the nearby mall here with planets where the kids could learn a little bit about our universe
    • Your own backyard (there's so much things they can explore in the ground or plants and flowers if you have any. My daughters love to chase butterflies, play in the dirt, stones and bugs that they found!
    These are just what I can come up but for sure there's many great places out there...

    Night Hunters

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    Thursday, June 7

    To The Water Park!!!

    Earlier today, I brought the kids to the water park to enjoy the nice weather. Bought some fast food meal to enjoy at the park and when we got there, my eldest was really excited to play in the water but Katie was hesitant to do so...Jessica was getting ansy so, I figured out next time, I should have a swim wear on to join the kids. Later on, she was comfortable enough to go by herself and soon she was running around the place! Oh, how she totally loved it! Nice to have something like that in our town for free! Next time I'll bring my camera with me!

    Debt Solution

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    my brother's unborn child that the baby is healthy and doing fine
    the money I earned from blogging that I was able to put my sister in nursing study and sent them money for internet bills , bdays, special occassions
    hubby's loaded sched, that means more work, more revenue!
    the great weather that we are able to enjoy it every afternoon
    my friend whom I confide with in times of confusion or doubts
    my kids who allows me to play in the pc for some time

    For more Thankful Thursday Visit HERE!

    Wednesday, June 6

    Ultimate Fight

    I am not really a sports fan but I don't mind watching ballgames in the field or even a boxing game on tv if it's the championship and the contender is from my country! I have guy friends here who loves boxing and football and would have a get together game night! It is really fun to watch it with others! If you are all about UFC Fights, there's a website where you can find upcoming events and UFC Fight News! Get the latest buzz and events going on and don't miss out any championship game! It is a great source for any UFC fights. Don't hesitate to leave comments or join the poll, get to know UFC fans out there and have fun!

    Chicken Lo Mein
    (from: Rhonda Parkinson)


    • 1/2 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast
    • Marinade:
    • 2 teaspoons light soy sauce
    • 1 teaspoon Chinese rice wine or dry sherry
    • 1/4 teaspoon sesame seed oil
    • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
    • Sauce:
    • 3/4 cup chicken broth
    • 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
    • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
    • Other:
    • 1/2 pound Chinese noodles (thin or thick noodles are fine)
    • 1 cup shredded carrots (about 1 carrot)
    • 1 unce can straw mushrooms
    • 3 tablespoons vegetable or peanut oil for stir-frying, or as needed
    • 1 teaspoon chopped garlic
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • Salt and pepper to taste, if desired


    Cut the chicken into thin strips about 2 inches long. (It’s easiest to do this if the chicken is slightly frozen). Add the light soy sauce, rice wine or sherry, sesame oil and the cornstarch. Marinate the chicken for 20 minutes.While the chicken is marinating, prepare the other ingredients: Combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl and set aside.Cook the noodles in boiling water until they are cooked al dente (tender but still firm).

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    Loving To Learn!

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    Katie is Almost 20 Months old!

    In about 6days, my 2nd child will turn 20mos! And I could tell, she is picking up really quick like a sponge! It helps having her big sister...she's always imitating her. So cute to watch her trying to dance like her sister, walk, scream, talk and act...everything, she will try! At this stage she pretty much get scared when I leave her. Very attached to me, as what hubby said and here's great tips for toddlers at this age from

    How your life is changing:

    Your toddler is very attached to you, but of course you can't always be together. When you or another important adult leaves, it can be unsettling for your child, who relies on your presence to feel secure. Ease transitions by letting him know beforehand that you're going to leave, and then don't drag out your exit. Give him a quick kiss, and be off.

    Parent Tip: How to Avoid "No" "

    Instead of telling my son no all the time, which can lead to power struggles, try saying things like, "Let's try eating with our fork," "Let's not play with the lamp cord right now — let's color instead." You'll find that giving your child a way out that facilitates communication and listening really pays off." --Mary

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    Daddy & JC!

    Tuesday, June 5


    Do you like scary movies or stories??? I am actually not a very brave person when it comes to horror movies or stories and I easily get frightened but I don't know why I like watching one. There was one story in my life that still haunts me. When I was a little kid, I remember seeing a guy at night in our door waking me up and calling my name but he is like a dark shadow that I couldn't see his face. My mother was really frightened about it because she would see me walking at night trying to get to the door and telling her I have to go because someone is calling me. Every night that guy always visits me and my mother believed that it was an old man who passed away a long time ago and was burried near our house. Pretty spooky even until now that I share this, it gives me goosebumps! Just like this 1408 Movie which is a terrifying story by Stephen Kings. And you know, when it's Stephen Kings, it is really a good one! John Cusack stars in this film also Samuel L. Jackson who both are really great actors!

    Cusack is the novelist who writes about the paranormal and he doesn't believe anything he doesn't see until he checked in at room 1408 at the hotel where Jackson works as a manager and Cusack's is definitely in for something terrifying because the room is haunted!!!1408 Movie will be in theater this coming June 22 so, make sure you get to see it and of course better be not alone!!! Here's a preview of the movie...

    A Cool Blog Contest!!!

    I happened to hopped in a blog where Colleen's blog was featured having a contest going on in her blog right now. At, there will be a lucky person who can have these cool dvds...

    These are awesome movies of Jonny Depp and Orlando Bloom entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean" both The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest!!! I would love to win these prizes because I am a HUGE fan of Jonny Depp and I love all his movies! He is one great actor and I have seen the Curse of the Black Pearl before, totally enjoyed the movie so, I wouldn't want to miss the Dead Man's Chest. Would be cool if I own both dvds!!!

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    My Only Sister!

    Having an elder sister is such a wonderful thing! Not only that I have someone I could play with when I was little but also someone I could confide when things go sister is only a year older than I am and most people see as like best friends! It is nice that we get along fine although of course, there are times we don't but we normally we make up pretty quick! We couldn't stay mad at each other for a long time, that's how we treasure our relationship! She is such a responsible, caring, generous and loving sister and I couldn't ask for, for you sister I wish you all the best on your bday and hoping someday we could be together w/ the whole family!!!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Gift for Father's Day

    I have been thinking since last week what I will get my hubby for Father's Day. As for my father, I got it all figured out. I am considering a book but I know he has way too many books already and I know guys are into electronic stuff but I think he pretty much got it all covered. So, it's really a tough job looking for a gift and I am sure I am not alone in this manner. Well, I am thinking of something cool like a digital photo frame that I have seen somewhere before. How nice it is to view pictures anywhere around your home like on the wall or on top of the table and the best part changes every time so, you don't get bored of the same photo being displayed in a frame! I am sure hubby would think it's cool too! Just like this stylish aluminum coated one...

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    Monday, June 4

    Diamonds Are Forever!!!

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    • MONDAY - fried tilapia, steamed veggies and rice
    • TUESDAY - Cheddar Broccoli Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
    • WEDNESDAY- Chicken Lo Mein and rice
    • THURSDAY - baked chicken and Kraft Pasta Salad
    • FRIDAY - I'm trying this Foil Pack Taco Chicken Dinner
    • SATURDAY - bday party
    • SUNDAY - outing

    Watch Movies In Your iPod!!!

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    Sunday, June 3

    New Videos!!!

    Yesterday, I had a great time with my family and a couple friend at Kokosing Gap Trail! A biking trail with beautiful scenes and pretty much a plain trail that is easy to take! We have some videos to share from our all day event...

    Taking a Break (1minute clip)

    Katie Fall Asleep! (31second clip)

    Click here for more story about our Cycling!

    Hottest New Astronomy Gadget!!!

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    Saturday, June 2

    Ground Breaking Mailing List Database

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    At The Pet Store We Went!

    My daughters has always enjoyed a pet store and I enjoy watching them having fun too! Although I am not a pet lover, I still want to have one someday and I know it's really good for kids to teach them responsibilities, love and care...Last tues., we went for a quick trip at the pet store and as soon as we went inside, the 2 hurriedly run towards the bunnies, checking out fish in the tank, birds in the cage and their most favorite...dogs!

    I was so amused with Jessica asking me to take a picture of her with the puppy. She really wanted that one and asked if we could pet the puppy but I didn't want to because Katie usually cries when the dog gets near her and I don't want to scare the poor kid. She was just having fun as long as they are caged in while my Jessica was a bit disappointed, promised her next time when Katie isn't around...

    Friday, June 1


    I know...I know...all I've been posting here is the Grand Canyon. Well, I can't help it! It's the most memorable trip so far and I consider it as an art especially seeing it in person, it's unbelievably amazing! It's like a piece of sculpture...

    Cool Openers!

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