Tuesday, October 30

My Blogspot's 1st Award!

Thanks to Recel for giving me this award! Who would've thought this blog would get an award? hehehe! Well, mostly my bravejournal always gets the attention and this poor blog of mine has not been recognized a lot,LoL! No wonder my PR went downhill! From 3 to 2...huhuhuhu! Well, there's nothing much I can do about that but to hope and pray it will rise again and I know I should do the effort to keep the ranking on this blog. I try to but I always focus on my bravejournal. Lesson learned, I'll pay more attention here from now on! hehehehe! Ok, I lost track there...I am now giving this award to Darlene, Cherry Rose, Liza, Rissa, Shabem, Juz, Arlene, Emzkie, Yen and JennyL!

New Website Launched!

Magic Loan has now it's own new website! You can now add it to your list among all the sites that offer Secured Loans online! Their site is quite impressive having an online calculator to find out your quote in your loan amount and repayment period. That's a plus right there having that loan calculator handy! You are easily directed to certain loans that you might need such as Home Loans, Consolidation Loans and Secured Loans. Each tabs provide easy access to all that! Applying is as easy as 4 simple steps - Your Loan, Details, Property and Mortgage. That online application form is really a great thing for all consumers out there. On another great note, you can ask any question at their "Ask Magic" portion where you can get answers quickly. Overall, it's easy to use and navigate and a well organized site! See it for yourself now at!

Why Oh Why?!

This is the question I am now asking myself after being tagged by Vicky! It'st a Q & A tag where you will answer the question from the person who tagged you and you will then create your own question for people to tag! So, here's Vicky's question:

Why do kids pick their noses and eat their boogers?

This really made me laugh! BUT to answer the question, I think it's out of curiosity! Kids at certain ages explore and learn by using their senses, be it touch, smell or taste. Most babies use their mouth to learn what it is that's why they put everything in their mouth and that's probably the reason why they eat their boogers! LoL! Well, I remember my eldest did it once or twice and same thing with my youngest. I guess all kids do!

Now, here's my question for Jonrece, Kitty, Merydith, Nita, Racel, Emma, Lovely Ruth and Michelle!

Should the troops in Iraq stay or leave now? And why?

Visit Germany!

One of the many countries that hubby has told me he would love to visit someday is Germany! When I found out a close friend of mine is now currently residing at that country, it gives me the excitement that pretty soon we can visit that place and have someone I know to tour us around. Above all, I could meet her once again after so many years! I like the idea of stepping into a new place and actually experiencing their lifestyle out there!

If you happen to think of Germany as a place to visit someday, consider going to Berlin! A well-known city in Germany where you could just enjoy taking pictures at The Brandenburg Gate where its the most photographed landmark! Learn more about the history of the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie with a privately owned museum showing details of the Berlin Wall. There's so many other tourist spots in that city and why not stay at one of the Hotels in Berlin at a fraction of price! You can save more in your hotel stays and that means, you have more money to spend on any tours or why not spend it on a fine dining perhaps?! It's not always easy to find deals of any Hotels in Berlin, so look out for the cheapest at!

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Just Like Daddy!

More and more David is what I can see on my eldest, Jessica! Her characteristics, her passion, what keeps her interested and even the way she sees life...I can tell, she've been hanging out with her dad a lot! Well, technically, she is with me more than her dad but when she's with her dad, it's more like learning and playing! No wonder why she likes hanging out with him! I admires David's patience in teaching her and almost everything, he explains to her! She enjoys a nature walk, animals, plants, seeds, rocks and almost anything that is nature! She's going to do well in the farm, that's for sure!

Bad Credit? No Worries!

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Have You Tried This Before???

Last Friday, I had a lunch date with my friend Elise and well, of course, where's the better place to go on Fridays than TGI Friday's? LoL! I like their affordable meals especially the 3 course meal for only $12.99 and there's also a $16.99 choices as well! It comes with a starter, main course and dessert! So, for appetizer, I tried out their Fried Macaroni and Cheese for something new! I thought of how they could make macaroni and cheese better and they couldn't do it best! It was really something! I love the crunchiness and cheesiness of it! You should try it and tell me what you think!

Monday, October 29

Money Magic!

That's the name that you can lean on when you need a suitable mortgage in your situation right now! At, you can find the right mortgage for you and your family for free! You get a free quote with no obligation and credit check. Either you are a first time buyer or someone who has a bad credit mortgage, they can help you out! First thing they do is to search the whole mortgage market so you don't have to. They are simply a Mortgage Broker and not a salesman so, rest assured they can help you find the deal that is just right for you! At their site, you can even learn all types of mortgages and get an inner depth of how's the mortgage market right now with the latest news provided at their site! It's so easy to inquire, just fill out the form online and an advisor will call you then you'll get the quote! Try it now at!

Can Your Figure Out What This Is???

From our day out yesterday, we stopped by at a small lake we drove thru along the road and just explored a li'l bit of the area until hubby found that weird thing in the water. We couldn't figure out what it was! It was something like a jell-o but hard and when you squeeze it, it's like some water coming out. You can see thru it and it sure made us wonder what it really was! Maybe you know...let us know!LoL!

Sunday, October 28

Three Things Tag

Tagging: Emzkie, Janine, JennyL, Racel, Vicky, Lovely Ruth, Darlene and In-In

1. Jenny
2. Jen
3. Gennie (that's how they pronounced it in the Phils.)LoL!

1. May 13 - my bday (thankful to God for that!)
2. July 18 - wedding day
3. Dec. 27 (first time I gave birth!)

1. gave Katie some yogurt
2. did the tag from Emma
3. done all the past due tasks from PayU2Blog

1. look at my kids and hearing them laughing!
2. indulging myself once in a while
3. following your passion in life!

1. desserts (any I mean ANY!)hehehe
2. Filipino dishes (those ulam that are hard to cook)
3. Mcdo Fries

1. My family back home
2. barkada in the Philippines
3. my grandparents

1. swarovski or Tiffany & Co bracelet
2. kitchen aid mixer
3. dyson slim vacuum cleaner

1. blogging
2. photography
3. digiscrapping

1. Philippines
2. I've thought of Japan too!
3. Europe

1. about 10 miles from here
2. about 8 miles from here
3. about 15miles from here,hehehe

1. McDo
2. Wendys
3. KFC

THREE fave sports:
1. none
2. none
3. what can I say...I'm not a sports fan neither an athlete!

1. Mango Juice
2. IcedTea
3. Coffee

1. estee lauder
2. VS
3. Calgon

1. blue
2. red
3. black

1. Christmas
2. New Year's Eve
3. arrival of my parents here

1. Comment notification from bravejournal.
2. Traffic Site Report
3. Approved Posts

1. Bloghop
2. Give the kids a bath and myself too!
3. Family Day out!

Saturday, October 27

Training Courses

There is a website known to provide plumbing courses in your area that will analyze your information and will lead you to a plumbing training company in your area. In this manner, it would give you the convenience in searching for one plus it's quick and simple! They have a good understanding of what certain training you need for plumbing and where it's at! If you are interested to try it visit and now they are expanding and adding Sales Training ! For anyone who are aiming to have their own business, this is a site you must visit and keep your eyes open in launching this new offer they have! How did they think about this is because most of the plumbers have asked about sales and how they could make their business better. That gives them the idea to add sales training for you out there to find what you are looking for!


Well, having girls....I can't stay away from pink! Since day 1 they were born, they wore pink,lol! And growing up, that's the easiest and most common color on girls clothings so then my eldest loves that color and when she chooses her outfit, she always grab a pink! hehehehe! Well, who you can blame? Society that distinguishes pink as a girl? or mommy who keeps buying pink clothes? LoL! Either way...PINK is still CUTE!!!

Friday, October 26

Never Been Used!

Most people who come into our house for the very 1st time, the 1st thing they notice is the bar sink in our great room! They always wonder what it is for, that certain area and I always have to explain that it's a bar sink! It kinda look like that one in the pic with a wine rock on top and it comes with a drain strainer too! Quite honestly, we have never used that sink before. Well, we don't really invite guests for drinks, just dinner.hehehe! BUT if you want something like that, you better check out! They have great selection at a reasonable price. They guarantee a great shopping experience, quick delivery and an expert sales assistant is there to help you out! Take a look at their bar sinks now!

Story Time!

Yesterday afternoon, I brought the kids at the library for story time! It's a great fun activity for kids at all ages. You should bring your kids at the library, find out if you have one and the schedule. They'll surely have fun like my kids! They have story telling, dancing and singing! At the end of it all, kids lined up for arts and crafts given away and stamps! They love getting stamps in their hands! So, go check out your local lib now!

Thursday, October 25

I'm Sick And Tired!

I am totally fed up of all my husband's stuff in our garage and basement! Add to that are the kids' toys and clothings!!! It's like a disaster out in our garage and it seems impossible to find anything! I know what we truly need would be some storage solutions to organize everything and be able to find something immediately! I'll try to convince hubby to check out since they have every storage you'll ever need to keep your place uncluttered! It doesn't even have to be so industrial since they have something colorful and stylish cabinets that would surely look great at your garage or even at your craft room, toy room or any room that needs storage! You gotta check out that site too just in case you need some place to put your gardening tools, carpentry tools or any tools even toys and crafts, whatever it is...keep it stored!

Wednesday, October 24

Bag Tag!

I've been tagged by someone with this and I totally forgot who! I just couldn't keep up on tracing who tagged me. So sorry whoever you are. I tried to find it but all I see are diff. tags from my fellow bloggers. Anyways, this is a fun tag for women...go dig into your purse and show it off... what's in your purse!

I don't carry much like I used to. Only 2-3 diapers and wipes, lipstick and pressed powder (on-the-go make up kit!), my wallet, keys and receipts. Now, I'm tagging Jen, Dauph, Vicky, Darlene, In-In, Emzkie, Michelle, Annie, Haze, Nice and Joy!

Manly Man Stuff!

It's always hubby's tradition to go to a Swapping Day around here once a year and Flea Market in our county almost every Sunday! I don't like to tag along since it's so rare that I find something I like! Not like at the mall where almost everything I see, I wanna buy! LoL! He usually look for tools that he can use! Well, what can I do? He's a manly man who loves to work on stuff! He said someday if he needs something when fixing a thing, he got it! I think is a great store for him! He can find almost any Mechanical or Electrical Tools that he needs! They have cordless tools designed for the service and production industries just like this Ingersoll Rand air tools that has the engineering that is made to perform well!

Shopping Cart Software

Experience a whole new way of shopping cart for your business! You can create your online store with a great shopping cart software that will definitely give an ease of use to any customers you have! There's no need to install anything and it's totally web-based. No matter what size of business you have, BIG or small, Ashop Commerce is there to offer you a fully featured software that is the future of electronic commerce! It is totally innovative and more flexible! Once you get started, you will then realize how easy it is to customize and design it in your own way. It includes with emails, updates, web promotion tools, 24 hr tech support - all FREE!!! Monthly plans are so affordable and it will be all worth it once you get your online store up and going! You should get the software to the only leading US provider for hosted shopping cart software and that is at!

Jessica's Having A Fun Day!

Last Sunday, hubby hurriedly run out the door with Jessica to go to the farm we are so hoping to get this year! He usually visits there once in a while and take a good walk! The owner of the farm seems to really like him and doesn't really mind his visits there. He just felt so bad that there are still issues where we couldn't get the farm right away coz he wanted us to get it as soon as possible! Well, there's nothing we can do about it, it's in the hands of the Lord! Anyways, me and Katie have to stay here since we got company and so, I just saw a couple of pics from their walk...Hubby said they both had a great time and I'm glad they did!

Do You Have A Healthy Diet?

I can honestly say, I don't have a healthy diet! Even if my husband is particular on what food we bring into the house, I still can't avoid unhealthy food whenever I am outside. I lean towards fast food while driving just so I don't have to take my kids out in the van and just get going while eating! I also love to eat out at greasy restaurants whenever I'm with friends! This is typical to anyone and sometimes we don't usually get enough nutrition in our body because of the hectic schedule or just plain lazy to serve healthy meals since there are a lot of microwavable meals or "to go" fast food! That is when you can add nutritional supplements into your diet and you can find it online with an affordable price at! Not only they have those top brand supplements but also weight loss products and other supplements that athletes need!

Emergency Cash

Back when I was in the Philippines and was already married to David, he set me up with some emergency cash that I can make use in case I get sick or something. It was really hard for him to not be there beside me since we have to wait for my visa and his only way to take care of me is making sure I am covered no matter what my needs are! It is good to always have money set aside for emergency but not everybody has that discipline or control. Some may have put away some cash but then if there's something emergency that involves a lot of money, that's when you need to find other alternatives. Consider cash advance or Payday loans rather than borrowing money from friends or relatives. If you don't want to bother anyone with your problems, that is another way to produce some cash. You can apply easily online at and they assure you a secured and fast process without even leaving your house! They can transfer the money overnight into your bank account if you get approved! Visit the site now for more info!

You Gotta Have One!

Where I am from, you gotta have a "lechon" (roasted pig) if you are having a grand party! Be it fiesta, bday, wedding, Christening or any parties! It's not always the case for every party since it's kinda pricey but people will call your party extravagant or grand once you have that! My parents doesn't have much but they so wanted to have a bday party esp. my mom who turned 50 last oct. 21st! So, I granted her wish and sent her some cash to throw herself a party,LoL! I told her to get a "lechon" and a cake that says from us,hehehehe! Pinoy party talaga!

Goldilocks Cake

Roasted Pig

Tuesday, October 23

Keep Those Legs Warm

It's getting into cold season once again and it's a bit chilly outside especially in the morning and late afternoon. If your kids love sports and you want them to keep moving outdoors but the weather is not warm enough, they can always wear sweaters or jackets and sweatpants! Moms out there who' are looking for a wholesale price of online clothing store, consider to find the best fit and affordable clothings like that Nylon Sweat Pants for only $19.18! Find some vests in great colors or Hooded Sweatshirts to keep your kids warm outdoors. Not only they sell children's clothing, as well as for Women and Men at any type of sports - that's why they call it Clothings For All!

Interrupted Chitchat!

I am a BIG talker when it comes to phone! I just enjoy chitchatting with my close friends knowing that they are comfortable to share anything, I am the same way too! I can stay forever if that person is someone who truly knows me! BUT if it's someone I don't know well, I limit the phone conversation too! I'm sure the same way for others. Just earlier, I had a phone call from a friend and we so enjoyed our talk until she got cut off! What happened? She explained later that her phone died and have mentioned it has been charged all night! Something must have been wrong with her phone and for sure she might need to change their cordless phone battery! is a good internet source for any type of batteries and I'd make sure she'd go check it out before our call is interrupted again,LoL!

Libras On The Loose!

I just noticed a burst of bday parties this month! Back in the Philippines, it's only my mom and dad that I know of celebrating Octber-bday and oh yah a close neighbor too! When I got pregnant with my 2nd child, I didn't expect her to be born on the same month! So, she was an additional bday girl for this month. 1st week of this month, my brother became a father! So, the baby was another Libra! And I have two friends here whose bday falls on the same's for all the Octberians- Happy Happy Bday!

Katie at Two!

Welcome Baby Pauleene!

BIG 50 Ma & Papa at 56!

My friend, Ate Stella!

Kuya Luis'

Vivid Seats

Have you watched a sports in person or theater or even live music? Now, did you ever find your seat perfect? Or way somewhere else where you couldn't really have a vivid view of the game or the band or the actors? That is really something huh? When I went with my hubby at a live theater, I was so thrilled to experience it for the very 1st time and was so lucky to get a good seat! BUT what if you aren't always lucky? Well, now you really can have the freedom to choose your seats! Why not? You are paying for it so, it should be your great privilege! At, they offer tickets that you can purchase and you get to choose your seats! Buy your Eagles tickets or Opera Tickets at their site and you'll surely be satisfied! Find any tickets there now!

There's Always Something!

That's right! There's always something that I'd like to change...especially around the house! It's not really practical to do so right now since we might still have a chance to get the new place. For now, all I could do is have that vision in my head and execute it as soon as we move and renovate that new place! For sure, I would focus mainly on what furniture and appliances I would like to put inside. Hubby's job is mainly on the structure of the house inside and out,hardware stuff too like what type of tiles, floor, walls, cabinets, light fixtures and all that! Well, of course, I'll contribute some of my input about it and I can't wait for these things to happen! Aside from the fact that it would keep my mind occupied, I also like the idea of getting my dream house and making it into what I really like!

Kids Feeding The Ducks!

Whenever we are at my friend's place who is like 5mins. away from here, my eldest always wants to feed the ducks nearby their place! It's something kids really would enjoy and even for me, I like seeing the ducks gather around for some food I spare them,LoL! My Katie has now an understanding of what we are doing and was so eager to do so... I was just holding on to her making sure she won't slip and dive into the water!

Another Christmas Gift Ideas!

It could be brain wrecking to find any great Christmas gifts that the recipient would surely love! You have to know the person really well to get an idea but even that wouldn't be enough because sometimes, they might have that thing already or it might just end up in the closet collecting dust! Well, I just thought of cool toys that even adults can truly enjoy and relive their childhood in it! Everyone of us has inner kid within so, we should always let that out often to enjoy life! I know some of my friends who loves playing remote control toys even as an adult! Just like having a helicopters or planes that you can surely control and let it fly in the air! At they have great selection of RC airplanes that you can choose from and just add it into your cart then checkout! As easy like that, you can instantly buy someone who loves remote control planes and this should be a good hint for a dear friend of mine whose husband has always been an avid collector of planes that are remote control!

You Gotta Go There!

One of the many things I enjoy in life is traveling! If only money is not always involved, I would travel around the world! I have been taking any opportunities here whenever hubby travels for work to those places I haven't been to, I travel with him (if it's logical!). Of course, we always have a family vacation every year celebrating our anniversary!

There are so many beautiful places to visit! Countries like in Asia, Europe and have you ever considered Spain? Actually, Philippines has been colonized by Spaniards for a very long time and it would be cool to visit their land! The 2 major cities that you gotta see are Madrid and Barcelona! A must-see at Barcelona is the Plaza Mayor which is in the center of Madrid. The beautiful square arcade has a great history into it and it would be perfect place for a day walk! While you are there, stay at one of the most affordable Hotels in Madrid! is the site where you can easily find the best hotels around there which you don't have to pay too much price!

Another must-see places in Spain is definitely The Barcelona Olympic Stadium! Since I was a little kid, I've been watching The Olympics in television and has always been amazed of the places where it was held just like at Barcelona! It's such an amazing place to visit not only because of the stadium but all the other great museums, fountains and all the other tourist spots! Consider Hotels in Barcelona that offer high quality amenities and accommodations at an affordable rate with! It is always wise to visit beautiful places but spending within reasonable budget to truly enjoy your vacation and not have to worry later on for all the credit card bills,LoL! Keep in mind the site for any affordable Hoteles en Barcelona!!!

Monday, October 22

My Own Recipe

I just came up with a recipe this morning trying to think what to serve for breakfast. Actually, I've seen my mom cooked it before but I altered it a little bit! It's an eggplant omelet, we call it "tortang talong" in my country! Usually it's just egg and eggplant fried together but I added more into it. Here's how:


1 big Eggplant
3 eggs
1 onion, diced
1 tomato, cubed
Parmesan cheese


Boil eggplant until done. When cooked, cut it in half and run through a fork in that inner part of the eggplant. Set Aside. Beat eggs add onion and tomatoes. Season it with salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture in the eggplant and fry everything in the pan until done. Top it with Parmesan cheese.

I Wish I Could Go Back!

Gosh, it's just a couple of days from now that we are having our small family trip but I haven't decided yet where to go to! If only we have more time, I would choose New Orleans even if I have been there before! Why so? It was just a great experience for me there and I like it a lot there! You could stroll around and just that walk is a lot of fun already seeing nice places and so different from here. We just didn't have enough time that's why I would be interested to go back there. If I have that chance, I would consider some of the New Orleans Tours I found online! Trusted Tours and Attractions is one place online where you could easily find some great tours that you can take from any of the beautiful places like NY, Boston, Chicago, Charleston and more!!! Just by clicking New Orleans, it gave me a whole lot of choices where I could spend a worthwhile tour and I probably consider something like the New Orleans Sight Seeing Tour to have a full day of learning a the history and legend of the place and seeing beautiful places and end it with a Dinner and Jazz Cruise to enjoy some great food and music - you can't beat that! You can easily plan your day, week or month in any of the cities you would love to visit once you go to! Makes your planning so easy and quick! Check it out NOW!!!

Friday, October 19

Look What I Got!

I've never seen so many gifts in my entire life until I have kids of my own! Back when I was young, I remember getting gifts from my Godparents but it was just a couple. Here, I noticed that whenever you celebrate your bday, each guests always bring gifts and my kids are blessed with so many! Good thing this time, it's mostly clothes that Katie got for her bday a week ago! She even has a total of $50 GAP Gift Card. I can definitely buy her a Christmas outfit with that! Here's some of the gifts ...

Yay! Lots of Shopping To Do!

Everybody knows we got a lot of shopping to do before Christmas! Trying to buy gifts for family, friends and relatives - they all add up! By the time you calculate all your expenses, you'll be amazed! LoL! So now, if you don't have enough cash, get your credit card ready and if you are planning to apply for one, is the site to consider in searching for the best credit card that suits you! They are the source for all Credit Cards with all its charge details, benefits, features, rewards and everything else you need to know! No matter what your credit card type, you'll surely find the right one for you! It is indeed a great site to help you out in your decision on finding the credit card that works for you!

She Knows How To Work It!

Both my daughters love their photos taken! They smile for the camera, ask for a picture and would even want to see it played again after I snapped the camera! Yep! They got used to it for sure! Some kids are really tired of posing for the camera and not interested at all! Lucky me, it's not an effort to take a picture of them and boy do I love it as they do too! Grandma and Grandpa back home always adore new photos of my kids and so, I keep that camera snapping if I get a chance!

I Hate Wires!!!

Before I had the party here at the house, I cleaned up every room and when I got to this area where I have my pc, I took forever to organize all the wires that are bundled like crazy here! I just totally hate wires! I could go wireless on everything like the wireless keyboard and mouse but I am just afraid my kids would grab it and play with it! Anyways, I wanted to go all the way in my cleaning and clean up hubby's office too but I just stopped right there! It is just too much! Well, aside from all the papers scattered everywhere, there are wires all over especially on our internet connection! We have this router that has tons of wires connecting from all over! Grrrrr!!! I didn't know there's a wireless router out there! That could've been much better! Even better, you can save 20bucks at for a wireless router! Hmmm..gotta tell hubby about this!

Where Should We Go???

As I have mentioned it on my other blog, we couldn't decide the destination for our small family trip 2 weeks from now! It's tough having the cold climate that excludes us to do something fun outdoors! Hubby is not up for a flight or a long drive too! Maybe not more than 8 hrs. , he can handle. Looking at some websites, I am considering some places and just today, I checked out Branson! Although it would take us about 10hrs drive but still it's something that is nice to visit and not that far from here. I am attracted to the Titanic Museum they have there which I so want to see! Some cool fountain shows, that...I like! Shops, theme parks and more!!! Now, I have to show this to hubby!!!

Thursday, October 18

The Tagging Never Ends!

...and I'm lovin' it! It's really a cool and fun thing to blog!

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!


1. Cherry Rose
2. Haze
3. Emma
4. Wendy
5. Jonrece
6. Julai
7. Janine

7 Random Things About Me:

1. Blogger
2. Friendly
3. Plays Mahjong
4. Hates Math
5. Loves Baking
6. Talkative/Chatter
7. Easily Bored

  • A - Age: 27
  • B - Band Listening To Right Now: nothing
  • C - Career: blogger mom
  • D - Drink or Smoke: I drink occasionally
  • E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: friends here and in the Phils.
  • G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: none
  • H - Have a Boyfriend: married
  • I - In love: of course!
  • J - Junk Food You Like: any junk food you can give me!
  • K- Kids: two girls
  • L - Longest Ride Ever: from Philippines coming over here.
  • N - Names For Your Future Kids: nothing in our minds yet
  • O - One Wish You Have Now: I wish I could visit my hometown next year!
  • P - Phobias: lots (water, heights, reptiles)
  • Q - Favorite Quote: The purpose of life is life on purpose.
  • R - Reasons To Smile: my kids!
  • S - Sleeping Hours: whenever
  • T - Time You Woke Up: 7-8am
  • U - Unknown Fact About You: I'm an alien!
  • V - Vegetable You Hate: bitter melon
  • W - Worst Habit: staying in the pc a lot!
  • X - X-rays You’ve Had: teeth, tummy and chest
  • Y - Yummy Foods: Filipino dishes of course!
  • Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Quizzes!

I noticed an increase of quizzes in the blogging sphere lately! It's something that is fun to use as a tag for someone too! I know for sure some of you out there are having a lot of fun with it like I do and now there's another site I found and tried just tonight that offers tons of fun quizzes and that is...

It is such a cool site where you can test your movie or music knowledge, find out about what type of personality you have or even take some emo quizzes!!! There's so many tests and pretty easy to find out the results too! Try it yourself now at!

Wednesday, October 17

Awesome Tag!

This is quite a useful tag, actually! Since you can get helpful tips and advices from fellow bloggers! I know it is too much to read but if you just take a minute to read it, you'll surely find out it's worth your time! Simple yet direct advices helps us become a better blogger! I agree to all these tips and so, I am here to add a tip too!

Instruction: All you have to do is copy below and add your tip/advice at the end with your blog link!

Enjoy this Jonrece, Lutchi, Ana PS, Racel, Vicky, Marissa, Michelle and Nita

*1. Don’t let money change ya!

*2. Look, read, and learn.

3. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.

*4. Always reply to your comments.

* 5. Blog about what you know & love.

6. Don’t use filthy language-buy a dictionary.

* 7. Blog about something educational.

*8. Be yourself; others will follow.

9. Don’t have too many blogs that will become a chore to maintain.

*10. Keep it simple, user-friendly, interesting and organized!

* 11. Keep the blog simple and sweet!!

*12. Share with others your thoughts and don’t be shy!

13. Never ask for link exchange. Blog hop to increase traffic.

*14. Don’t clutter your blog with ads all over the place. IT’S IRRITATING.

15. Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Some looked too fake and its a big turn off!

* 16. Share something interesting and you will gain more readers.

* 17. Show that we care to all bloggers, treat each other as friends.

18. Pictures say a million words. Keep them coming!

*19. Blogging should be fun or you’ll get tired of it pretty soon.

*20. Don’t think people will come to your blog if you’re not willing to pay a visit to them.

*21. Everyone loves read short posting and best, illustrated with a picture.

* 22. Try not to publish more than 5 posts in one blog a day. Even if it’s from feed reader, it’s quite hard to digest and catch up reading everything.

23. Blog, the other window to peek into people’s life, minus the trouble. keep a certain level of privacy to yourself.

24. Use simple words, not like the ones that require your readers to consult the dictionary. Girlie of

*25. Take time to visit your friendly links WITH OR WITHOUT SPONSORED POSTS, probloggers are required to update their blogs so expect they always have something new. Marie the Vanidosa

*26. Be kind and appreciate your readers by taking time to really know them. Take time to read their blogs and comment with your heart. Even if you’re into problogging, don’t forget to blog with your heart not just for the sake of the money.

*27. You have so many things to learn if you just read some bloggers article. Don't just pass by and comment without reading on it. Blogging is fun, so enjoy it. Love your blog and love your friends in net as well especially to those who visited you regularly. ^_~

*28. Avoid posting your daily routine or just ordinary schedule you have (often times it becomes boring and unnecessary to know) Would be better if you add photos and real emotions to make it more interesting! Jenny

Too Early To Canvas?

Even if I know we aren't so sure yet of moving, I still take the time to canvas for new furniture! Hubby has been telling me it might take a while before we get everything we want since we have to renovate the whole house first. Still, I'd like to browse the internet for any furniture especially a Formal Dining Room Furniture since that is where you mostly entertain guest having them for a lunch or dinner. Quite honestly, I'm frustrated to search using Google and typing furniture then checking the sites one by one since some have only small selection and I couldn't find anything I like for a dining furniture! Some sites doesn't even include price tags so, I have to email and inquire first and I hate that! Good thing at, you can easily check out the price since it's provided for each item and I like all the Dining Furniture that they have! They have massive styles which looks elegant and that's how a Dining Room Furniture should look! Well, of course the quality you have to consider too and I can tell it has all that quality that I am looking for.

Fun Day At The Mall!

Last Sunday, I had a chance to spend a day with my friend Ate Stella and her 2 boys! First, we went to Church and what a coincidence, we met her friends there too! So, I was introduced to those lovely ladies and we had a little chitchat. Afterwards, we went all the way to the mall and had our lunch at my fave bistro place! We ordered some great Asian food and had a hot tea as well! The kids had fun coloring! (That's what I like about being in a resto, those coloring keeps them really busy!)

After that, we went straight to the playground since all the kids were craving to play and begging us constantly the minute we walked out of the Church! They already played at the Church since there was a nice outdoor playground there and they couldn't resist it! Still, that's not enough! Well, kids live for that, I guess!hehehehe! I just enjoyed her 2 boys who loved to pose for the camera and same goes to my 2 girls! They kept asking for pictures! LoL!

By 3pm, we head back home and had some coffee and snacks! Then around 5pm she needed to head back home for a good 2hr drive. It was nice having them around and my daughters will surely miss the kids' company!

What I Miss!

Since I couldn't find my library card anywhere, I haven't been to the library anymore to get some movie dvd's and that's what I truly miss! I could watch 3 movies in one day, seriously! I just love any type of movies, be it romantic, action, comedy, suspense and everything else!!! I could go rent a video but I don't think it's worth it until I get a home theater furniture! Yep! I've been waiting and wanting to create an entertainment room with all the nice speakers, tv and well of course a nice home theater seating!!! I think that's my would be an awesome movie experience having all that!!! For now, I could just drool over the nice furniture they have at! Their selection of leather seats are great! From two to six or more, white/brown/ can surely find it at their site! I think it would be a nice place to find the perfect home theater seating, try check it out yourself!

Tuesday, October 16

Katie's Bday Party Summary!

If you followed my other blog, I'm sure you knew all about Katie's bday last Sat. Actually she turned two on Friday but I had the party for the next day. I am glad that all my friends made it to the party!!! I am thankful to those who were really helpful especially Chona who watched over my 2 kids that morning and by afternoon, it was Lorena! They got here just in time to start the party and my kids were all dressed up!

Her Godparents Lisa and John brought the Dora cake and my baby was loving it of course! It was nice of them to do that. While some of my friends brought some dishes that I didn't expect at all! For games...I had some coloring pages ready for the younger kids and a crossword puzzle for the bigger kids! Also a "pabitin" where they all would jump and grab some goodies! Musical chair is always a hit so, I never forgot to have that!

After blowing the candles, it was time to open gifts!!! At 1st, it was tough having her BIG sister getting all jealous with all the stuff that Katie was getting and at one point she cried and cried so, I had to request her dad to pull her out. Poor kid! Well, she gotta learn that it's not her day yet!LoL! After that, hubby made some margarita for the ladies and we started singing...

Around 11pm all the guests were gone but Ate Stella was here to stay for the night with her two boys. She helped me clean out the place and we went to bed around 12. Kids were already in bed around 10pm which was way pass their bedtime but it's okay, it's a party!hehehehe! I made a slideshow here if you want to see more of the photos!

Beyond The Yellow Brick Road

That is the title of a book that is a helpful guide to drug prevention. It covers a story of intervention, prevention, abuse and recovery. This is one of the many alcohol and substance abuse books that could be the key in solving your problems. Not only rehabs is the solution for any addiction but also a powerful book like that can give anyone a brighter reason to stay away from drugs. It also offers solutions and hope to anyone seeking it and as far as I know, its goal is to assist any families dealing with alcohol or drug abuse. The site where you can get this book and even CDs and Audio Books is at Good thing about it, they have an E-Book that is a PDF file and can be downloaded into your pc. Check out the site and it might be the only hope you've been looking for.

Whatta Week!

As most of you have noticed, I missed a lot of days posting here. I have updated quite a bunch on my other blog but this one not so much. Well, if you visit my other blog, you can surely know what's the reason why I am getting too slow on posting here...Yep! Busy Busy week for me but now everything is slowing down...Oh no not yet! I got another guest coming this weekend. By the next weekend, it's our family's small trip while the week following that is another party...whew! Well, this is so much better than working an awful job! LoL!

Would You Rather...

Tagging: Grace, Nice, Dzoi, Julai, Janine, Wendy, Liza, Dauph and Haze

Been tagged by Jonrece and I thank her for always remembering me to tag! This is another fun and interesting tag to know what others would prefer...and here's my answers!

Would your rather....

1 a live cockroach (the big hissing ones) or eat a stick of butter?
there's no doubt in my mind I would never ever eat a cockroach so this leaves me with a stick of butter!

2 ...go bungee jumping or sky diving?
I'll choose sky diving since I love to see the beauty of the world and having a view from top would be thrilling! a lime or a lemon?
lemon I can handle better than lime stranded on a deserted island alone or be stranded on a deserted island with someone you hate?
No man is an island, having a company even if it's my worst enemy would help me keep my sanity!LOL! Who knows, we might patch things up with all the time in our hands being stranded in an island,hehehehe! able to read minds or be able to become invisible?
Reading minds would be a better power than being invisible since I want my family and friends to still see me and feel me!

Monday, October 15

Get What You Deserve!

We seek help from the doctors and nurses when we get sick or anything medical related. You always think you are safe in their hands but that's not entirely true! Although, they have enough knowledge and experience, they are still humans and to err is to human. So, we cannot always blame them if something goes wrong. There are times when they do errors that is not excusable, that is the time you have to seek justice! You cannot do it alone, that's when you ask help from Washington DC medical malpractice lawyers! Even if you cannot turn back time and there's no way they can mend any pain that you suffered, it is your right to claim any financial help that have been caused by the malpractice and to be able to manage future expenses caused by it.

Parents Vs. Germs

It's the cold season again and virus love this kind of weather! I do hate it when my kids get sick or even a little cold since I don't like to see them suffering. It makes us give up a lot of things too like going somewhere since we don't want to pass it on to other kids! Very easy to pass germs everywhere you go and how do we protect ourselves and our kids? These simple steps are really helpful guide. I am glad to get an email update from Baby Center to learn all these things and so, I would like to share this to you too!

The BabyCenter 7: Best ways to banish germs
It doesn't take a germ warrior to keep a family well-protected from bug-borne illness. Just follow these seven basic, important steps:

1. Teach your children to wash their hands at these key times: after going to the bathroom, petting an animal, or playing outside, and before eating.

2. Do hand washing right: With soap and water, it takes 20 seconds of scrubbing to kill the germs that need to be killed.

3. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for visits to playgrounds, mall food courts, and other places where there might not be a sink handy. Be sure to cover every part of the hand, including under the nails, if possible.

4. After preparing meat or poultry, wash cutting boards with hot, soapy water and spray counter tops with disinfectant. The bacteria commonly found on raw meats — including campylobacter, salmonella, and E. coli — are more dangerous than any other germs you're likely to have in the house.

5. Wash small cuts and scrapes with soap and water. Apply an antibacterial ointment, put on a bandage, and change the bandage every day until the wound heals.

6. Make sure your children are up to date on their vaccinations, and consider getting them a flu shot every year. A school-age child who's been vaccinated against the flu is less likely to bring home a bug that can infect the entire family.

7. If someone in your house is sick, take a moment to clean doorknobs, television remotes, toys, and other items your children touch throughout the day.

I Hate Driving In Freeway!

I really do hate driving at freeways! Although, I save a lot of time, its just too scary for me! I hate being around with fast driving cars and especially trucks! When I see trucks beside me, I try to move away from it. I just know that some drivers didn't have enough sleep or rest and might cause an accident and that's one thing I want to avoid! If you are involved in a truck or semi truck accident that are commercial, you should act and contact Lawyers at Munley, Munley & CartwrightTM
to protect your rights! They can help you negotiate in cases like this. Of course, they are professionally trained to evaluate and do a negotiation necessary for a certain case. In result, you can have a successful resolution and you will get what you deserve! Keep that in mind, just in case!

Thursday, October 11

Just 4 Fun!

Snagged this from Rissa, thought it would be nice to jump right in and join the about you? Try it too!

Tagging: Kitty, JenL, Nita, Haze, Julai, Race, Emzkie and Dauph

1. I miss Santa.
2. Santa is someone who makes kids happy!
3. If I were in a room with Santa, I would ask him to bring me to where he lives.
4. I think Santa should come by even to the naughty kids and talk to them.
5. Santa needs to shave!
6. I want to kiss Santa.
7. Someday Santa will reveal himself of who he really is,LoL!
8. Santa reminds me of Christmas spirit!
9. Without Santa there will be lonely kids out there...
10. My memories of Santa are always a pleasure to remember!
11. Santa can be real sweet but sometimes forgetful!
12.The worst thing about Santa is, he always eat all the cookies!
13. The best thing about Santa is, his effort to bring gifts and his love for kids!
14. I am totally lost for words when I'm with Santa.
15. One thing I would like to know about Santa is, if he had any kids at all!
16. Santa should go loose some weight and try new outfit!
17. Santa gave me
something what I wanted last Christmas!

He's Modern, I'm Traditional!

When it comes to decorating our house, hubby and I could never agree on it! He is more like the modern style - something very simple and so manly of course! While, I on the other hand, is more traditional! When you live with someone, your house could definitely look like 2 personalities clashing into one and that's what we have! LoL! Just like that sink there I found at some of the vessel sinks online and that's what exactly what my hubby got an eye for! I'm not so thrilled about it but I admit it's really cool! Well, maybe we can compromise! Hah! I hope!

Wednesday, October 10

If Only We Could Move Farther!!!

Yeah, we are moving but at the same state though. I have been wishing to move somewhere like other states! If given a chance, I would consider Seattle, California, Florida, North Carolina...they are all pretty states unlike here, soooo boring!!! Gosh even just on my imagination, I would love to stay on places like that! I have like 2 friends who are moving in North Carolina and I envy them,hehehe! Finding a website that shows wilmington nc real estate, surely will encourage you to live over there. That website showcase the beauty of North Carolina and the coolest website I've seen since it has a video of guy talking right in front of you! No, it's not an ordinary boxed video but a real guy walking and moving around, see it yourself and visit!

Tuesday, October 9

C'mon Laugh A Little!

A friend of mine in friendster always keep on sending me jokes that I find it funny! Truly!hehehehe! So, I'd like to spread some fun too and make you smile a bit...

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.
The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.
The little girl said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah".
The teacher asked, "What if Jonah went to hell?"
The little girl replied, "Then you ask him".
Hospital regulations require a wheel chair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet, who insisted he! Didn't need my help to leave the hospital.
After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator.
On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him.
"I don't know," he said. "She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown."
What gets wet as it dry's?

A towel:)

I'm Getting Old!!!

Seeing my youngest brother, (who just turned 20 last July) carrying a baby made me feel like I'm getting old,LoL! It was just yesterday that I remember him being so pesky whenever I have my girl friends at home and he was this little boy who was always sticking up his nose on what we were doing, being a little devil grabbing our stuff and just the kid at home who always wants attention! I can't believe he is now a proud daddy! I am pleased to see my 1st niece and hopefully in person maybe next year! It's tough being away from my family back home and missing days like this! How I wish I could hold the baby in my arms and give her kisses!!! I have never met his girl friend and never got a chance to know her, maybe someday! Praying for my niece's good health always and for the whole family, more blessings!

Summer's Over!

Or is it really? Right now, it's still warm up here and at other states too! That's why it still feels like summer! Actually, my favorite season is Fall! It's just the most colorful time of the year and I love seeing falling leaves and feel the autumn breeze...have you ever thought of spending it somewhere more magical? Like Disney World perhaps? It's absolutely beautiful this time of the year at Disney World having to experience fall in their beautiful parks! In case you have that on your mind already or haven't thought about it yet, you better consider getting Disney World Tickets at the only place who sells discounted tickets! Check out and they have thousands of great value tickets available online! I think almost any themed parks, dinner shows or anything at Orlando, they sell the tickets! It's like your one-stop-shop right there. Visit the site now and find out how much you can save!!!

Whew! Unending Shopping! shopping that is! I started since yesterday and still went for more today and yet, I'm still not done! This is how it's going to be if you are having a party! The most tiring part...not being able to get everything you need in one store! Just like the party themed stuff I have to get at the Factory Card Outlet, then Meijers and Walmart are the 2 places to buy some food and drinks add to that Costco where I bought more food! Party is like 4 days from now but I wanted to get a head start since I always kill myself on the day before the party going places to places plus cleaning the house. Now, I planned my day better. I hope tom. I can accomplish more - laundry/cleaning the bathrooms & fridge. I'll leave the rest for Thurs. and Friday,hehehehe!

Monday, October 8

Who Says U Can't Look Hot Wearing Aprons?

I have been looking for a good apron lately since I have a party coming up and usually, I have those last minute meals that I need to cook and I better be all dressed up while cooking so, I don't waste no time.But then I don't want my clothes to get ruined and so, that's when an apron comes handy! have great selection of aprons and even if guests arrive sooner than expected, I can still look good in any of their aprons! It's stylish and comes with great colors! Not only for cooking that apron is useful, as well as gardening, small or big projects at home and more!

Need Cash Now?

If you run into some trouble where you need some cash, or an emergency that you surely have to get some money and you run out of it...there's always another way to get some funds aside from using credit cards, try payday loans! It is a better alternative than credit cards because you can go over board using the credit card until it reaches the maximum credit and by the time you have to pay it, you are in BIG trouble my friend! With payday loans, all you have to do is to show your pay stub and ID and be able to obtain your cash. It's not a lot of hassle and so easy to apply even online! Learn more of its benefits and soon you'll find out how it can be a good choice when you are out of funds.

My Final Menu

Or maybe not,LoL! Well, I really don't know until it's the day of the party. I might change my mind or something but this is really what I can come up with for this coming Saturday (I'm open to suggestions):


Chicken Curry
Shrimp Lo Mein
Baked Salmon
Ham and bread rolls


Chicken Nuggets
Hotdogs and marshmallows on stick


Boxed juice
Red Wine


Mango Float
Crunch Snowball Cookies

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

I know it's too early to think about Christmas and I just want to be prepared this time since I always shop to the last minute! That's not a good scene at all. People are always stressed out shopping and looking for the gifts like what their kids, nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters and the rest wanted! It can give you a real headache, that's for sure! Well, not only to plan ahead can do you good but also buying online is the best way to go, right? It's just a matter of browsing, clicking and that's it! You'll get the item that quick! That's the beauty of online shopping. With me having 2 kids, my mother in law, friends and their kids,and don't forget the husband! that's about like 20 gifts total! It's crazy to go store to store for that! And imagine the expenses? It all adds up! Great to know there are online coupons out there! I think I will have to get a dvd for hubby and that's really simple because he likes some shows like Seinfeld, Nova and Frasier. Cool thing there's Bestbuy coupon that I can make use of and with already discounted price for Frasier DVD at Bestbuy plus the coupon, that can really save me a lot!!! I better grab those coupons and get the shopping started as early as possible! And well of course, for myself, I just have to let hubby know he can give me a gift card from my fave stores! Good to know got some Target Coupons I could make use since that's one heck of a store that I love to shop at!LoL!

Thursday, October 4

I Wish! I Wish!

I've been tagged by Juz, Darlene, Liza and JennyL for this one. It is always nice to be tagged and so, I appreciate this ladies for remembering me! This is a great one not only to improve our ratings and add exposure of our blog, but also to have a chance in sharing what wishes and dreams do we have! Well, there's nothing wrong with dreaming and wishing so go ahead and share it to everybody!!!It is one heck of a ride so jump in Kitty, Dzoi, Emz, Juliet, Lutchi, Racquel, Rey Ian, Ice, Tess, Annie and Lovely Ruth!

** Start copying now **


1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog:

The Genie King,

the Genie Princess

and their trusty

Genie Buddy

have visited:

* Mariuca would like to wish for happiness and success.
* Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.
* Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.
* Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan’s brother and Yah and Wan and success
* MPG would like to wish for love and peace
* Jean would like to wish for stress free work environment and happiness
* Cbenc12 would like to wish for health, happiness and luck for my family and friends and me too!
* Paris Beaverbanks would like to wish for more publicity! Hooyah! (taps swollen head)
* Giddy Tiger would like to wish for longer weekends and never-ending holidays!
* Shooi would like to wish for peace on earth, love, good health and happiness.
* Chinnee would like to wish for happiness and good health forever!
* Hui Sia would like to wish for love, health, wealth and happiness.
* Chew Lee would like to wish hubby for a successful business venture in Singapore.
* Jacelyn would like to wish hubby may overcome his business downturn soon.
* Girlie the hipncoolmomma would like to wish that her cousin Marie will win in the coming barangay elections
* Krisa wishes that Ate Marie wins this coming barangay election (Goodluck!) and for Ryan and I to find a job soon after we leave the airforce.
* Francine aka Macherie wishes that hubby would manage to finish his big project before the deadline and good health and happiness for family, loved ones, friends and everyone.
* Yen in Little Peanut wishes to have a safe delivery with my 2nd child. It will be a couple of months from now. And good health and happiness with my growing family, families back home, friends and relatives!
* Tere of Blessings in Life would like to wish for continued happiness in her family life, good health and protection always for all members of her families, peace, harmony, being productive in our work always and lots of love from Jun.
* Emmyrose of Dancing With Butterflies wishes that she’ll have more strength to cope up with her Lupus disease, healing for a broken heart, hope that one day she can still be able to find love and to at least try to be the person that God wants her to be.
* Nita of Nita's Random Thoughts wishes to have a smooth and safe delivery for her second baby :)
*Joyce of My Own Little World wishes to have a safe and uncomplicated delivery of Baby JE any day now with her hubby by her side and for the kids to be always healthy
*Darlene of Mommy's Gibble Gabbles wishes to have good health,success,good future for our son & never ending love as couple.
*Liza of My so called lifewishes of more happiness,prosperity and good health to her family. success in husband new business venture and guidance towards future her future career..
* JennyL of Simply Jen wishes to have good health, to find her love that she's been waiting for, more wisdom and great family relations.
*JennyR of A Window to Our World wishes to have her whole family(from the Phils) to migrate here and have a harmonious and happy life here.Also strength, more patience and understanding to the whole family and to find her passion in life and make a good earnings out of it!

Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!


***End Copying Here***

Wednesday, October 3

Powerful Show!

Last weekend, I was really lazy to do anything so I just kept flipping the channels on tv until I was stunned by the show "Intervention". It is about a life of someone who is either alcoholic, drug abuser or any type of self destructive actions. It was really intense knowing all the details and how it has changed someone's life. The episode I watched was about a young guy who used to be a talented drummer and had high hopes and dreams, drugs seem to take over into his life and it was such a sad story...Good thing the tv show was not only about documenting his life!It is also an intervention and he truly needed that for a drug treatment! It is the only way he can get out of that addiction and renew his life! Good to know, the story has a happy ending! I just hope I would never experience any of those problems when my kids are all grown up!

Mom Needs Strength!

From lifting your kids, chasing them, run errands, doing chores and the whole package deal of being a mom you definitely need a doze of strength, high level of energy and the longest patience! That's why I hate it when I feel lousy! And that's what I've been feeling lately. Lack of interest on anything, sleepy, tired and constant headaches! Hubby suggested I need to take my multivitamins again. Friends told me to take iron pills and for sure they are all right! So, just tonight, I promised myself to take my multivitamins daily and some iron pills if necessary!

Tuesday, October 2

Like Mother, Like Daughter

It's a very common phrase and it doesn't always apply to anyone but it does to me! I remember seeing my mom having tons of shoes, purses and clothes and I always wonder why she needs all that? Now, my questions have been answered since I am pretty much like her! Not only that, we both like fashion jewelry too! Just today, it reminded me of that since my daughter asked for a bracelet in one of those Happy Meal toys. She totally loves wearing accessories and dressing up as well. Well, I guess it runs in the family! I know for some it sounds so vain but why bother if someone is happy with it? We all have our own impulses and styles, right???!!!

How Do You Manage?

For all the stay at home moms out there, I am just curious to know how you manage your time? I know for some people they might think it's not hard since we have the whole day in our hands and we can just watch tv if we want to. Truth is, there's more to it than being at home. I often think if I am just the only mom who feels like it's so tiring to be home! Just the constant bugging of your kids and I know they need a lot of attention plus my blogging and I know I have to give it a limit. Add to that chores that is calling my name! Just tough but I know I have no right to whine about it...that's why I want to know how others manage it?

Planning An Online Store?

Make sure you try something simple, easy to manage and with lots of great features that you can surely benefit! There's one place for is the site! So easy to create your online store! With the freedom to customize your page and have the privilege to market your product through Google! You can get pretty much everything you need in having your own online store like tracking orders, accepts major credit cards and paypal, you can use your own domain, highlight a featured product, no advertisements and so many more!!! See for yourself and start creating your online store with FlyingCart for only $12 per month for an unlimited features!!!

Gotta Have Caffeine

I'm not addicted to coffee (yet) but I usually get a coffee when I feel so sleepy. It does keep me awake! This iced coffee from Mcdonald's suits my taste buds especially the vanilla flavor! I grabbed one when I brought the kids out for a happy meal treat plus a great playground outdoors where they can run around and burn some energy! Mcdonalds surely makes a lot of money from mothers like me who looks for a place to bring your kids while having some food at sight,LoL!

Photo taken from flickr.

Challenge Your Creative Juices!

I know a lot of you out there who makes digiscraps, designs websites and create flyers or simply just have a creative talent! Do you want to make use of your talent and try a new challenge???!!! Why not? You won't loose anything instead you will have the chance of winning awesome prizes! How so? There's a contest going on for Ford Blue Oval Scholars to make a logo! This logo design contest is sponsored by Ford Motor Company and you can win one of these:

  • 1. First Place - Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design
    Premium = Retail $1,700
  • 2. Second Place - $300 for design software of choice
  • 3. Third Place - $150 for design software of choice
  • 4. Fourth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 5. Fifth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 6. Sixth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 7. Seventh Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 8. Eight Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 9. Ninth Place - $50 Music Download Card
  • 10. Tenth Place - $50 Music Download Card
Like all that???!!! Better show what you can make now! This is open for anyone, amateur or professional. All entries will be accepted until November 1, 2007 and winner will be announced on the 1st of December this year. For eligibility and guidelines visit Submitting your logo is easy, just go to, you can also send it via email at or a hard copy at:

Ford Blue Oval Scholars
One American Road - Suite 213
Dearborn, MI 48126

What are you waiting for? Take the challenge now and be amazed of what you can do more with your creative juices!!!

I Love Evite!

Ever since I was invited to a baby shower using evite, I use evite for any of my parties now! I like the idea of sending it thru email especially now that most people always rely on their emails for work or other stuff! It's nice too when you can edit the invitation (with so many designs to choose from), have a reminder and even create your own invitation! Katie's having her party real soon so, I made that invitation for her added to evite's template! So, when you need any invitations to be sent out, trust me, evite is the way to go!

Monday, October 1

Save Your Money And Time!

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The Color Of My Brain

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I found this from my fellow blogger Jen and find it interesting. So, I took the short quiz and here's what I got:

At work or in school: I need to be "hands on": I like to play games, to compete, and to perform. I enjoy flexibility, changes of pace, and variety. I have difficulty with routine and structure. My favorite subjects are music, art, theatre, and crafts. I often excel in sports. I like solving problems in active ways and negotiating for what I want. I can be direct and like immediate results.

With friends: Planning ahead bores me because I never know what I want to do until the moment arrives. I like to excite my friends with new and different things, places to go, and romantic moments.

With family: I need a lot of space and freedom. I want everyone to have fun. It is hard for me to follow rules, and I feel we should all just enjoy one another.

Take the quiz here!

I think this has some truth in it. I am kinda spontaneous person and I find it boring to plan everything. I am like the "go with the flow" person. I love company especially people who wants to have fun coz I think I am a fun person, I hope!LoL! I'm not sure if I am competitive, not sure about that. Honestly, I don't like to be challenged at all! I just don't want to strain my brain too much,hahahah! When it comes to those favorite subjects that came out...well, I agree 100%! That's me!

Tattoo Lovers

I often hear mix opinions about tattoos. Some say it's wrong, some say it's okay. But for me, I don't hate people who have tattoos or judge them of who they are. I've known a lot of good friends who have tattoos but I wouldn't try it for myself simply because it's something permanent. Yah, there are lasers to remove it but it leaves a scar and I don't think I can handle that. But this post is not about if it's right or wrong in having tattoos, this is about tattoo lovers who are in search for tattoo singles out there! Wouldn't it be easier for you to go at one place and meet him or her? There is in fact a site that is an online tattoo dating community for tattoo lovers and it is at! Meet, mingle and gain more friends! Easily make your own profile for FREE! Plus you can browse who's out there! See for yourself!

I Got It!

This great mag I found in our mailbox yesterday made my day brighter! It's my 1st time to ever have a magazine about digital scrapbooking. Some of you might have known me scrapping quite a bit before but now, rarely. Still this is something I enjoy as a hobby! I got it from a Lucky 13 contest at and actually, they have sent me a book before. Just surprised to know that there's a follow up prize...surprise! surprise! I had fun checking out some amazing pages being featured in this mag plus tips and tricks! So many cool stuff to check out!