Sunday, September 30

I Simply Don't Know When...

Next week is said to be the closing of the farm. We are hoping it will go through this time to be able to move before winter is here. BUT we really can't say it's final until it's been signed off. Hubby has been really confident that it will pass through this time but I, on the other hand, just so numbed about it. I don't think he can bear loosing that farm since he has searched land for sale for a very long time! And now that he finally found the perfect one, how could he manage to loose it? For sure, he got his heart and mind set to it and I am just hoping for the best because it's really not easy looking for the perfect place! When people ask me, when are we really moving? I simply don't know when!

Friday, September 28

It's Tough Being A Woman!

I know it's not easy being a man too but when it comes to monthly cycle, that's when I can see that women suffer more than men do! LoL! Just having to go trough cramping, headaches, irritability, abdominal pains, bloating, fatigue (and I could go on and on with that) which by the way is monthly! I am just whining about this right now coz it is definitely ruining my day...I could just sit back and relax but then I needed to do our groceries since we got nothing else to eat here plus chores that needs to be done!!! Well, I guess complaining about it here in my blog doesn't help but I just have to let it off my, I feel better,LoL!!!

Improve Employees Productivity

When it comes to employees, hubby knows what it is to handle them since he has managed 5 before for his small business. It was such a BIG challenge for him but now that his company is changing, he doesn't need any employees and would be better off doing it alone. For those who have a business and you do have employees, you certainly can improve their productivity with the help of intranet software! EPAZZ is offering a 30-day trial of their software for FREE!!! If you try it, you'll soon find out how it can help your business simply by providing employees a 24/7 access to a full range of information even on non business hours. Also check emails, view calendar, search contacts and collaborate with other employees are some of the benefits you can get from having that software! Contact now to get started and they can help you to set it up!

I'll Take That One!

If only shopping for anything is as easy as pointing into something and saying "that one and this one" and viola!!! I have it! Just like when I searched for home furniture, accessories, fixtures and lighting, everything necessary to make the house pretty and homey! Just like that magnificent chandelier that I found appealing among all the fine art lamps I browsed!

But that's really something fancy for the house and if you just need like a functional lamp, choose from any contemporary or traditional among the House of Troy lighting collection at! It's way too impossible that you couldn't find one that you will fall in love with! I mean, seriously, they have tons of beautiful collection!

Well, daydreaming is only what I can do for now...but someday soon, I'll be living my dream IF I can afford it,LoL! It's just great to have the luxury of browsing the net for anything out there and for you who doesn't have limited funds like I do, why not go ahead and shop?!

Thursday, September 27

Last One For Tonight!

One more thing before I go, I need some good advice! I am planning a bday party for Katie and I can't seem to decide well on the menu! Well, here's the thing...I'm not a good cook, honestly! But I want to make something from scratch not from the box. I know it's tough but with some of my friends' help, I think I'll be able to manage. I have so many food on mind and I can't decide which one to give it up!

* Baked Salmon
* Ham and bread rolls
* Chicken Tacos
* Chicken Curry
*Chicken Nuggets
*Hotdogs and marshmallow on stick
* Chopseuy
*Lo Mein
*Asian Shrimp Wrap

I can't possibly serve them all so, I need your suggestion! Let me know what should I pick among all of them or what should I delete...THANKS!!!

A Blog Worth Reading!

It's not so often that I bumped into a blog that I can definitely get some good information...something that tackles important issue and not just entertainment purposes only. Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum is one useful site that is worth reading! It is where they discuss and share topics about how the criminal justice works, the process, different types of offenses, crimes and even high-profile cases. If you want to know more about criminal law or get an additional information of the proceedings in Los Angeles, California, this is the site to visit! Expand your knowledge, be updated and check out their posts!

My Head Is About To Explode!

But here I am still blogging...just this afternoon, on our way home from our trip to the Air Force Museum, I had a terrible headache and thought that I just needed to eat something. So, we stop by at Hometown Buffet and for the mean time, I was chowing down on almost everything I could take! As soon as we left the place, my headache went back again! So, I took some Ibuprofen and now it's not so bad...I think I might have to get an early sleep tonight but won't leave my blogging yet (well, maybe pretty soon!) I will post photos from our trip maybe tomorrow!

Which Is Suitable For You?

When it comes to credit cards, which do you think you would most likely get? Cards with a flat rate or the one that offers rewards? Would you find a card that would let you earn points for travel rewards or would even consider something that lets you donate to a certain organization once you apply for it or whenever you make purchases using your credit card? All of that can be easily provided by The Cooperative Bank! They offer any type of credit cards that is useful to you and which you would prefer to have. This is the only bank by far that I have found out to be the most ethical one! They support human rights, animal welfare and even our environment. You can learn all about their policies at! You wouldn't just find a credit card that will most likely be the one for you but also a bank that you can trust to save your money and apply for any loan or mortgages. Visit and find out all the available credit cards you can apply for.

Who's Happier???

Just this morning, I watched Today's Show and was interested to hear about their news. They mentioned a research study that shows men are happier than women. Do you believe this? I, somehow believe in it even though you can see from our photo here that I look happier than hubby. Most of the time, I am more stressed, unhappy and depressed! But when I am happy, I sure shows it so well! I can laugh out loud and tell funny jokes all the time. But I guess it all comes down to "me-time" not having to spend time for myself by having to deal with hubby and kids, the chores and my part time job (which is blogging) makes me all stressed out. Hubby is so lucky when he comes home, he can sit down and relax and watch the news and asks what's for dinner...I'm sure this sounds familiar to you too!LoL!

Wednesday, September 26

Great Destinations

A perfect vation, be it romantic, solo flight, family trips or backpack travels, starts with a great destination! Places that is worth going for and something that can last a lifetime! One of the many places that would make a perfect destination is Sydney, Australia. Even at Melbourne, city laneways and arcades awaits you. I have some friends who've been there before and told me stuff that they did and places they went to see! You can definitely spend many days there and the cool thing is, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars! Budgeting is the key and a good start for your budget is a great accommodation that you don't have to pay much!

Well, if we want to spend some good quality time there, better have a budget on hand and everything is planned! Some cheap hotels with great accommodation would certainly help lessen your expenses and easy to find Hotels in Sydney online! It's fast, informative and you can even book online!

How about Hotels in Melbourne and Hotels in Brisbane that are located nearby shopping centers, local restaurants and any other great place to unwind or hit at night? At, you can easily find one. When you want to save your money for more shopping or other stuff, better book in one of their hotels...

Tuesday, September 25

Does It Bring You Luck, Really???

Being a Filipino, I am used to superstitious beliefs since I grew up learning all those things. But most that doesn't make sense, I really don't pay much attention! Chatting with my mom right now, she mentioned my sister have just won a moon cake! And it is believed that it can bring luck!

Moon cake is like "hopia" from my country but its crust contains yolk from salted duck eggs. The saltiness of the yolk balances well with the sweet filling in the mooncake. Rarely, mooncakes are steamed or fried.

"Traditional mooncakes have an imprint on top consisting of the Chinese characters for "longevity" or "harmony" as well as the name of the bakery and filling in the moon cake. Imprints of a moon, a woman on the moon, flowers, vines, or a rabbit may surround the characters for additional decoration." - wikepedia

Not A Bad Idea At All!

I just thought of having a glass kitchen cabinets someday on our next house thinking that it would be a good way to add colors by putting colorful bowls or items inside and dropping by, it made me think if their aluminum cabinets are a nice way to organize your garage and it looks good with the practicality of not having to rust, why not use it as a kitchen cabinets as well? Hmmmm...maybe color red would look stunning, what do you think? Wood usually aren't resistant to molds, milder and corrosion but not aluminum! So, that would be practical if you have it in your kitchen! Just a thought!

I'm Not Good At Remembering Stuff At All!

I am way too irresponsible in trying to remember appointments, paying bills, special dates or something really important and where I last put it away. This is not good at all! I have a calendar where I put my appointments but sometimes I can still forget it! Got my cellphone as my reminder but sometimes I forgot to jot it down. tsk...tsk...tsk...don't want my kids to follow after me and it's so cool that I found at a great way even for kids (especially those who are back to school) a message mobile where you can hang it anywhere and put important notes, announcements, messages, permission slips and all the other stuff! Now, I am making sure I post it right here for my reference someday when my kids go to school (that's pretty soon!)...

4-inch lightweight wooden box (available at craft stores)
2 equal lengths of ribbon
Key ring
Wood glue
Small pad of paper and a pencil or pen

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. Paint a 4-inch lightweight wooden box and four wooden clothespins and allow them to dry.

2. For a hanger, slide the ribbons through the key ring so that they are centered, then knot them together a little below the ring. Tack the four ribbon ends inside the box, one to each side.

3. Use wood glue to secure the clothespins to the outside of the box for holding notes securely in place.

4. Place a small pad of paper and a pencil or pen inside the box and hang it in your entryway or kitchen, where everyone in the family will see it daily.

I Wanna Cha-Cha!!!

Last night was the opening season again of Dancing With The Stars and I was really thrilled to watch the show! It's going to be a fun season having one cheetah girl, spice girl and most of them that I have heard of! I just love the way this show is all about - dancing that is! Honestly, I don't have the talent but it's one of the things that I want to learn! Nowadays, anyone who doesn't have the rhythm, no background or experience, even scared of dancing...can now learn it thru dvds and videos one of them is at! You can follow simple steps even at the convenience of your home! It would be fun if you could have all of your friends come over to do it together, wouldn't it? One thing that I am willing to try is a ballroom dance since that's usually the theme in Dancing with the stars! It's just a classic steps and so glamorous that I would be proud of if I can tell people I know how to do it! LoL! But better grab a dvd at to learn some steps like cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot, swing, anything ballroom!

Monday, September 24

Katie Understands Time Out

Before my youngest could turn 2, I already showed her the consequences of her actions. I don't want to implement spanking or yelling at my kids ( I do a LOT better at no yelling anymore!) With my youngest, I put her right away in the corner if she does something bad like hit me or her sister, throw stuff at us or any bad behavior but most importantly, actions that can cause her danger! It's funny sometimes when I see her very serious at her time out and when she takes a look at me, I gave her a serious look. I only limit it for 1-2mins. since she's still young. I've read that you shouldn't overuse time out to your kids. So, I see to it that I am not using it all the time even on small stuff that I think I only need to talk to her.

Saturday, September 22

I Need Something Portable!

Ever since I started blogging, I couldn't get away from the pc! From time to time, I have to squeeze in my blogging in the middle of my chores or taking care of the kids if I can! It's just something in my system that I have to do! I am used to it and it kills me if I can't have just a peek! I'm sure most of you bloggers can relate to this. I have my own computer where I can access easily but the only problem is that it's not something I can bring anywhere! That's why I'm always drooling over pc portable from Dell! I could just imagine checking mails or blogs from the bedroom or while in the kitchen or practically anywhere!!!We always have luck on our Dell pc's and hubby has been pretty happy doing business with them that's why we like to stick with that company! If only I have the budget right now, well, I could segregate some money for a notebook but just the thought of subscribing for portable internet is what I don't want to be obligated with. When time comes I have a stable income, I'll surely won't hesitate to purchase a notebook from Dell! I just think they have the best selection, best quality and most of all best pricing!!!

Friday, September 21

I'm A Sucker For Macy's Sale!!!

I couldn't resist when Macy's have a great sale especially when the "already discounted" items have additional percentage off PLUS using your Macy's card for another 10-15% off! Now that IS a good deal! Add to my last purchases that I posted in my other blog here. I bought another dual warmer, the same design just in case I'll have a party and I'll be needing at least 2! I don't need a dinnerware not just yet since we are moving but I couldn't resist the awesome price of a 65pc porcelain! 65? I'm feeding the whole neighborhood or what?LoL!

I've been wanting a crystal glass too for just special occasion or by having some guests too! This one caught my attention and I was thinking when my ma-in-law is here, I always serve wine for her. My parents could enjoy wine with us too someday when they come over here!

A simple glass for soda, water or any refreshment is necessary too! This one's a highball but I wanted glass rocks, nothing I could find at their store, just online here. I found some online that matches with what I got but I just don't think it's a good idea to ship one. I want to see it in person, that's why!

Cars Have Looks Too!

And yes they do! I always think that what your car looks like, shows your personality as well. Well, with the choice of color itself, that gives you an idea that it depends on the what type of person you are. I've seen from 20/20 that most people who chose red cars are aggressive type who are adventurous. I always like white color in a car, I wonder what that means? Hmmmm...How about dressing up your car? For those who have cars, trucks or SUVs, I found a great site to find a billet grille for any vehicles. Nissan, Lincoln, Dodge, Ford, you name it - they have it at! Only the highest quality and easy to install and easy to maintain products!

Thursday, September 20

Do You Know The Difference???

I'm a BIG shopper alright! But I'm sure most of you are! Most of the time I look for discounted items or clearance sale. BUT do you really know what's the difference between discount, clearance and wholesale prices??? First thing first, what do you often buy? Jewelry, Clothings or for Home and Garden? Well, for me, I'd say clothings! I do buy jewelry during special occasion because hubby lets me choose like for a wedding anniversary gift or for Christmas and I always choose jewelry! I am particular with sales too and I look for discounted jewelry. Those are items that prices are reduced. Often times those sellers get a reduced price by buying items in a large bulk and they pass on that savings to "us" consumers. Clearance jewelry is normally from items that hasn't been sold for a long time or "last season" items and wholesale jewelry is typically sale of jewelry to business owners and retailers. How do I know all these? Well, from common knowledge and also I read it from!

Wednesday, September 19

(click photo to enlarge)

What's Your Ideal Mailbox???

I never really pay attention to any mailboxes of our neighbors or our house until I moved here in US! I just couldn't believe that there are tons of styles in mailboxes and some are even bold like seeing a fish or a cow! That really cracks me up if I saw one of those!hehehehe! I usually like those that are simple and elegant looking. We have one made out of wood and I don't like it at all since the pain chip off after a while and you have to repaint it! When it comes to either residential mailboxes or commercial mailboxes, I think have the best selection online! It's impossible not to find one that you like since they cover almost anything from wall mount to post to Single and Multi-Unit! Their selection is unbelievable! The best part...their prices are low! You can totally save a bunch! They also have curbside decor to add beauty to your home and make it more inviting! Now, that's what I need!LoL! Visit and you'll surely have fun browsing!

A Plentiful Of Ideas!

That's what me and my husband's mind all the time! Ever since we found the farm that we both love, we never run out of ideas. Hubby mostly is thinking about ways to earn some money from that farm while I, on the other hand, are all the things I can decorate the home and a whole lot of Home improvements! It is always good to browse the internet for any helpful tips, great ideas and knowledge of any improvements you have in mind and out of eagerness to have all that, I found out Anglian Home Improvements have some conservatory home improvements that are timeless, elegant and most of all, practical! That is something we ca to look into and probably add that to the old house built within the farm. Which by the way, we are moving into pretty soon! Good thing about Anglian, they have been renowned in UK's the most high quality home improvements for more than 60 yrs! And that surely gives you an idea of what they can provide you! All I can say, they have great selection with added details and photos and you can definitely make it as your source for any home improvents!


You can here my (almost) 2 yr old daughter singing that constantly and when I say "Swiper no Swiping..." rest assured she'll respond, "Oh Men!" LoL! That's how much she loves Dora the Explorer! She go crazy if she sees a picture of her either on clothings, television or'll hear her scream Dooora Mommy...Dooora!!! And it's really funny when she plays with the telephone pretending to talk to Dora..."Hi Dora!" she repeatedly says...LoL! Kids these days have their own favorite cartoon characters! Since it's getting close to her birthday, I'm thinking of throwing out a Dora party for her...I remember my eldest had the same thing and I regret not putting away all those party stuff themed Dora...tsk...tsk...tsk! I am now working on planning for her party and been doing my research online how to throw a dora party! If you happen to have some ideas, pls. don't hesitate to share! I'd love to get more tips & ideas!!!

Monday, September 17

Revitalize Your Skin!

Who doesn't like to revitalize their skin? All of us, for sure, wants to have a healthy looking skin! And usually we gain this if we have a healthy diet! I know, most of you know that it involves lots of fruits and vegetables to achieve it!BUT did you know anything about the fruit Gac??? I didn't even hear anything about it until I read it at! The fruit is as large as a cantaloupe and it is all over Asia! I'm from Asia but I'm not sure I've heard about this fruit before. Well, if you are wondering what's up with this happens to be very beneficial for our skin since it has beta-carotene, lycopene and other potent antioxidants which helps revitalize our skin! R.G. Skin Revitalizer will definitely help you achieve a healthy - glowing skin if you have it as part of your skin regimen. For only $44.99, you can order it at Pollution, sun and aging...they all contribute to an awful looking skin! With R.G. Skin Revitalizer, your body will have defense against free radicals! If you want to know more about it's content, benefits and how to order it, visit the site now and this could be the breakthrough you've been longing for!

Which One Do You Like Best???

Some of you might have noticed an increase of photos of my flickr acct! Ever since I got my Canon Rebel Xti, I keep on taking more and more photos and tried to be more artistic on taking them...It's obvious, I'm trying to learn photography! And I am flattered when some of my friends compliment my take, of course! Who wouldn't? Plus the fact that my friend Lorena and her family really liked my work, they asked me to do it one more time! Gosh! I really don't think I am that good yet but I'm sure glad that others think I am good enough!

Here's some I took last Saturday...and would be nice if I can get some honest feedback to improve, of course!

I also tried "all of them" standing...

It is tough to get a group picture especially when there are kids involve and I am just glad no one closed their eyes or a kid took off running,LoL! I will definitely need more research about taking good- group photos!!!

Online Disconnection

A recent study from iCrossing has shown that there is an online disconnection between voters and candidates! I truly believe this is happening! While most of all the candidates have their own website, voters could not find any specific political issues of what they want to know or learn about the candidate. This is not a good thing since we rely so much on what they plan and opt to do! More and more people are doing search engines to conduct their research and candidates must supply the voters of what they really need to know. With iCrossing's conclusion, all candidates need to do a better job to reach out voters and I agree to this, 100% since I am not a citizen and have the right to vote and will practice that rights!

Friday, September 14


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  1. 2 things you always bring in your bag (aside from wallet)

- diapers and wipes

  1. 2 tv shows/telenovelas you love to watch

- Smallville and Desperate Housewives

  1. 2 softdrinks you enjoyed drinking

- Sprite and Coke

  1. 2 magazines/books you love reading

- Fashion and Health Mags

  1. 2 places/countries you love visiting or would love to visit

- UK and Hawaii

  1. 2 hobbies you enjoyed

- Blogging and Digital Scrapping

  1. 2 actors you would love to have a date

- Josh Hartnett and Eric Bana

  1. 2 websites you never failed to open everyday aside from email and your own blogs/site)

- PayPerPost and Friendster

  1. 2 fondest childhood memories

- playing "bahay-bahayan" (pretending to have a house and a family) and I was the wife and the hubby was supposed to kiss me . I thought he wouldn't but he really did kiss me! I was like 5, I think!

- when me and my sis fall asleep waiting for Christmas eve and my childhood friends woke us up when the clock hits 12 and we were so excited to open the present

  1. 2 scary incident/accident/instance that you will never forget

- David's 1st visit in the Phils. and we rode a "tricycle" (like a bike with passenger cart attached) and we hit another vehicle right infront of us so, we were all thrown away from the "trycicle" but luckily, no one was badly hurt!

- I was 8mos pregnant, it was one rainy afternoon and I was driving while my eldest kept calling me to look at her drawings and I took a glance at the mirror and when I looked in front, I saw the car ahead stopping and I tried to stop the van but it was slippery so, I bumped into her car but we were both fine. No damage or anything. Thank God!


Yesterday, I went out with my friend at the mall and I almost bought a watch! I have about 3 watches here at home that doesn't work anymore and I am just too lazy to find their batteries and buy it! It's so much easier to just go ahead and buy a new one! That one in the picture is the kind that I am looking for. At the mall, I saw almost similar to that and was hoping I could buy it with 15% off using a credit card but I wasn't able to get a credit card yet since I have no credit history. Gotta build up my history 1st! I think if I have one, it's probably not a good thing since I'd end up buying stuff at the mall like clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry! LoL! Well, I gotta learn some responsibility and I'll start with handling a credit card first,hehehehe! Gotta have that watch! Maybe soon! And in case you might be wondering where I found that, it's from Reeds Jewelers!

Wednesday, September 12

WIN $150 Worth of Prizes!!!

Another awesome contest is at Birthday Parties and Themes going on right now! You could win these great prizes:

* A fabulous make your own stuffed animal kit from valued at $20.00

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Getting excited???!!! Here's the real is so easy to join! All you need is to fill up the form here and leave a comment then spread the word on your blog! That's it! So, what are you waiting for???JOIN NOW!!!



Salted Eggs

Rellenong Bangus/Pansit Canton/Salted Eggs

Yap, all these food spells yummy! For Pinoys, nothing beats halo-halo for refreshment during summertime. I actually made it myself! The very 1st time...since all I do in the Philippines is order it and eat it,LoL! Here the only place you can get the ingredients is at any Asian or Filipino store then you gotta have an ice shaver, top it off with ice cream and milk, you're good to go!!! Fish heads and tails is not normally seen in the table here but it's a typical Filipino dish! That one is not just ordinary fish since it's flavored and stuffed called "Rellenong bangus" (stuffed milkfish) and salted eggs with tomatoes is the perfect combo for any fish meal!!!

Tuesday, September 11

So Many Defective Products

Hearing it in the news about the lead paint in some of the kid's toys or even like a legal suit case filed by someone who had a bad effect from a medicine, it makes you think are we safe as a consumer? Not so but if something terrible happens to you that is caused by some defective products, there's product liability attorney that can help you file a claim against the supplier or manufacturer of the product. If the product causes serious injury or wrongful deaths, you can fight against even big corporations and let them help you out! Just something to think about if you have been damaged physically, emotionally and financially!

Another Visit To Dearest Old Man's Cave!

Never gets tired of that place, for sure! And having a company over made us think of that place again! It's the 1st thing on our mind when we planned where we are going to take our guests. Good thing they both love nature and hiking as well. I was so glad that I could leave the kids to my friend's place since it would be nicer to walk them around the place without any interruptions, hehehehe! Well, it's been almost 6yrs since I last saw my friend so we had a lot of catching up to do too! Here are some of the pics I took at the cave...

For more photos...pls. click here! Thanks for viewing!

Having A Guest

It sure is fun to have a guest around the house! Having some company over gives me motivation to clean our place,LoL! Aside from that, of course, the fun of chitchatting, eating and just hanging out! I was kinda hesitant to accept guests since I don't have much here at home. If only this is our final place, I would have made a lot of improvements around here. Probably I'll start with a nice guest bedroom to have a nice place to sleep over, some colors on the walls to brighten up the rooms and improve our home lighting since the lights here sucks! I mean, I have to add some table lamps around corners because there's nothing installed on some rooms but for sure in the next house, I'll make sure it has some good lighting all over the house! Well, I'm sure you are thinking, as long as it's cozy and comfy, it doesn't really matter! But that's what I am aiming for, something comfy cozy home!hehehehe!

Have You Made Your Money Yet?

If not for my blogger friend, Cherry Rose, I wouldn't have the chance to make money online! Some have been wondering how in the world did we do that? Simple! Just have a blog and start Blog Advertising then you can rake those cash! Many sites have offered money for blogging but one of my favorites is Payu2blog! They never run out of assigned tasks and even if it's only $5 per post, it's worth posting since you are allowed to make your own post, in other words - freeform advertising! How nice it is to compose it the way the blogger liked it to be able to include it as one of your blog composition! So, what are you waiting for? Start making money online and try Payu2blog now!

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I finally have a chance to do my homework! Blogging, tagging and posting ads! I've missed out a bunch since I have so many things going on here. Even one day without blogging is not a good thing but it happens!hehehehe! Anyways, here's one tag that I owe Darlene since last week! Thanks Darl for the tag!

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You Are A Little Snobby

And being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.

Because if no one was ever snobby, no one would ever try to dress up or look pretty.

And while you do enjoy the finest things in life (that you can afford), you tire of superficiality.

You know there's more to life than what's just on the surface.

Are You a Snobby Girl?

Thursday, September 6

Wasted Time

I went out this afternoon as soon as hubby got home to do some shopping! BUT I didn't buy anything at all. Well, the main reason was my debit card, it is just not working right and I have to call the bank tomorrow! On the other hand, I enjoyed my free time not having any kids with me so, I looked and tried on as many clothings as I want! Gosh! I just never get tired of buying new clothes and hubby has told me once I should just get into a business of selling clothes, shoes or purses,hehehehe! Well, it's not a bad idea and there's a site that sells wholesale clothing that seems to have a good deal...and that is! As what the site tells you, they have clothings for all (women,men and children)! Gotta check this out!

Party All Month!

Almost every week, there's a party! Well, for me, it's real fun! It's a time to get together with friends,sing along and just have fun!!! I love chitchatting, enjoying the company and having some great food and drinks! Hubby is the opposite, he'd rather stay at home and do some work or something productive! I might have some obvious gain weight after eating yummy and fatty food,hehehe! But it's okay...I think I need a little gain weight but not much!

Been Longing For...

I've been long for a very nice computer desk! Since I spend most of my time facing the computer and I honestly could not stand my old desk here from hubby! I've been planning to buy one but the thought of us moving, it's just not the right time yet! Well, for now, I could just keep staring and daydreaming at some of Furniture Home Office that is available at! I couldn't keep my eyes of it since I like nice furniture and I mostly prefer simple yet elegant look! I could definitely find that look at one of their Living Room Furniture, with all great leather selection! Quite honestly, what we need most is a bedroom furniture before anything else since I can't stand our water bed anymore!Hubby promised to get one as soon as we are moving in to our new place!!! Well, I'm sure glad I found to have endless browsing and planning and who knows, I might end up getting one very soon!

Her New Found Friend

That is my youngest,Katie with her new friend, Eli! They met a couple of months ago and the well, of course, the very 1st time...both were too shy to approach and play but after a couple of times seeing each other...I noticed Eli starts to interact with Katie. Although my Katie is still hesitant, Eli is very persistent! LoL! It pays off coz now look at them...they seem to be comfy around each other right?!hehehehe! It's just soo cute to see Katie with someone same age as hers coz most of my friends' kids are way older than her!

Struggling With Your Weight?

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Monday, September 3

Easy Corn Muffins

That's right, it's as easy as 1-2-3 to make a corn bread! Hubby loves corn bread and he usually prefers muffin-made. So, I just use muffin pans when I bake it! He've been telling me to make some for the last couple of weeks and so his wish was granted when I was in the mood for baking! I can't believe I didn't read the recipe right! I made 2 batches yesterday and so I double the eggs but then I didn't realize it should just be egg whites! So, lesson learned - read it properly! LoL! When you try this recipe, you'll find out how quick and simple it is!


1-1/4 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup Corn Meal
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)
1 cup skim milk
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 egg whites or 1 egg.beaten

Heat over to 400degrees Farenheit. Grease 8 or 9 ince pan. Combine dry ingredients. Stir in milk, oil and egg, mixing just until dry ingredients are moistened. Pour batter into pan. Bake 20-25mins or until light golden brown.

Serves: 9
Source: Quaker Yellow Corn Meal Recipe


Having my mom-in-law here yesterday, made me think of what I can give her for her upcoming birthday! She got lost on her way here and there was no way for us to contact her and vice verse. I thought of giving her a cellphone to be able to call us in times of emergency and just like what happened to her! Hubby and I were both worried since it was already almost 11pm and she was still not here! Well, actually it can be a good Christmas present too but her bday is coming up so why not give it early and I have another christmas gift ideas in my mind! A canvas of maybe her grandkids would fit perfectly in her wall! I see a bunch of pictures of the kids at her place in frames and why not make it a canvas?! She'll surely love it! You should check out what can do to your pictures and you'll definitely love it!

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The very 1st day I signed up like what I talked about in this post,I was totally thrilled how easy it is and did it for free! After I signed up, I can just go to "my locker" upload media from my computer or even from youtube. Just like this one:

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