Tuesday, July 31

Have You Ever Heard of North Cyprus?

If you still haven't heard about North Cyprus, you limit yourself to a beautiful Mediterranean jewel, peaceful and unspoilt beaches! English is widely spoken in the area and you'll be surrounded by friendly people! The highest quality of food is just right on the fresh market and served in local restaurants...pretty impressed? Why not try to check out North Cyprus Property available at! That is the place to be to find residential real estate where you can invest in a beautiful location. They build properties in the land that they own and those land has been fully researched! Just take a peek and see what they have to offer, you'll surely love all the beautiful properties!

I've been wanting to tackle our fridge like a month ago and yesterday, I finally did it! Well...thanks to the "black out"...when the electricity went off like 9:30 in the morning, I have nothing left to do since most of my time is spend on the internet and was telling me to go ahead tackle something u hate! and so here it is...

We have tons of leftover, God knows how long it has been there (eeek!) and tough for us to find something since "the others" here never put things back where they're supposed to be!

This is how it looks after taking everything out...eeeky and yucky!

After scrubbing and washing, it pays off!

Now, to bring everything back (no more old left over food)
Notice, not a lot of food in our fridge? That's another tackle - to do grocery shopping,LoL!

If only it stays like this forever! I Wish!

Sunday, July 29

To The Water Park!

My friend called me Saturday noon and asking if we were busy. She wanted to bring her kids some place where they can play and enjoy the nice weather so, I suggested to our nearest water park here. For kids, nothing else could beat that! It's free entertainment so, what are we waiting for? As soon as we arrived there...the 2 girls were jumping and running around like crazy!!!

While the two young ones, choice of fun was the playground where they can be dry and still have fun! Both are scared of the unpredictable splash so, they feel safer at the playground, LoL! They sure had a blast of a day!!!

Retro Shoes

If I ask my brother what he wants for me to include in a box to send over to them at the Philippines, he'll immediately! He's a basketball player and has idolized Michael Jordan. When it comes to shoes, Air Jordan is always his choice! It maybe expensive to buy it somewhere but if you want to get it at a low price, try to visit! You will find great selection of retro shoes at a low price. Save up to almost 50% and get the hot new realeases Air Jordan and even custom and rare Air Jordan retro! If your a fan of Nike shoes, they have Nike Dunks available too. Also find for kids and for women which are all in cool styles and colors. They have 8-13 US sizes available and can take about 6-10 business days. Check out all the selection now at!

Saturday, July 28

Ahhh This Is Life!

This is my daughter's way of swimming! Taken during our stay at the hotel, pool is the place where we can surely kill some time! My kids loved it and were so pesky to go at the pool even at the moment they wake up,lol! I'm glad I brought the life vest, she surely enjoys floating!

Money Saving Coupon

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I haven't been active for Saturday Photohunt and that surely explains why I am not at the blogroll anymore. Oh well, I can't help it. Saturdays normally is a family day or party day,lol! So, here's my take for this week's theme...

This is my eldest daughter's art work from her Preschool Skill Builders. I remember I showed this off at my other blog since it's obvious, I am proud of my kid's work...BUT I wonder where these are now???LoL! It's good that I have it in photo at least,hehehe!

My Journey To A Good Diet

Ever since I met my hubby, I have been trying to stay away from any trans fat as much as I can. It was really hard for me to adjust since I have to eliminate red meat in our diet and I grew up loving to eat read meat! Another thing is the constant check on any food that we buy for any hydrogenated oils (It should not appear on the ingredients) and believe me, it's tough to find one that doesn't have it! But still, I can't avoid to eat fast food meals when were on the road. Well, at least we rarely bring fatty stuff in the house, that helps a lot! Not only that we wanted to stay fit but also our aim is to live healthy and free from any clogged arteries if we could. I have noticed obesity here is growing fast and so many fitness gym on every town. If gym won't work for you there are diet pills like hydroxycut as a weight loss supplement. With diet and exercise, you can surely achieve some dramatic weight loss if you are determined and disciplined! As for me and my family, we just try to make sure we eat healthy food!

Friday, July 27

Can't Stop Planning!

Just recently, I have a talk with my hubby letting him know what's important to me as soon as we fix our next house. It's getting close to moving day (if all comes smoothly) and so we can't resist to talk about what do we want for our new place. Well, of course I told him I want new furniture! He keeps telling me it would take us long to have it all. He wants to have it eventually but for me, as soon as possible! LoL! So, in my search for great Furniture, I found where I spotted bar stools that would match perfectly with our existing dining set! I might end up using a Bar Stool in the island counter top which is typical in any house. I love all the great selection they have and when it comes to my favorite room, bedroom of course comes, I checked out their Bedroom Furniture and I easily fell in love with some of the great sets they have! So many choices but all are good and at a reasonable price! Some maybe quite fancy for my taste and too expensive but there are still a good buy! Next in line for me to achieve a comfy cozy house is well of course my computer area. I can't stop but wanting to have something like a beautiful desk and chair and for sure they got all the nice design! Great selection of high quality and best valued Furniture Home Office. I've been planning to purchase one a month ago because I mainly spend most of my time in the computer but then I soon realized, it's not a good time yet if we are moving. Right after we settle in, that's on my list for sure! What about yours? What's your favorite room in the house? Have it more comfy and cozy or even stylish and luxurious by adding beautiful furniture from!

Recommended Kid's Videos

I have to be honest here, when it comes to my eldest, the television has become her baby sitter. I know it's all wrong but I can't resist to put her in cartoons when I'm busy with chores or online BUT before you condemn me, I have made sure I blocked out channels that aren't good for her (since she knows how to flip channels now). I tried to make sure she's watching good learning shows like Big Bear and Arthur. Just today, I found these recommended videos by

Baby Songs
Hap Palmer leads the sing-a-longs that should keep your baby smiling and your toddler doing the funky chicken on the living room floor. And if you like this tape, there are sequels, including More Baby Songs and Even More Baby Songs.
Price: about $12.99

The Barney series
Love him or don't, young children take instantly to this aubergine behemoth. That aside, lessons in reading, counting, singing, and social skills are delivered in a non-intimidating, simple-to-follow format. The advantage to having a video, rather than watching the television show, is that your child can watch the same Barney tape over and over. Barney's Alphabet Zoo, It's Time for Counting, and Barney Songs are among the best in the collection.
Price: about $14.99

Beauty and the Beast
Before Beauty tames the wild Beast, the snaggle-toothed prince can be a little scary for kids under 3. But overall, you can't miss with this classic tale. Young and older children are entranced by the story, the animation, and the music.
Price: about $9.99

Awesome Animal Builders
Produced by National Geographic — which puts out several videos for kids — this tape is filled with real-life critters busy building home and hearth. If your children enjoy watching you at your chores, they'll get a kick out of watching these industrious animals.
Price: about $14.99

Winnie the Pooh
There are more than 20 Pooh videos. Our personal favorite is the original, Winnie the Pooh. You'll enjoy singing along with the tunes you heard as a child (remember "I'm just a little old rain cloud"?) and your child will love hearing them for the first time. Pooh and his friends — Eeyore, Christopher Robin, and Co. — are an enormously likeable gang.
Price: most titles are about $14.99

Thomas the Tank Engine
Again, you can choose from about 20 Thomas videos. Try, for starters, Daisy & Other Thomas Stories and Thomas Comes to Breakfast — both narrated by George Carlin. Children learn much about the world at home and beyond.
Price: most titles are about $12.99

Arthur Videos
Arthur the bespeckled aardvark — along with sidekick Francine — star in (among other videos) Locked in the Library, Arthur Writes a Story, and Arthur's Eyes. A real plus: Arthur's stories focus on, and help resolve, young children's worries and conflicts.
Price: most are about $12.99

Thursday, July 26

Ready To Meet Someone?

When I met my husband online, I was ready for a commitment. Some were skeptical about me finding it online plus the fact that he is Caucasian. They imagine how hard it can be to adjust from each others culture. Yah, for sure it can be tough but love doesn't care who you are or where you are from once it hits you! We do have different races but our hearts find comfort from each other! If you want to meet someone and is very open to any race, interracial dating is the place for you! You can meet singles men and women who are real interracial. Visit and for sure, you will meet someone who can possibly become your friend and who knows...even more! It's an online dating for interacial personals. It's totally free to join and you can browse pictures even if you're not a member yet. Join now with so many members who already start mingling with other races!

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Tuesday, July 24

Touring The Cave

For our anniversary trip, we chose Mammoth's Cave at Kentucky and I was just so amazed how HUGE that cave is! So many tours that you can take but just a little left available since pretty much people has booked it earlier (which I didn't do at all). Oh well, at least there were still left tours for us and on our 2nd day at Kentucky, we tried the Mammoth's Passage Tour (1 1/2 hr) that invites us to an old entrance and a little history and stories from the ranger. You can see how dark it is from the pics below and when the ranger turned off the was totally pitch black inside!

The next day, I wanted the river tour unfortunately, it was sold out! Focus on Formation sounded interesting since it was meant for those who loves to take photos even a tripod is allowed to bring in this trip! It was a short tour but the sights were spectacular! Can't help but to say ooohhhh aaahhhh with these beautiful formations and interesting shapes all around the cave!

So many tours, so little time...but it won't be our last trip there. Probably no kids next time since some tours doesn't allow 6 yrs and older.

Leaving So Soon?

That's us alright! Hubby told me if everything went well, the day that we officially owned the farm is this coming August. We really have a lot of things to take care and moving is not always an easy task. It involves packing and shipping and a lot of extra care when moving something valuable or fragile. If you are moving, you know what I am talking about and leave all these behind to! They make moving easier for you by helping you find a good moving company that are all licensed movers. You can obtain a qoute based on the size and distance of your home and you can rest assured it will be delivered safely to your new place! How about for those moving in another country? Have it taken care of by international movers. Relocating overseas has never been this easy with the help at! They provide quality service because they know that is the top priority of any movers even for your car, let take care of it as well! Get an auto shipping qoute quickly and all the information you need to know when shipping your auto. Auto shipping companies has state of the art equipments to load many vehicles at once. They can guarantee you a safe and quickly! All the other tips on moving, packing your stuff and guides are all provided in their site. That is totally a good place to stop by before finding a mover!

Romance In The Net

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Monday, July 23


I went back to my old template just because of some loading problems with my previous template. It sucks! I totally love the theme of my pink template but I don't have time to resolve it for now. We will be leaving soon for another trip. This time it's business! I have to customize the left side bar for this and I don't have that much time yet. For those bloggers who have linked me, I'll link you up soon (pls. give me some time)...thanks!

Sunday, July 22

Fast Healing Power!

Wuhoo! We finally got back from our anniversary trip at The Mammoth Cave out in Kentucky! It was such an awesome experience seeing a real and deep huge cave!!! Totally spectacular sight! We camped out for 2 nights and hit some hiking trails. After an exhausting trip, all I have left is zero energy plus aching body muscles...arggghhhh! Bringing 2 kids with us was an extra effort. It was pretty hard having to carry my youngest inside the cave since we weren't allowed to bring any carriers. I am totally dead beat when we got home today and I was sure glad I have some Freeze It Gel Therapy!

It's amazing how this thing works! In just about 20 minutes after I applied the gel, the pain is gone! You can target any pains easily with this gel simply by just applying it to where it aches! I like the aromatic smell and the cooling sensation when you apply it then after just few seconds you can feel it's starting to work with it's warmth and soothing effect! All this time, I've been taking pain killers tablets and capsules. If only I have known Freeze It a long time ago, I would've not suffered longer to wait when the medicine starts to kick in! Learn more what this product can offer you...

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Take The Smart Road

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Wednesday, July 18

6 Years of Blissful Marriage!

It's quite amazing if I look back into it. It was year 2001 when we laid our eyes on each other and only for about 6 months we find ourselves in the altar! Some are happy for me but others were skeptical about it! No matter what others have said, there was no stopping us...we were really eager to get married, have kids and start the family immediately. When you find "the one", you got the gut feeling! so, there was no chance for us of letting go of each other! I must say, it has not always been dreamy and a "fairy tale" like happy ending story! To tell yah, it was one harsh ride! We've been thru a lot! There was even a time when we lost the confidence that we had before but I am truly thankful that we never gave up! We are still together and God knows how much we have kept this marriage sacred! For more blissful years to come...I pray thee!

Fitness Dating

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Running Short On Cash?

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To Be Treated Like A Celebrity

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Tuesday, July 17

(click to enlarge)
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Last Sunday, my friends and I went boating and we sure did have a blast! It is always a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a company! Good thing we are friends with someone who has a boat! I just realized how expensive and a lot of responsibilities you have if you own a boat. Not only that you have to keep the maintainance and make sure everything is working right, but also having it insured is the safest way to protect you to the unexpected! At, they offer boat insurance for any boat type like for narrow boats, dinghy, yacht and rib. They make it easy for you to get a quote by doing it online and no more talking to strangers and spending lots of time looking for the best price! If you want fast and efficient service from an experienced service team, consider now and you'll definitely get one!

For today's tackle...

  • I'm going to finish my laundry that I started last Sunday and still got one load to go...LoL!
  • put away folded laundry
  • get some opps online
  • do the dishes (again)
  • get some opps online
  • make lunch
  • get some opps online
  • try to clean our fridge
  • get some opps online
  • if ambitious enough, do the pantry too!
  • and get some opps online
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How's Your Romantic Side?

Now that our anniversary is coming pretty quick! 6years of marriage tomorrow...I am thinking of what romantic ways we could celebrate our anniversary. The only problem is, we have no baby sitters for our 2 youngsters so, I have to plan it a family dinner then! They say when you get married too long, the romance is almost gone but it doesn't have to be like that!love and romance should always be present! It might be tough if you are working and have kids but there are many ways to still keep the fire burning! At, you will surely get great tips that will help you keep your romantic side and have the thrills and tingles come to life again! No one is too old for romance and I believe each relationship should be treated like it's still courtship stage to make it more interesting and to never get bored of your partner! Learn how to romance your wife by simply reading articles at their website! Take chances! You will be surprised of the outcome!!!

Looking for A Truck Toolbox???

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Monday, July 16

Reminds Me!

Kids' laughter reminds me that life shouldn't always be taken seriously!

Kids' playfulness reminds me that a little break is a good stress reliever!

Kid's innocence reminds me that patience is a virtue that we need to practice everyday!

Kid's curiosity reminds me that there's always something good we can learn each day!

Life Is Unpredictable!

Indeed life is unpredictable, there are so many surprises that some are really good but there are that are horrible incidents that we don't like to think about. In reality, we should always be prepared no matter what. The only way we can be responsible is to think about the future or possible circumstances that may occur. My hubby is pretty good about this and I am the real they say opposite attracts, LoL! But seriously, have you ever thought of how you can be prepared financially if accidents happen or worst case scenario...death? Is your family protected and taken care of? Try to check globe life insurance and take a peek of what they have to offer for your own good! You and your family will benefit from it so, why not take a chance to consider it?! It's easy to avail, you don't need medical exam, just a few questions about your health that you can answer Yes or No. Your dollar can buy upto $5o,000!!! So, visit the site now for more information!

  • MONDAY - pansit left over
  • TUESDAY - fried tilapia, rice and steamed brocolli
  • WEDNESDAY - our 6th Wedding Anniv. (we'll see where we could eat & celebrate!)
  • THURSDAY - camping (maybe canned goods)
  • FRIDAY - still at campsite (more canned goods,LoL!)
  • SATURDAY - maybe we'll be sick with canned goods, we'll find a good restaurant!
  • SUNDAY - ok, this time it's homecook meals! If I'm not tired...I guess I'll try chicken stir fry

Sunday, July 15

Buying Used Cars

I never really thought that buying used cars is the most practical way you can do! There are still lots of great cars out there you can buy in a cheaper price and even if it is used, as long as it only have less mileage and still running smoothly, you will be fine. First thing you have to look for is of course the condition of the car and you don't want to get fooled by dealers who try to cover up any hidden problems about the car. Shopping for one can now be done easily online and with, you will find what exactly that you are looking for in a car having a massive database of used cars. Their prices is competitive so, definitely you can get it for a very low price! That will save you a bunch for sure! Get details about the car and see how it looks like with a photo provided. Not only you can browse for a car but also get a good buying advice! Learn what you need to ask the seller when purchasing a car, having the right questions will get you to the right answers, be able to know what to inspect in a used car, checklist and other informative articles. Be money and time now by simply visiting! It's the right place to look for Used Cars!

Saturday, July 14

My Space

The only place I could really call "my space" is this one little spot where I have my computer! I don't have a fancy computer table or chair but I made sure I have the most reliable and fastest internet service (that's my top priority), also a high memory and capacity computer with all the photos, files and softwares I download all the time...gotta make sure it can accommodate all that, having a nice and soft keyboard since I type most of the time plus a mouse and key pad to make everything comfortable...never forget my lcd monitor! I just got this as my birthday gift last May and I could never be happier! Enjoying the wide and flat screen is really something! Well, I'm considering getting a new computer table and chair as well, maybe soon!

My Mini Baker

My daughter loves to bake like her mom! Whenever we do our groceries, she would always as for something to bake like cake, cookies, muffins or cupcakes. You know, I try to stay away from any of these since it's fatty but I also want my kids to get their interest into baking, aside from the fun of baking, I like to spend a good quality time with them too! She would always make sure she gets to mix it and would always check at the oven to make sure it's done!

When Can I Have One?

I've been seeing many sites that offer spa, coupon deals for spa, friends getting a certificate for spa...when will I ever experience spa??? I guess it's the least of my priorities having kids now. But if anyone will give me a certificate, I wouldn't turn it down for sure! Lucky for those who has a spa at home and hot tubs. No need to go spend their money anywhere. I bet it cost a lot to purchase one, so for those who have hot tub and spa, better take good care of it by having covers. Check out this Spa Cover available at a best price with free shipping! Well, of course , you want something that will last longer with high quality and at Cover Guy, they guarantee to deliver you best quality that can protect your hot tub for any harsh climate and any other factors that can ruin your tub. Visit the site for more information.


I was wondering if I could find a nice tree outside with a beautiful shadow, perhaps a shadow of the house but none of these really represents who I, I thought of having my 2 kids outdoors and letting them play around with their shadows until i captured this special moment!

Thursday, July 12

Why Struggle?

Back then when I was still studying during my grade school days, I went home with tons of homeworks and asked my parents to help me out. It was really nice too having an elder sister who have just went through the same lessons I was learning since she was able to tutor me as well. If my kids ever have a hard time dealing with any subjects, I have hubby to the rescue! LoL! But for those parents who thinks their kids needs an innovative tutor, you should take a look at! Score is an educational centers that helps kids from 4 to 14 years be able to obtain significant progress in their academics. They provide innovative tutoring and making sure the kids will have a fun time learning so not to loose interest in studying. Motivation is also another key to keep them hungry for learning and tutors at will keep them motivated.

Let It Bloom!

I'd like to share to you all some of the photos I took when I first had my DSLR on my hands...I couldn't resist but take shots of the beauty of what nature can bring and flowers always capture my attention! Some of these photos are taken in our own backyard and others randomly, wherever I spot some! I would like to add more to my collection and hoping to deliver it's own delicate beauty!

Take Advantage of the Free Trial!

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Take A Peek!

My elder sis has just started blogging at bravejournal. If you have a spare time to visit her site, pls. take a minute to check it out at In there you will read all about her, her thoughts, daily rants and many more! Typical personal blog. She intends to share many photos to her readers and hope to make new friends here online...Pls. feel free to leave her a message and do an exchange link if you can! Thanks!

Makes It Easier For You!

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Emotion Test

I am trying this one I got from Cherry Rose! Try for yourself too but don't cheat! Read the answers after you are done answering!

1.Your favorite : red, black, green, blue, yellow?
* blue

2. Your first initial?
* J

3. What month were you born in?
* May

4. Which color do you like more, black or white?
* black

5. Name one of your friends?
* Love Joy

6. Your favorite number?
* 13

7. Do you like Flying or Driving more?
* Driving

8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
* Ocean

9. Think of a wish, but don't write it.

Answers at comment box!

Wednesday, July 11

Finding A Loan

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New Tag!

1. Jenny
2. Jen
3. Jeniffer

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3. jenny®

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2. eyes
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3. Maroon 5

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TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
1. I earn money while blogging
2. wrote a book
3. married with 2kids

1. height
2. Nose
3. Eyes

1. Blogging
2. Photography
3. Digiscrapping

1. go visit Pinas
2. have my parents over here
3. buy Photoshop

2. Nurse
3. Full time wife

1. Philippines
2. Europe
3. Hawaii

1. Jessica Kate
2. Katie Nicole
3. Josh (kung magkakaboy)

1. have my whole family here in US
2. see my kids get married and have kids
3. be in a cruise ship

1. I like techie stuff
2. I can play violent games in the pc
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1. collects shoes and purses
2. put make up on before leaving the house
3. shop til I drop!

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2. Frechie
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Do You Wanna Know A Secret???

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Tuesday, July 10

I've been so busy taking opportunities online that I truly disregard all the other things I needed to clean up! (If you're wondering what this opportunities are, I earn money while blogging and you can click paid to review my post on the very end of this post if you want to do it too!)I was so ambitious yesterday and had a lot of stuff done! The kid's room were getting too cluttered and tons of boxes hangin' around since I took away a bunch of winter clothes out from the dresser. Now, I had a chance to have them stuck in the box and I put away the boxes in their closet.





I also cleaned up the kid's bathroom since their toilet and sink needed it badly! Didn't take photos of the toilet coz it was so eeky and yucky! Didn't want to scare anyone here.

I went all the way to our bedroom and cleaned up! Even the toilet, vanity and sinks.Hubby's sink became a dumping ground and I can't believe how he could live like that! I guess he's waiting for me to clean up after his mess (men oh men!) here's the after photo since I forgot to take before photos: (You can see a mark on the mirror and I think my daughters slapped something that is so sticky even windex couldn't take it off! I gotta figure out how to take it off!)

Monday, July 9

Latina Dating

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Good News!

We finally got the farm that I've been talking about! Hubby told me yesterday to pack our bags, we're moving! LoL! I was pretty shocked that we really did get the farm, I thought the owner won't settle for what hubby wants to pay,by gosh he did!And now he got a BIG smile in his face! We are both excited since we both fell in love with the place the minute we saw it! I'm a bit hesitant to stay at the house since my parents aren't here yet, no big deal...we might end up renting a place somewhere else while waiting for my parents to be here since we needed to sell our house to pay for the farm (gosh! so many expenses going on right now) still I'm happy that something's finally happening right!

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Sunday, July 8

Take A Li'l Break!

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I Have No Patience

When it comes to teaching my daughter basic things like counting, ABCs, reading and all of that, I really hate my low tolerance at my own kid. I just end up irritated whenever she tries to be foolish and not being serious until she ends up getting mad at me as well, so that's how we end up learning! I wanted to teach her to read but she's too stubborn and wants to do it herself. She's not being patient which is really not a good thing and I loose my interest as well. Well, it's good to know there is reading tutors if ever she would have a hard time learning how to read. At Score Educational Centers, they have tutors who can help kids from ages 4 to 14 to attain significant improvement in their academic and makes learning fun! Consider if ever you need innovative tutoring for your kids.

Saturday, July 7

Let's Play Peek-A-Boo!

When I heard my kids giggling so loud...I figured they're chasing each other but no, they're not! Actually, BIG sister is teaching li'l sis to play peek-a-boo! And every time Katie hears boo, she laughs so hard that contaminates her big sister! Good thing I always get my camera ready to capture any moment like this!

(click to enlarge)

Luxurious Condos

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Jessica's Swimming Lesson

Her swimming lesson just ended again but still we want to enroll her for her 3rd session. Per session, she gets about 8 lessons within a month. I can see some improvement but I know she needs to enroll again since she can't quite swim without a vest yet. I've been told to be patient because I have expected it to be done in just one session but I was totally wrong! The last time, I went for her lesson, I was so glad I had my camera. It was just a perfect timing since they have a group class teaching them to jump over the boat. Pretty cool!

I was even amazed on how brave she was jumping over the diving board. Most kids were really scared but she just went there and did it! I was so proud of my girl!!!

My Least Favorite Subject

When I was in school, my most hated subject was Math! I just couldn't deal with numbers and doesn't have the brain to think logically,especially analyzing and solving math problems, i hate that! That's why I don't do well in Mathematics. Well, I'm hoping my kids won't get that from me. I do think it's important to be good in Math, they can either be a good accountant or a businesswoman or anything they want to be someday! When they go to school, that's the time when I could really tell where they do best and their weakest subject. If it happens when they don't get much interest in Math like I did, there's Score Educational Center that provides math tutors to help my kids or anyone who is struggling in Mathematics! I am hoping they got their dad's brain when it comes to numbers!

Live Your Life!

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This is my eldest and her famous "fake smile". Whenever we ask her to smile, she always will but it's not natural and hubby has always called it her fake smile. If hubby tries to choke me while I'm taking the pic, that's when she gives us her real smile! The one that's really natural...LoL!

Friday, July 6

More Plans...

Ok, I'm not going to stop talking about our future home here. No, not now after knowing that this will be the year we will be moving! It's not only the thrill of being in a new place but also all the other small details that comes with it, something to stimulate my mind all the time! I have been telling hubby how we could've made our fully furnished basement into an entertainment room but he has to really have a spot for all his laboratory equipments and all that ate up the basement space! Why am I thrilled to move? Not only with all the other possibilities but also the thought that he'd be able to build a warehouse with all his work stuff and I can finally have an entertainment room down in a basement! When that time comes, I would surely get a wide screen tv, add some bar counter top and stools, home theater seating to achieve an ultimate entertainment area! How exciting! That is if I get a job,LoL!

Neglected Duties

Ever since I started my business in blogging, I could never allocate my time keeping everything around the house organized and clean. I maybe able to clean up the 1st floor and pretty much I am done for the day but the truth is, it's never done! The worst one really is the kid's room! I never got the chance to organize their clothes, having to put away the winter clothes and there are still boxes & boxes of clothes that needed to be stacked somewhere! Whenever I go to their room, I always think and imagine redocorating the room. Now that they're not babies anymore, Pooh & friends should retire and make that room more girly but wait! I gotta wake up to the reality that I have to hold my thoughts until we move. When that time comes, I'll get kid's furniture that are built to last and of course kids bedding that will surely be perfect for their taste! I know they love butterflies. So, it can be a perfect theme for sure!Glad to check out and found that beautiful flower garden beddings!

My Angels

Whenever I look at my kids, I couldn't believe how I was able to raise them both! I figured, I could never do such a good job since I think I, myself is still a kid (not my age but how I act,LoL!) I know I could never be a perfect mom and I admit, I have my flaws too! I sometimes feel like they don't deserve me and no matter how much they can be pesky, I couldn't imagine my life without them!

It's not always easy to take a photo of my 2 girls since their attention span is very very short so, I do what I take to get good shots. It doesn't have to be a perfect smile. Any gesture that is pure and real is what I am looking for...once they get tired of seeing me just shooting & snapping, I put down my camera and starts playing with them. I just love taking pictures of the two and I couldn't get enough!

Everything Is Up In the Air

That's how our case right now, with the offer we made, we are still not sure if we could get the farm! We don't want to get our hopes high because we'll never know what's going to happen but it's still nice to start planning for our future if ever we get the land! Oh, did I mention the endless possibilities in that farm? I just get too excited once I think and start talking about it! Our real estate agent has really been helpful to us and we are hoping she was able to throw out our offer in a perspective manner. It's a tough market right now and as they say, it's just the right time to buy a house but still you'll end up selling your place too so, it's just the same case! When it comes to real estate, we always try to look for the one who understands our needs and are able to help us with what we are looking for!

Day Dreaming...

Hubby and I discussed earlier what if we get the farm that we wanted. We are trying to make an offer for the place and hopefully, the owner will go down on his price! If that's the case, we sure would be glad to have our dream place and get started with a new life! We have talked about building our own house and it could cost us a bunch since the farm itself is already way expensive but still, we want something we could live all our lives and enjoy the way how we want our house to be. When we think of how we want it to look like, our preference, we could talk forever! Tile roof, brick walls, island kitchen, bathroom with 2 head showers side by side, oh gosh we could go and on. Just like day dreaming about a luxury home! Home is where you make it to be and hopefully we can build the one that we wanted!

A Portable Scanner

Scanner has always been a useful tool for any businesses or even personal matter. I have scanned so many pictures that are all taken from the old fashion 35mmm camera and I am sure glad with it's capabilities of making your photos digital because nowadays, everyone is doing everything in the internet like sharing documents, files, photos and many more! With the help of scanner, I was able to preserve good old pictures and saves it to my hard disk and even created my wedding page with all the film photos with of course, the help of a scanner! Now, there's a new portable scanner that is ideal for laptops or notebook! Powered by a USB port for convenience! You can just hook it up and it's very lightweight so, perfect for all your travels (only 14oz/390gm weight). You can get the best out of it with a high resolution of 600 dpi. This is what on-the-go professionals really need and such a useful tool that is so light to travel with! Learn all it's specifications and features by visiting!

Scenes From 4th of July

It was one great night! America has celebrated another birthday! Glad to have the chance to celebrate it again for the 5th time and now being a citizen here makes me feel really proud!

Invited to a dinner party at a friend's house, I made a simple Filipino dish, "pinakbet" & brought some bottled wine coolers (as what hubby calls it). Enjoyed great food and chitchats. Still have much time to play around, park it is to spend our late afternoon! By the time it was almost 10pm (that's when it really gets dark), we made our way to the park to see these awesome fireworks. Only prob is, I don't have a good telephoto lens yet so, this is what my camera could only offer...(we hit the wrong spot having too much smoke)...well, it's still a great way to greet America a Happy Bday!

Thursday, July 5

Good Choice!

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Wednesday, July 4

(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, July 3

At this moment, my laundry is going, I was just done with the dishes and cleaning the counter tops and now I am trying to get some opportunities online if I get lucky! Later on, I'll be starting to fold some laundry and will try to clean up the kid's room too! It's such a mess! Well, I hope I don't get too caught up in my pc so, I can get back to chores.LoL!

Retails Jobs Are The Way To Go!

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Monday, July 2

Still Waiting...

I'm so frustrated about the petition I filed for my parents! It's been more than 30days and still has no notice. Almost everyday I check our mailbox for the letter and somehow it affects me so much since every time I drive around, if I just think about it whenever I see mailboxes! Well, it kinda cheers me up to looking at all different types of mailboxes of our neighbors around here. Makes me think what I should get for our new place! Good thing, I found this site that showcase a variety of mailboxes! At, you will find something unique or common style. High quality stuff that are built strong. Either you like rustic, retro, western or any type, for sure you will find one at their website! It's valued at a good price too! So, I have to keep this site handy when we can finally move and look for a mailbox, I have something to look into!

Wuhooo! My New Baby!!!

I've been talking about the DSLR that I truly wanted for quite sometime now and today was my dream come true! I got it! So excited to have this new baby. I know, I know there's a lot of things I need to learn to navigate this thingy but I will be patient enough, I promise! Now I can finally see the fruit of my labor and I am so happy!!! Battery is still charging right now so, I am still itching to try this very very soon (well not so soon, takes about 90mins. for a fully charged battery!) Ok then, I gotta read those complicated manuals,lol!

I Hate Termites!

I actually I haven't seen any termites yet. I've only heard how destructive they are for your homes or any wood furniture. I remember staying in a friend's house here and they were planning to sell their house the only prob is they have to call a pest control since their house was infested with termites! What a bummer! I would never want that in my home and if in case it does happen, good thing there are companies you can call for a pest control. If this happens to you, consider for termite protection and to get rid of those pest at your house.

Get Flash For Summer!

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Sunday, July 1

Dreaming of Owning a Lodge!

I just recalled a vacation we had at Seattle, WA where we went boating to get to an island. Our friend owns a log cabin in an island and the place was beautiful! The cabin looked fantastic and I was day dreaming owning a log cabin like that! Even something like that in the picture. I found it online at where you can browse thru all types of homes, lodges, condos, villas and more! They sell custom built homes for those who loves vacation or those who are retired and Ozarks residents. Branson real estate can make your dreams into reality of having a lodge along Roark Creek nestled in a forest lake area of Stonebridge Village. Have a private development preview and visit to get you started!

Newly Added Sites!

I know I don't need to add more sites having to maintain 2 blogs right now. But then I thought I needed to rearrange something. Ever since I started earning money while blogging, both my blogs are flooded with ads! All of my treasured memories I kept in my web journal is so hard to find! So, then I thought of moving all our family's adventure/trips and any other important occasions in one simple blog. I'm sorry to flood all my friendster friend's emails with my updates since I'm on the process of moving my previous journal entries to friendster blog...feel free to visit anytime here!

And since I used to have my wedding page at friendster, it's gotta move to another site! Having to get it all done in one day is such a relief! I don't need to update it like my other blogs. It's just one page and that's pretty much it! Just a good place for our Wedding Day to easily share the link to anyone who wants to see the pictures. I do have a Wedding Album I carried from the Philippines which weighs like 20lbs! and I carried it in my book bag all the way to here! So, I left my family in the Philippines with less photos and thanks to the internet, it's just one click away to see all of them all over again if they feel like checking it out...if you do too, visit anytime here!Thanks!

In Need of Change...

Whenever I eat at our dinner table, our chandelier always bothered me. I mean I like how it looks and very useful too! But it just doesn't match our dinette since we have Spanish style set and the chandelier is a gold accented one. Hubby and I planned to have a Spanish look all over the house someday but this won't be the house we are living in right now. I was actually pessimistic about moving again but when we talk about the possibilities, it gets me excited and hoping we would someday get the chandelier that would match our dining set and the whole theme of the kitchen! I can't wait! So, I always do a window shop over the internet and found a great source for awesome lighting fixtures & this is one of the beautiful chandeliers that caught my eyes!

It's Not So Often...

that my eldest shares! I mean really...she's kinda greedy when it comes to food (like as if we haven't fed her for days!) and even toys! Most people say that it's normal for her stage but I just can't get over her attitude being so greedy and I try to correct her by threatening that she won't have any playmates anymore (that didn't work!); you're not going to have a treat (still not a good trick) or even telling her what if you visit to your friend's house and she wouldn't share, what would you feel? (reverse psychology tactic) nahhhh, didn't work either! So, I was desperate and looked it up at the book and found a technique..."before the playmate comes to your house, let your kid know that the other kid might want to play with her toys and let her choose 3-5 toys that she doesn't want her playmate to play with and hide it away but here's the deal...the rest, she should let her playmate play with them"...and so I tried that, it worked! Well, sometimes it's still hard to teach her sharing when she's outside the house but I guess, at least one tactic works when someone's in our house!

I Can't Leave The House Without...

I could never leave the house without sunglasses! Even during winter time, the sun can be too bright and whenever I am driving, it just blinds me especially at noon time. Glasses is always useful and I am so thankful whoever invented this thing! Amazing how many types of glasses out there! Either you just want it fashionable or useful tool like for any type of sports you are into. It would be nice to have a Wiley X Sunglasses if you are into fast sports. It's usually designed for variety of lighting conditions which helps darken the sunlight. That's what I totally need during sunny bright days. If ever I don't wear any sun glasses, it gives me a real headache.