Monday, December 31

Are You Ready for 2008???

I am! I'm sure you are too!!! I guess it'd be just appropriate to make my own New Year's Resolution or better yet my wishes and goals for the coming year...

* the most important thing for me is our health! I'm wishing God wouldn't only grant me and my family good health as well as my family back home especially my parents who might be here in about a couple of mos...I know it will be a BIG adjustment for them, with the weather and everything else, I hope they could come here and live in a good condition of health

* I pray to God that we can find solution in getting health insurance for my parents so both of them can go here together. I can fully understand how risky it is to have them both at the same time with no health insurance here but I still want them together and hopefully, David can find a way.

* I thank God for my lovely daughters and hoping my eldest could get into school for Kindergarten and hopefully she can do well.

* I am asking for the ability to handle a BIG change in my life moving in a country and having to adjust to everything.

* Also hoping to get a good job that I would love to go to everyday and not having to sacrifice my family time or anything else that's important in my life (which is my family)

* Trying to avoid gossips is one of my resolutions that I may have the strength and will to avoid all that and ignore anything I hear negative.

* Having more patience to my kids who can be real pesky and try to always remember, they are just kids...that's how they should act...keeping that high tolerance above all to endure anything

I guess this will do for now and I am full of hopes and wishes but the key really is to make that work! Hopefully I can! Anyways,I'm babbling here...just want to make sure I can greet you all a very...

Is 2008 Our Year... move? I hope so! Hubby has been trying to get the farm for the past 6 months now but so far no luck but he's hopeful 2008 is the year! After the holidays, he will be signing a lease and will start to at least move his laboratory equipments to get rid of his monthly rent at his warehouse. That's his main goal, lessen our monthly expenses and would be nice too if we can get out of this house and sell it right away! They say the real estate is not looking really good nowadays but we are still hopeful we can sell it immediately. I guess we can't have high hopes. Just wishing this year will bring more blessings and good health to our family!

Saturday, December 29

Tagged From Couz Wendy!

Thanks ate Wendz for this tag...Now, I'm tagging everybody in my blogroll here! I'll let you know in your blogs as soon as I got the time! For those who happened to read this and u are in my blogroll pls. snag it if you can!

1.Are you good at hiding your feelings?
* Are u kiddin' me? I'm a woman...I can't hide feelings!

2. How can we tell that you’re already irritated?
* From my words. If it sounds like a harsh statement that's the red flag.

3. How do you treat the person that obviously doesn’t like you?
* I just act normal and be decent enough

4. What usually ruins your mood?
* If someone is rude to me and if the kids are throwing tantrums

5. Who do you see everyday that you wish you just wouldn’t at all?
* None

6. When was the last time that you had a good cry?
* I can't remember which is good! That means I haven't been emotional lately,lol!

7. How often do you shop for clothes?
* Depending on my mood!

8. Who’s your long-time crush?
* Josh Hartnett

9. Someone you just had a crush on?
* too many to tell,waaaa!

10 . Do you have something that you wish you just don’t?
* belly fat,lol!

11. Do you sometimes crave for something that isn’t there?
* of course! It's the fun of craving...something that isn't!

12 . Do you wish to live in a faraway land where nobody knows you?
* No, not really.

13. Have you kissed a total stranger?
* Nope.

14. What do you want to do at this moment?
* Just lounge around and do nothing but there's so many things to do.

15 . The worst feeling?
* being hurt by your loved ones

16. How about the best?
* being loved by someone you love

17. Ever given your number to someone you dislike?
* nope.

18. What will you say to the one reading this right now?
* thanks for the time!I know this is non sense but it's fun!

19. What/Who do you need right now?
* my parents. to help me watch my kids.

20 . Happy with your life?

* ask me tomorrow,hahaha!

Thursday, December 27

Christmas Presents From John & Lisa

After our Christmas Party with friends on the 25th (slideshow photos here), we got home with gifts in our front door!What a surprise!!!!Kids were already asleep so, I just set aside their gifts for the following morning and Jessica was really excited to open it! Katie didn't even realize she had another gift!hehehe! So nice of Katie's Ninang Lisa and Ninong John! Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, December 26

Building Gingerbread House as A Family

On Christmas day after opening all the gifts (CLICK HERE for photos) we built a gingerbread house together as a family! Daddy and mommy took charge in spreading the frosting...

Ate Jessica placed all the candies...

While Katie? Well, candies should go to your mouth, right? Make sense to her! And here's our finish product...

Now we could all enjoy our gingerbread house until our kids will decide to eat it up!LoL!

Monday, December 24

Wishing You All A Very...

♥From our house to yours! May you all have a meaningful celebration of Christmas!♥

Sunday, December 23

January Family Trips

After the holidays, we'll be gone for a week to Orlando! That's right - we are going to see Disney World!!! I can't believe hubby said yes after I told him Sonia invited us to stay with them at their time share condo in Orlando. Well, if he could have said "NO" I would've come anyways with the kids...LoL! I am totally excited not only for the kids but for myself too! It's my dream to see Disney World too you know?! I dunno about hubby, he is more of a camper, hiker and nature-lover person. I like those kind of adventure too but for a change, I wanna see Disney World! After that, I'll be getting all our camping gear ready too coz there'll be lots of camping days for this family next year, that's for sure!

Busy All These Days!

Despite of my chaotic days, I don't want to leave any expired tasks, that's why I'm blogging right now. Good thing I woke up so early today. Each day will be a very busy day, with the holidays and parties! My days are pretty much scheduled until January:
  1. 24th-25th (ma-in-law is here)
  2. 25th,5pm (Christmas Party with friends)
  3. 27th,5pm(Jessica's Bday Party)
  4. 29th,3pm(Party at Michelle's)
  5. 31st(New Year's Eve Party at Lorena's)
  6. Jan. 9 (Bday Party)
  7. Jan. 12 (leave for Orlando Trip)

Tons of chores but none was accomplished yesterday! because of this pie! (It's an Upside Down Apple Walnut Pie) I got the recipe from a book. I went to the grocery store to get all the ingredients for this and for all the food to make on Christmas Day, got home by 2pm and made this pie, hurriedly dressed up the kids and myself, got there at the party around 5pm, got home at 9pm and that was it! My day was over...none in my list was done,LoL! I'm hoping today I can accomplish those!

Important Factor - Lights

This coming Christmas Day, most of us open gifts in the morning and usually, it's still dark around 7am, at least here where I am at! I remember taking a lot of photos and it turned out to be too dark! This time, I'm making sure the lighting is good enough! I so wanted to capture the moment when my kids will open up their presents. Just trying to get that impression in their faces is my focus this time. It will help if there are more lights around the house but we don't have that much. So, by the next house, we will be making sure we got all the lights we needed and of course have that sleek look too to add beauty in the house just like what Hinkley lighting has! All the great selections, it's impossible not to find something that you like.

Shy Katie

Here's my little girl, all shy...shy for the camera when tita Michelle tried to get a nice picture of her! She usually doesn't smile even for mommy...just a straight face uttering the word "cheeeese"...but still she poses for the camera! If someone else, not mommy, is taking the picture...that's when she seems a bit anxious and shy. Tita Michelle tried many many times to get a good one but for me, this is the best! It captured her shyness, that's why!hehehe!

Friday, December 21

Real Time Monitoring and Management

Have you ever heard about EMS? You better find out about it now to get a high standard management solutions for your computer networks! EMS (Envoy Management Station) of Uplogix can now deliver a real-time monitoring, can automate maintenance tasks, can solve problems,provide log management for the whole network! It is actually centralized so, there's no need to travel to remote server, you only need one location and the best part, you are always connected. Everything you'll ever need, great connection, gives you instant report, alarms, seamless communication, flexible integration - that's what you can expect from!

Start Of My General Cleaning

I decided to start my general cleaning as early as possible. After lunch, I started cleaning our master's bathroom and closet. I vacuumed the closet, put all the clothes away, clean our sinks, the tub, the toilet and the floor by the time I was done, I was ready to quit!LoL! I so wanted to clean the kids' room as well but I think it will have to be tomorrow! Now, I'm just enjoying a hot "palabok"!After I washed all the dishes, I was craving for something salty! Palabok it is! Seems like my headache is gone so, now I try to go back to blogging once again...

Drug Rehab Referral Service

One of my hopes and dreams for my kids is to become a better person as they grow up, achieve their goals in life and be really happy and satisfied of their lives. All of us parents hope for the same thing, don't we? and so we try to teach them valuable lessons, guide and protect them but we cannot always watch their backs, follow them anywhere they go or be around them all the time. All we can do is just try to be a good parent as much as possible. As soon as they spread their wings and start mingling with others, that's when we just hope and pray they won't mix into the wrong crowd and not be influenced with bad habits like liquors, drug abuse and anything that are self destructive. I always hear horrible news from neighbors and friends and schoolmates who suffer from drug addiction and it is such a sad story to hear it all especially if I grew up knowing that kid around the block and finding out his life was wasted from such a thing. The worst I've heard was a suicide, dying from overdose and loosing their minds. parent ever want to see their child like that! That's why there's always a need for intervention when you see the red signals and if it is quite obvious that he or she needs some help for drug treatment! Doing every possible solution like finding the right place for them such as drug rehab is one way to overcome such problems and save his or her life! Although, it might seem to be a daunting task knowing that there are so many rehabs out's quite simple actually if you just try to visit who is a non-profit service in finding drug rehab and alcohol rehab placement. It is one great place that will come handy for someone who is torn among all the places to choose. The site makes it all simple for you if you just give out your basic information and they can help immediately. They are just one click away or one phone call is all you need! Just dial 1-800- 667-7847 (1-800-no-drugs) and talk to the most experienced and knowledgeable Drug Rehab Counselors. They are just right there, waiting for your call or your email. Waste no time now and do what you can to help someone in need and let help you too in finding the right place!

Here Goes My Headache Again!

After my all day shopping yesterday, I came home with a terrible headache...oh how I hate it! I can neither watch tv nor play in the pc. I am more of a train wreck! I can't imagine if it's a migraine...those people who suffer from that has told me how miserable they are and you even feel nauseated. Glad it's not as bad as that. Shopping can be really stressful especially when you are fighting the crowd and going places to places, even without kids, I was really exhausted! And today, my headache is just around the corner, striking every now and then and yet I gotta finish some tasks here and chores around the house. Life must go on!hehehe!

Getting Your Own Domain

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With Tito Jacob and Tita Michelle

Just a couple of pictures to share from yesterday! Kids were really happy to get out of the house once again and joined all the chaos at the mall (hehehe) this time with the lovely couple Jacob and Michelle. Their tita Michelle was having so much fun chasing and taking pictures of the kids like a paparazzi!LoL! That was really cute! It was getting too crowded every minute at the playground so, we roam around Disney Store. Like I told Jacob, there's only 2 places my kids wanna be at, when we're at the mall "Playground and Disney Store" *wink*

Choo-choo Train!

I'm hopping in once again with this blog train ride! Why not? It's a lot of fun plus you get a chance to promote your site out there...So, I thank Darlene for this opportunity! I have my Hobbies and Such lined up on the list before and I'm glad it made it to the whole ride. This time, I'm not letting this blog and my bravenet left behind so I'll join the craze once again...

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How I Wish!

In our search for a portable dvd player last Tuesday, being inside an electronics store, we can't help but to check out all the LCD TV! It's just nice to imagine how it would fit perfectly in an entertainment room with all the surround system speakers! That's one great wish of a movie fanatic like me! No one is really into sports in our family but a BIG screen is also nice for movies, don't ya think?! Well, of course! I think, we are the only last person on earth who doesn't have a HUGE screen,hahaha! Hubby's considering to get one right after we get settled in our next house. I'll surely start renting dvd's and popping those corn out from our field,wahahaha! Just couldn't wait to purchase one and for now...we are just trying to please our eyes staring at the crystal clear televisions with all the little details showing!hehehe!

More Ideas!

My Christmas shopping yesterday gave me a real good headache until now! And that's not even over yet!!! I know shopping for Christmas can get a little crazy especially looking for a gift for someone. It can wreck your brain out even just for one person to find a gift! Imagine if you have more than 5 or 10? Can you handle all that pressure? I'm sure most people go through the same ordeal every Christmas. Well, the easiest way really is a gift card! That way, the person can buy whatever he or she wants without any regrets of what he or she got for Christmas! But for those who wants the old traditional way where you want to give a really thoughtful gift (there's nothing wrong about that! In fact that is a really nice way to give a gift!), you should always consider what's the recipients personality. To help you out a bit...if that person is more athletic or adventurer, perhaps a travel gear would make such a perfect gift? I mean I'm sure there are those in your list who either loves hiking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, camping or any outdoor activities! That's when you can start checking out who sells quality items made tough for outdoors! Go check!

Thursday, December 20

Reliable Shopping Cart

Have you ever bought something online? If you have, I wonder if you ever notice the merchant's shopping carts? Why do I ask? Since I buy stuff for digital scrapping (not all the time but at least sometimes), and it's not from only one website but from all different Digital Scrapbooking Shoppes! I just happen to bump into a shopping cart that took me so long to check out my item. It even gave me errors like it doubled my purchases and sometimes I don't see it there in my cart once I shop for more and went back at the cart. That's definitely irritating and it discourages customers as well coz why would you buy something from a store that has a shopping cart that you cannot rely on? You don't want to be overcharged or get the wrong stuff, do you? So, all merchants out there should know that their check out should run smoothly and that their customers should not run into problems especially in that payment area! That's when they should try to get a shopping cart software that is an award winning, most reliable and a very secured one! They should look into and take a test drive, they'll soon find out that this is what can help their business run smoothly and that means, more revenue!

My Girls Want Pictures!

That's right! They do want their picture taken! Needless to tell them...they ask me right away as soon as that camera is in my hand! Well, Katie actually doesn't really care but when she sees her ate Jessica posing for that camera, she'd be so jealous and begging "me too!me too"...Well, of course, that's what mommy wants so I snapped that camera right away before they change their minds,LoL! It can't be too many, they wear off easily, that's for sure! hehehe!

Tuesday, December 18

Another Way To Increase Your Blog Income!

It's a tough business now when it comes to blogging. I used to just post with no pay and just keeping anyone updated with the use of my blog even to strangers out there,hehehe! But when I learned you can get some opportunities simply by writing reviews, I was up for it! Nowadays, more and more sites are helping out bloggers and advertisers and bloggerwave is one of them! They give you out some jobs and good pay. Not bad for someone like me who stays home and blog, you know?! It's as simple as getting registered and applying your blog to their site. Then once, approved, they'll give you out tasks where you have to make an entry about it then that's get paid in return! Visit bloggerwave for more info!

Staying Up Late!

That's right! I'm staying up late for tonight...waiting for a great opportunity since I am tired of waiting at day time that nothing I can grab at all! Hehehehe! This is serious business my friend!hahahah! Kidding! Just that my friends buzzed me two nights in a row and telling me about great big opps they snagged every 11-12 mindnight...I can't stay that late! (I used to) BUT not with this season, when it gets too dark so early and wide awake by 5am! What am I doing so late tonight? I just had a HUGE cup of ice cold mocha from Costco earlier,hehehehe! So...I hope I can get lucky tonight! (hey! It's about blog opps, alright?!)LoL!

Monday, December 17

Connecting Bloggers and Advertisers

That's what Smorty does! If you haven't heard Smorty before, it is a place where you can earn some cash whenever you advertise on blogs. It's that simple! Once you have a blog up and going and want a little earning here and there, turn to Smorty and they'll set you up with tasks! Tasks that you can just grab and make an entry then you get paid...that's it! The registration is free and your blog in no time will be approved if it meets the requirements. After that, you can start blog advertising as you wish to! Their website has a sleek navigation where you can easily edit your blogs if you want to make some changes, check your account status, you can see what are your pending tasks and the approved ones. Easy to navigate and they pay you in time. So, try Smorty now if you haven't done so!

Helpful Little Kid!

That's Morgan, Jessica's bestfriend and Katie's good friend too! She is always all over Katie whenever they're together, well of course, she plays with Jessica all the time coz Katie is more independent type when it comes to playing and usually ignores and pushes away Morgan,poor kiddo! She just didn't like to be bothered so much and Morgan loves to hug and kiss her...I think she just couldn't resist coz she always see Katie as a little baby!hehehe! This time, Katie was really happy that she was helping her drive this car toy. They were both having so much fun! Good thing "Ate Jessica" didn't see them, or else she'd be so jealous,LoL! Morgan has the car first but she was kind enough to offer Katie the driver's seat,lol!

Reviews About Online Casino

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Say Cheese!!!

Usually if we use this line for Katie "Say Cheese" don't expect a beautiful BIG's going to be a very lousy one with teeth showing,LoL! Well...we can't blame her...if you say the word cheese, it doesn't necessarily lift your lips like a glowing smile, does it? That's why we just crack up laughing whenever she says it and have this straight look on her face but still saying it LOUD! Just take a look at that photo, nose all flared up and gum sticking out at her mouth,LoL! Well, not perfect but still she's my cutie!

Selling Online Has Never Been So Easy!

Indeed it is very very easy to sell online if you have a great software to help you set up your new website! And what better else to get than a shopping cart software with no installation required!That's right - you read it right! You don't have to be a some kind of website genius or a graphic artist to set up your new website...with their awesome features, you can start making a website in no time with a sleek shopping cart!They have about 50 designed themes which you can edit easily! You can even have subcategories as many as you want! You'll have a great shopping cart software that will be integrated with all major banks and you can create your own payment options as well. The pricing is very competitive and you can even do a test drive for yourself before you purchase. This is your one website solution! Perfect for those who are planning to start their website or those who wants an upgrade with their shopping cart, visit right away!

Crazy Friendship

I was given this award by Darlene from Mommy's Gibble Gabbles. Like I mentioned before, I love getting awards and this one is not an exception of course! I've known Darlene through blogsphere way back when we were both active in friendster blog. So, thanks Darls for this! Giving this out to my wonderful friends here too! (That means all of you in my blogroll here!)


Free Chat

Chatting is in my daily system. Almost everyday, I am online and I chat with a lot of people from all over the world. It's usually my family and friends in the Philippines, relatives from Canada, friends from Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and I said all over the world,hehehe! It's nice that we have that opportunity right now to connect with others no matter how far away they are! Many sites offer free chat but there's one place where it's meant for a teen chat called Teen Chat Booth at! Anyone 18 yrs and older can join the chat lines of over 150 cities! What's cool about the website, you can have a phone chat lines where you can experience live chat and your number doesn't have to be public, you can stay anonymous for privacy. You can record greetings and hear greetings from others too and choose the one where you want to connect with and start talking. Register now for free at!

Sunday, December 16

Are You A Cool Parent?

I found this test from Lovely Ruth and I really like to see what kind of parent I am! Although this test is for soon to be parents, I still like the idea that you can check what type of parenting am I doing, if it's cool OR not, strict OR, here's what I got!

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You Will Be a Cool Parent

You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need.

You can tell when it's time to let kids off the hook, and when it's time to lay down the law.

While your parenting is modern and hip, it's not over the top.

You know that there's nothing cool about a parent who acts like a teenager... or a drill sergeant!

Would You Be a Cool Parent?

Good to know I'm a cool mom! But I'm hoping that's how my kids see me!

Saturday, December 15

Wholesale Flowers!

Just yesterday, I was watching the show "Platinum Weddings" and I am astonished to find out how much their flowers cost, I mean the total cost! Well, that's why it's called Platinum coz it's totally extravagant! When it comes to wedding, you surely want to have the freshest and perfect flowers! The only way you can save a lot from it is through ordering it from the wholesale flowers stores and retailers. Nowadays, you can pick out what you want online to save your time coz wedding preparation is surely time consuming! You wanna make sure it comes right from the farm so it's really fresh and at you can expect flowers like that coz they carefully assigned your order to all different countries and provide you a quality fresh flowers! Tons of selection and you'll definitely find your favorite one at their site!

Friday, December 14

Playtime At Mcdo!

Yep, another playtime for the kids yesterday! They were really glad to get out of the house and enjoy the playground at Mcdonalds while mommies were drinking an ice cold coffee (take a chilly weather) and munch all the french fries! It's nice that there weren't too many kids in there,as a matter of fact, when one kid left, we have the whole place just for us! NICE! Less noise, less chaos but no matter'll hear them scream, one gets hurt and the other cries and so on...LoL!

I Need New Area Rugs

Every time I have a party coming, I tend to notice stuff that I needed around the house and end up buying a few!Just like yesterday, as I was vacuuming our carpets and rugs, I notice a rip on one side of it. I badly want new area rugs! Something that is more traditional like that but I gotta wait til we move though. Since I want to match it up to the whole house and we can certainly use a big one coz we are planning to have a wood floor in the entire first floor of the house. If only I could have that in my wish list for this Christmas! Well, it's not a bad idea to give someone especially your spouse an area rug...I guess it wouldn't be a surprise coz she better have the choice!Great selections at so, that's really easy to browse through online! Let her pick what she wants or you can both do it together...soon, I'll be doing the same thing,LoL!

Getting Revenge?

Yesterday while baby sitting my friend's kids...Jessica was being such a pain! I mean, every passing minute she's always in trouble like yelling at Morgan, grabbing a toy from Katie but the worst was throwing a toy at Logan's face! She did it twice even after I put her in time out! She seems to be very sorry right after she hit him but I don't get it...what did Logan ever do to her? They were just playing nice and all of a sudden she threw a toy on him! When I told their mom all about it, she mentioned "I guess she's getting her revenge!" Well, you see, couple of days ago...we were at a friend's house with them and Jessica got hit by Logan with a toy in her face and up until now it looks like a black eye. She has been complaining how painful it, maybe my friend is right but I hope not...I don't want her to be revengeful! I explained to her she can no longer play with them if she keeps doing it and she'll loose friends if she continue that attitude. She seems to be listening!(for now)...

Thursday, December 13

Gift Baskets for Christmas

The very 1st time I received a gift basket for Christmas was like 5 yrs. ago. It was from a family friend out in Seattle. I was so excited coz I didn't expect it! It was so big and full of goodies and everyday, I grabbed one to munch, it didn't took long before it was all gone,LoL! It's really nice to receive such a thing and I truly appreciate whatever GiftsI get but a gift basket is nice for a change and it's something you could eat that won't go to waste or just end up sitting in a box! It's indeed a great idea to give away to anyone you know - your parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, coworkers, your boss, your friends...anyone! It's very easy to grab one, just one click away online! Like at that offers all kinds of gift baskets for any occasion, not just Christmas. How about just showing your care for someone or if you are missing this person badly, express whatever you feel through all the gifts available there! Know anyone having a baby or someone who's sick? Show your concern by giving a gift basket. Everything is there and it's valued at a great price so, start browsing at one of the Hottest 100 Retail Websites! Recognized as Hot 100 Retail Website

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Wednesday, December 12

Kiddos Pumped It Up!

This was our activity last night from my friend's party at work. Kids were really going crazy with everything at "Pump It Up"! They exert all their energy from running around, climbing up, sliding and everything else! We, mommies even tried out the BIG slides and I just didn't post a pic of mine coz I have my BIG mouth wide scared of a simple slide that my toddler was just smiling about and loves to go on it many times!

I uploaded the rest of the photos at my flickr account, click here for the slideshow!

In Search of A Great Place to Live

Everybody wants the best place they could live at, who doesn't? It really depends on what you are looking for in life or what you prefer. Some may want to stay in a crowded place with busy streets and convenient to any stores others may prefer a quiet more like a serene place close to nature. If you ask me, I grow up in a suburban where you could hear even your neighbors yelling at each other,LoL! But that's what I like before I came here. Now, that I've adjusted to my life here in US, when I went back to my old place, I couldn't stand the noise! So, I guess I'll settle with more like a quiet place but not so isolated. If I have my way, I'll choose nearby the ocean where it's very relaxing! More like Wilmington NC real estate! Definitely a nice place to live...

Dog Tags

Any of your child plays sports like soccer, football, hockey, softball, baseball, basketball or part of the cheer leading squad and any other sports? At, they have a new product which are dog tags! A very cool item for your kid to have or for all the team! This one I ordered from them and I'm planning to give it to my friend's son. You can engrave anything in it and has a logo of your preference. I chose a soccer ball since he plays soccer and let him decide what he wants to engrave in it! You can customize the dog tag and choose from all different colors! I didn't have any trouble ordering this thing. It was quick and simple and they never run out of stock! Not only do they sell dog tags but also plaques and thropies! Check out all the products they have and you'll be happy with their prices too!

How Tall Your Child Will Be

I happened to try this child height predictor from and it's quite cool to try it! My 2yr old daughter who is 24.3 lbs now and a height of 2'10" came to a result of...

"Your girl will likely be 5 ft. 5 in. at age 18."

While my 5yr old daughter who is now 40 lbs and 3'6" tall...

Your girl will likely be 5 ft. 4 in. at age 18., the youngest might turn out to be an inch taller than the oldest eh? Maybe! Height result aren't too bad...kinda like me coz I'm 5'3"...gosh, they'll be taller than I am, I hope! If you want to check your child's prediction height just go here.

Based on the formula we used* there is a 50 percent chance that your girl's full-grown height will be within 0.7 inches (above or below) of this prediction, and a 90 percent chance that it will be within 1.7 inches.

Tuesday, December 11

Phone System For A Small Business

The latest VoIP Technology is here! Now, small businesses can stay connected everywhere with Talkswitch phone system. This is designed for businesses between 2 and 250 users. It's a great way to have a better communication and not having to spend a lot of money. It's affordable and reliable. At Neobits, they offer 15 branded phone systems not just Talkswitch but also Panasonic, Epygi, Allworx, NEC, Avaya and more! If you want sophisticated call handling features, try out Talkswitch 240vs Small Business PBX Phone System with 4 NS2200 Phones. You can save $105.00 if you buy it at plus it offers a free shipping. What's good about this product is for small businesses to have the advantage of multi-level auto attendants, have a voicemail included, innovative remote extensions and as mentioned earlier, a sophisticated call handling features! It's very easy to set up with it's free PC configuration software, so you can switch right away! This is a great choice for businesses at home and at small offices. Learn all its great features now at and always remember sometimes, change is good! So, for a change and better communication, try this new phone system!

Mother's Work

A mother's work is never ending. As what my rants and chitchats from my other blog earlier...I just couldn't help but complain,LoL! Well, it's human nature to complain. You can't possibly say you never complained in your entire life ever before? hehehe! Just right now, I'm finishing up some tasks in my blogging after a tiring night at a party! During the day, I was busy cleaning up the house and putting stuff away. I just didn't want to come home in a messy house! Well, it was worth all my effort coz now I'm feeling good seeing a nice clean house, well at least for just tonight! Once my 2 girls are up...they'll be ready to mess it up all over again!LoL! But thing is, I let my 5yr old clean up her bedroom and the living room and she does a good job *wink*

Stressful Days

This holiday season, usually most people are so stressed out including me! I'm not just busy buying gifts but I also need to prepare for my daughter's birthday party! It's coming pretty quick! After Christmas is her birth day then New Year's Eve, that's a lot of parties!!! I'm not just going to shop for presents, but also food and things needed for the party. This only means I have to fight the crowd in the stores, fight the traffic in the streets and wait a long time in the cashier's line, LoL! I'm sure you deal with the same stuff...wouldn't you want a great pampering right after all these???!!! It would be very nice to get a gift certificate for any day spas and that is one way to relax and rejuvenate! But who would give me such a thing? LoL! Well, for some, it's part of their indulgence to go to a spa and I have heard testimonials from others how relaxing it is! Yeah, just heard..haven't experienced this yet! Maybe one of these days when I get a job and just indulge myself even just once!


Just wanted to share another ornament in our Christmas tree! This one's so fragile and my 2 yr old already busted one into pieces. How so? She managed to grab one and went upstairs then throw it down where it hits a marble floor at the fireplace! Oh well, that's how it is when you got a curious little 2 yr old but I told her never again to grab one and she seems to understand now. She just couldn't resist to touch our tree! hehehe!

More photos here!

I Badly Need A Facial!

I'm in my late 20s and I'm beginning to see wrinkles in my forehead now! I try to put moisturizer that has SPF in it but I'm not sure if that really helps my skin, I certainly hope so! Not only my wrinkles is my problem but also a lot of dark spots from my pimples! I always think, I'm no longer in my teenage years, why do I still suffer with lots of pimples?! It sucks but I guess it's in my genes, looking at my mom and dad, they both suffered from the same problem I have. Well, I hope my kids won't have the same problems. I could only wish for a clear skin coz no matter what skin care product I use, it doesn't really clear up my skin as much as I wanted to! The worst problem for facial skin is when you aged, you get droopy face and wrinkles and age spots! Geez...something to look forward to! But there's always face lift surgery that you can consider if you are up for that! As for me, I guess I just have to keep avoiding cosmetics that has harsh chemicals and using SPF if I can.

Idea For A Christmas Card

If you haven't sent out any Christmas cards yet, take a look at this cool idea I saw from! It's quite simple actually and the best part, your kid have a big role in this and it could make a great family project that you can all do together

Kid's Art
Inspired by a child's drawings of snowmen, this card, from the Erickson family of Burbank, California, is a treat for both the sender and the receiver.
Sheets of plain paper
Sheets of patterned paper
Card stock
Pens or pencils
Color copy service
Glue stick

Time needed: Under 1 Hour
1. To start, draw several 3- by 3 1/2-inch squares on a sheet of paper, and have your child draw a snowman in each square. Have color copies made and cut out the pictures.

2. Cut an 8 1/2 by 11-inch sheet of card stock in half, then fold each in half to make two cards. With a glue stick, attach patterned paper from a scrapbook store to the front of the card and then a snowman to the patterned paper.

Inside the card, use photo corners (available at craft stores) to affix a photo of your kids or family.

Since I already made our Christmas card through digiscrapping, I would probably get this idea for Father's Day/Valentine's/Bday Cards for my daughters to make next year!

Caring For Your Pets

Who says Christmas is for kids? It is also for your pets, isn't it?! They have been there for you no matter what and they show how much they love you just like any mankind! For all pet lovers out there, I'm sure you know what I am babbling about, right?! So, I'm sure you got your Christmas presents too for your pets like what my friend Lisa does not only during Christmas but also on her pet's birth days too! And I know, her pets get really excited just like any other kid! If you want to show some care for pets, there's always things you can buy for them that they can make use of or even better, some treats! Don't forget, grooming and training is a great gift for them too! offers these services and even has a day camp and how much you love your pets and let them celebrate Christmas with you!

How To Find Great Books For Your Toddler

Every night, part of my kids' routine is to open up a book and we read it to them. It's always good to have that special moment and at the same time, your kid is learning too! My 2yr old has just started to say "Read a book" every time we put her in bed. Since the eldest is 5 and she's just 2, it's good to choose the right books for them. My eldest picks books that has longer stories and descriptive lines. For my 2 yr. old I choose the ones with lots of pictures and illustrations, simple words and colorful ones!I keep it short and some are those she can touch and feel so she's got participation through the whole reading. It's also good to pick Dora's books since she's her fave character, that really keeps her interest! Here's great tips from

1. Find rhyming and word pattern books.
2. Share your childhood favorites.
Choose books with colorful illustrations.
Pick books that fit your child's interest.
5. Look for books your child can manipulate.

Monday, December 10

Only Trust A Specialist

When it comes to plastic surgery, of course, you wouldn't want anybody to perform surgery on you, not just by word of mouth or someone you searched in the internet. It's better to make sure if it's really a certified specialist! You would want someone who knows what he is doing is widely known with his great work and a good experience...someone who is like Russell W. H. Kridel, M.D., F.A.C.S. who is a facial plastic surgeon who got the talent! Where can you find him? Only at Houston cosmetic surgeons! Learn more about him and what the associates philosophy when it comes to facial plastic surgery by simply visiting! It is always a good thing to browse a site first once you found one that looks promising. Make sure you looked into the details and find enough real testimonials that can prove the place and surgeon can be trusted! Why these all matters? Simply because anything can go wrong and you don't want a crappy job, do you? So, do all the research if you can!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!!!

I'm so exhausted last Saturday night putting up our tree...well not as exhausted as hubby coz he's the one who cut it up from the farm and tied it and dragged it in the van then dragged it inside the see that's his job while I decorate it but I needed his help of course! He complained "I should be drinking a coffee while watching you decorate it" LoL! But he is taller than me so, he does things I cannot reach! Finally it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here!hehehehe!
Check out more photos here and here!

Never Miss A Call!

Hubby's line of business always involve phone calls with his clients! His phone is constantly ringing and he always make sure he never misses one call! If you have any business, for sure this is like you! You want to be always connected with your customers or possible clients. Wouldn't it be nice if there's one tool that can locate you though lists of available phone numbers and by then, you can never miss any emergency or sales opportunity? That is indeed possible with Ifbyphone - "The Voice of the Web"! Intrigued by it? Try to visit and you'll soon find out how it could help you with your business!

Ifbyphone Releases revolutionary Phone-Me-Now: the world’s first Zero Configuration Click to Call
With 100 free minutes per month Phone-Me-Now

Promises to be biggest Killer App of 2008

Chicago, IL: December, 2007 - Ifbyphone, a voice infrastructure and applications development company providing enterprise class services to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB’s), has just released a solution destined to revolutionize the web to voice space: Phone-Me-Now, a zero configuration click to call application. To introduce Phone-Me-Now to hundreds of thousands of businesses that will be able to use it as a sales tool, Ifbyphone is making it available free of charge for 6 months and providing the first 100 minutes per month of usage for free as well.

This patent pending solution can be integrated in less then 60 seconds into any website, email or hyperlinked document and requires no experience to configure. It’s literally the Internet’s first instant voice mash up tool.
"While many companies provide click to call services we were troubled by how complex they are to use. Users had to cut and paste HTML or javascript, rendering these services outside of the technical reach of thousands of businesses. Once we designed this patent pending solution we configured our existing smart click to call services to work with the Phone-Me-Now interface." says Irv Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Ifbyphone. The zero configuration Phone-Me-Now service is literally the Holy Grail of web to telephone integration and ease of use.

Using Phone-Me-Now is as simple as typing:

into any web site, Word Document, Powerpoint Presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF or email. When a reader clicks on the link they are prompted for their telephone number and the Ifbyphone systems call your business, calls the reader and conferences the call. Phone-Me-Now works with any telephone number you register on your Ifbyphone account.

"We wanted to eliminate any barriers to basic click to call, and know that Phone-Me-Now will immediately set an industry standard for rapid deployment. If the Internet is all about speed and response, what could be a more appropriate Killer App for 2008 than Phone-Me-Now, which puts a business owner in instant voice communication with their customers," adds Shapiro.

Free Phone-Me-Now accounts can be updated to additional Ifbyphone packages that include:

- Click to Call with Custom Dialog Forms
- Integrated Call Routing and Reporting
- Find Me
- Virtual Voice Mail
- Virtual Receptionist
- Outbound Voice Broadcast
- Web Configured Voice Dialogs (Hosted IVR)
- Call Recording
- Backend Database Integration
- A Complete Call Management API

All Ifbyphone solutions work with any telephone system and are fully portable if a company moves from one telephone transport vendor to another.

# # #

About Ifbyphone

Ifbyphone is a hosted voice application and platform company with a simplified approach to the deployment of stand-alone and web-integrated voice services for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Combining advanced telephony and web services, Ifbyphone's web-integrated voice applications turn the small business telephone into a powerful tool, increasing lead generation, improving sales conversion and enhancing the customer experience. Ifbyphone makes it easier for customers to connect with you from online and off. All of Ifbyphone's applications are accessible via a click on a Web site, an inbound call to a toll free number, an outbound call or with the help of a programmable API. Our configuration and deployment tools look and feel just like Web applications, and require no previous knowledge of telephony programming or terminology.
Previously available only to large enterprises, Ifbyphone is delivering these converged voice and web solutions at affordable monthly fees, with no major upfront costs. The company's services are available online and through a network of SMB value-added resellers.

Sunday, December 9

Cool Award!

This is the 2nd time that this blog received an award! Usually my bravenet always gets it but that's totally expected since it is my primary blog and it's my most active blog! Anyways, back to the award, Liza has given me...

Well, don't look at me! I don't know what it means too but looks like fun though,hehehe! And I'm grateful for this Liz!!! I'm passing this award to Wendy, Juzahlyn, Ivy, Lutchi, Julai, Dauph, Arlene, Cherry Rose and Yza!

Saturday, December 8

Addiction Treatment

I might have an addiction, but oh no not drugs! Just shopping,LoL! Seriously, I do need a serious treatment for my shopping! I don't know what can be the medicine for that. I thought sure that being occupied and having a very busy schedule will give you less time to shop! But na-ah, I can spend just one day and blow off all my money! I know it's really bad. It's not like a drug addiction where there's drug rehab you can go to to help you fight your addiction! It might not always work for everybody but it's still a good idea to try it just to see if it works for you! Most cases, it does! Well, I guess there's no shopping rehab or anything like that so, I might just need a job to support my shopping needs,LoL!

Saturday's Photohunt


This game is quite popular in the Philippines. I'm not sure what it's called but it's something that involves the word "long" since you have 2 groups who will line up stuff of all the participants, no matter what it is (shoes, socks, shirts, belt, accessories even undergarments,LoL) As long as you can line them up! The longest one wins the game...kinda fun actually!

Incedible Human Touch Massage Chair

Have you ever seen those massage chairs that they sell in stores? Or really tried and sit on it? I did! I thought at first, that won't feel any good since it's just a machine, nothing like a real human touch massage. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought of this but once I tried it, I was pretty amazed! Those rolling things really felt like human hands and now that there's another innovative and high tech massage chair called Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you might not need to pay someone for a massage or hassle your spouse to do it for you! What's the big deal with this thing? It defies the adverse effects of gravity and when it goes to work, you can feel deep and real massages on your neck, back and legs...imagine how that feels after a long stressful day at your work or an all-day shopping spree or the unending errands,hehehe! This would make a nice Christmas Wish...maybe give your spouse a hint, you might get it, who knows?!

Friday, December 7

Kids Night Out

Whenever you have more than 2 kids, it's always chaotic but fun for them! Last night was surely a blast for these li'l munchkins!They had treats, lots of toys to play with and a place to run around!!! Unfortunately, too much excitement always causes someone to get hurt! My eldest got hit by a toy and now she has a swelling cheek that turned into purple! Hubby always overreact while I'm used to that! I just have to comfort her last night and get her mind off from the pain...chocolates did the trick! LOL! Here's some evidence of their hyperactivity last night...hehehe!

I also took some pictures of my friend's Christmas tree! She is sooo ready for Christmas! Go see here!

Baby Names

Lately, more and more of my friends are having babies! I never had a year when there's about 5 or more had or having a baby! It's quite exciting especially when they announce the gender and share a photo of their newly born child. My blogger friends usually have a contest to give out a baby name and if yours is picked, you get to win a prize, which is actually a lot of fun! I know it's tough to decide for a name so this kind of thing can help out, you know?! Well, nowadays...more and more weird names are coming out especially celebrity baby names! You just find out about name that is so unique and unheard of...well, it's the parents choice so no matter what you've decided, hope your kid is going to love it as they grow older,LoL! As for my kids, David tries to remind me to pick something not weird so they won't be pick on when they are in school,LoL!

Friday's Feast

I usually have my friday feast at my bravejournal but I wanted to add it here to keep this blog active! For this weeks' Friday's Feast, no photo was posted so, I'll just go ahead and go straight to the questions:

Join Friday's Feast Here!

What was the last game you purchased? *I don't play any games now that I am married. Just board games with my kids.

Name something in which you don’t believe. *Now that I'm older, I no longer believe in Santa Claus but I still let my kids believe in him coz that was a fun time in my life when I thought he existed,hehehe! Same goes for fairy tale stories.

If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick? *Josh Hartnett. Of course, I'll seduce him and maybe who knows, we might click,hahaha!

Main Course
What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way? *Marriage is tough. The struggle of understanding one another and compromising is not always easy.

Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room. *Dim lights, scented candles lit, soft instrumental music on, a bubble bath ready with a massage therapist...hey! it's nice to dream about things like this!LoL!

Thursday, December 6

Money Matters

When it comes to investments, funds, assets, strategies in making more money...I leave that all to my hubby, LoL! Well, he's doing such a great job to be a good provider so, I just try to be a good saver as well. If by chance you want to get great advices and information about mutual fund investing, loans, real estate, stock market even retirement planning, then let James L. Paris help you out! He is the editor of books and e-books for Christian Money Matters and Financial Advice. Everything you need to understand and any information that might help you manage your finances well or even make a good revenue! His website, offers all the books that you might wanna check out!

Kids Lovin' Snow!

As I mentioned yesterday in my post, we went outdoors to enjoy the kids were happily running and playing while I was busy snapping the camera! It's just so nice to see them all excited even if it's really really didn't mind the cold, if you are younger, you seem to care less about it...but for me, I can't stand to stay long so, we were only outside for about 15-20minutes. By the time I saw Katie's nose turned red like Rudolph, I knew it's about time to get inside and get all warm up! Anyways, here's some pics to share...

Compare Insurance

Insurance for me is the most important thing to get once you have a family. Well, even for a single person who owns a car or a house, it is always advisable to get an insurance for those. Some might think it's not necessary but others have already understood how you can benefit from it. If you are one of the many who wants the best quote for insurance, try to visit They cover pretty much everything, all types of insurance and when it comes to my family, we made sure we have our life insurance covered especially now that the family is growing! We just want to be prepared for whatever might happen coz you'll never know...If you want a good comparison check out and you might be pleased of what you can find there, from Car insurance to Home insurance, everything you want to be covered and taken care of!

Tagged By Ice!

I am grateful for my blogger friends who never fails to tag me! Keeps my blog alive so keep them coming friends! This one's from Ice who recently just started her blogspot. Go visit her new blog if you want to know more about my nicest friend online!

Tagging: Darlene, Jonrece, Racel, Yza, Vanessa, Cherry Rose, Ivy, Haze and Nice

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? * I prefer wrapping papre for the sake of the thrill in opening and tearing the paper apart but most of the time I use gift bags since it's popular nowadays,lol!

2. Real tree or Artificial? * We always have real tree coz we love the smell and the popping sound of pines but I would love to own an artificial one someday to decorate it easily. A natural tree is kinda tough to decorate since it's not symmetrical like the artificial one.

3. When do you put up the tree? * about 2-3weeks away from Christmas.

4. When do you take the tree down? * If I feel like it's about time,hehehe!

5. Do you like egg nog? * Never tried one!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? * I think it must be money!hahahah!

7. Hardest person to buy for? * My hubby coz he's soooo practical and wants gifts that are useful but he got everything that he needs, so how's that going to help me?LoL!

8. Easiest person to buy for? * my kids! as long as it has their fave character, no matter what it is, they'll love it for sure!

9. Do you have a nativity scene? * nope.I'll try to buy one someday...

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? * mail, i love to add a personal touch!don't you just want to receive something by mail rather than email?

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? * Good thing I don't remember any and that only means I like everything! It would be so ungrateful of me to not like something that is given...

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? * It's A Beautiful Life

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? * I haven't done any shopping yet...I like cramming, up to the last minute,hehehehe!

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? * Never

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? * Christmas cookies and fruit cake!!!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? * Clear lights

17. Favorite Christmas song? * Sana Ngayong Pasko

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? * Stay Home

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's? * Rudolph, Rudolph and Rudolph,hihihih!

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? * Angel

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? * if only my family would agree to do it on Christmas eve but hubby's tradition is in the morning.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? * I hate to say this but Christmas time usually brings out the worst in people...another thing is the traffic and the stores get too crowded!

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? * Gold and Red

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? * nothing really

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? * I can't think of anything!

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? * Darlene

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? * not sure

Credit Cards with 0% Interest

They say credit cards is dangerous thing, well at least that's what hubby keeps telling me! But for me, it's really up to you on how you manage it! It is a responsibility and one should have a good self control and know how to manage your finances to be able to keep your credit records good! Now is the season of shopping since Christmas is fast approaching! We turn to our credit cards and it may also help you if you find some 0% credit cards that serves as an introductory rate for your first purchases. Easy to find one that can give you comparison with that kind of offer, is the site you can try! Check out all cards with different offers. Looking for a cash back? Zero percent balance transfers? Rewards? or Zero Percent Intro Purchases? Then you will be in the right place if you visit their site! Have the convenience of comparing and choosing the right one for you!

Wednesday, December 5

Any Ideas???!!!

I am looking for an altered project of a digital scrapbook that I can give away for Christmas. Maybe some of you might know a link or have an idea? Last year I did the photo tiles and it was such a fun project! Good thing my friends liked it and hopefully this year something that they can make use of. I am thinking of a calendar but thing am I going to print it? Maybe Kinko's? Well, I gotta look into the details first but it would be great if someone can give me a hint or an inspiration!

Bad Credit Auto Loan

Looking for an Auto Loan to get approved even with your bad credit history? There's one company that can help you out and that is Auto Loan Mania. How so? They provide you the lowest rates on auto loan even with a bad credit. Lots of things can hinder you to get an approval for loan but Auto Loan Mania is one place you can get a loan for either new or used automobile. Has been denied before? Then turn to Auto Loan Mania then you will be handled by a finance team to help you find a solution in your problems. They have the most competitive prices so that assures you, you only get the lowest auto loan rates. So, give it a try now and see for yourself!

First Day of Snow!!!

Finally, it snowed here! My daughter has been longing for the snow and this morning while the kids are tucked in with me in the bed...hubby woke us up and told us it's snowing outside! Kids were really excited! Although snow is such a pain sometimes, it's still a beautiful sight and it's fun to play with it too! So, we headed outdoors at noon and played...took some pics and will post it later! I'm still editing some of them...

Tuesday, December 4

Travel America!

One of my dreams was to come here to America! Almost anyone I know from my country has the same dream. You couldn't blame us, it's a tough life in the Philippines and America has a lot to offer if you are hardworking enough! Not only opportunities are great here, it's a good place to tour around as well. For those who doesn't really plan to live here, a visit in this country is a good way to spend your trip!You can find cheap flights to USA online so you don't have to spend a lot with your travel. Almost anywhere you wanna go...New York, Boston, Las Vegas...find cheap flights at! The site doesn't only offer flights to USA, but also other countries like New Zealand, Thailand, Canada and anywhere you wish to travel.

Interrupted Sleep

It's been a couple of weeks now that both my girls are climbing up in our bed at night! They have their own room together and usually they do really well to sleep through the night. Only these couple of days, they keep waking up either 12 midnight or 4 in the morning and waking us up trying to sleep beside me and hubby. Well, it's nice to have them around sometimes but we just can't get enough sleep! It gets a little crowded around and the fact that you are already fast asleep and someone's waking you up, that can make you a little cranky, you know? So, to solve this problem...I tell them that next time they show up again in our bedroom in the middle of the night, we are going to start closing our door and lock it. My eldest hates that but the youngest doesn't understand so she still keep on doing it until I finally locked the door one night. Well, of course, they bang it and knock they go again...I try to ignore the noise but sometimes I can't. Sometimes they won't but sometimes they still come, I guess it's just a phase. The most important thing is that they get enough sleep...just looking at the table below, I'm glad they do!

AgeNighttime sleepDaytime sleepAverage total sleep
2 years10.5 to 12.5 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)11.5 to 15.5 hours
3 years10.5 to 12.5 hours1 to 3 hours (1 nap)11 to 14 hours
4 years10 to 12 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)10 to 13 hours
5 years10 to 12 hours0 to 2.5 hours (1 or no nap)10 to 12.5 hours
6 years10 to 11.5 hoursnone10 to 11.5 hours
7 years9.5 to 11.5 hoursnone9.5 to 11.5 hours
8 years9.5 to 11.5 hoursnone9.5 to 11.5 hours
* Note: The two sets of numbers don't always add up because children who take longer naps tend to sleep fewer hours at night, and vice versa.

I Am So Ready For Another Vacation!

In this cold weather, I always miss my hometown, Philippines! Especially the warm weather and sandy beaches. I usually think of that place when it's winter here. It's always nice to be in the tropics to enjoy outdoors once again that's why it's better to take a vacation out there during this time of the year. Although, you might think it will be very expensive to purchase tickets, reserve hotels and all that. Think twice my friend! There's Hotel Reservations that can help you save a lot of money! They offer great discounted hotels and you can book it easily online! What's great about the site is the fact that you can pretty much book everything there, not only the hotel but also your flights and car rentals. That can make your trip less hassle and get everything organize, don't you think? Plus, you can save a bunch as well! See for yourself and try booking now only at...

Monday, December 3

Tagged By Darlene!

I've seen this around but I haven't been tagged until, thanks Darlz for including me in your list!

Tagging: Jadyn, Juzahlyn, Joy, Ivy, Retchel, Yza, Liza and Dauph

=How old is your Lover?
♥ He's very secretive about his age,hehehe!
=What is your lover Favorite Color?
♥ Probably pink!waaaa...
=What Is your lover Favorite Movie?
♥ he likes war movies, stories that are so intense and needs lots of analyzing!
=What does Your Lover like to do most?
♥ He loves gardening, hiking in the woods and target shooting
= How much Do you LOVE your LOVER?
♥ as much as I could take,hahaha! Well, I have 2 kids w/ him - 6 yrs together = you calculate it!
=Is Your Lover a Flirt?
♥ Nahhh...when he likes someone, he tells me about it and he's not shy to do so!
=Where did U and Your Lover First Meet?
♥ Philippines
= How Long Have you and your Lover Been going out?
♥ 6yrs
=Do you and your Lover Parents Have a good relationship?
♥ yap! can't complain, she's a great ma-in-law!
= Does your lover like night or day?
♥ he can't do anything at night! Or shall I say...useless at night!lol!
=Does your Lover like Rootbeer or Sprite?
♥ Rootbeer
=Do you and your Lover get along?
♥ well, we often argue but we managed to be together for 6 yrs!
=Do you and your Lover Fight?If so Who Wins the fight?
♥ Most of the time since I get frustrated easily and I usually end up crying. He says sorry most of the time!
=How often do u go to your Lovers house?
♥ figure it out!
=What does your lover call you?
♥ Hon but when infront of his mom he calls me by my name
=Is your Lover older or younger than you?
♥ Older
=Does your Lover buy you gifts often?
♥ Nope
=Do you Hate your Lover at times?
♥ Yep
=What is your LOVER favorite Sport?
♥ none
=Do your lover tell you everything?
♥ I certainly hope so!

Cabin Rentals

One thing that I truly wanted to try in one of our vacation is a cabin rental. I don't know but I have this thoughts in my mind that a cabin is a great place to unwind and when I hear the word cabin, for me it's like being close to nature, peaceful and a slow pace in life! That's what I want! LoL! Looking at these Pigeon Forge cabins, I can't help but day dream about it! Imagining myself in a nice warm jacuzzi tub while overlooking a beautiful mountain view! What else could you ask for? Geez! That's going to be a great vacation for sure! Somehow I never got a chance to try this but like I said, when my parents here, me and hubby could surely take some time off together and spend some days together without kids and would be nice to rent a cabin for sure!

Sunday, December 2

I'm Almost Done...

Or Am I? I just find it so irritating to go through all the codes but it's part of editing the page. I could've grabbed a ready template but I am more satisfied if I did it myself! I thank those who guided me a bit especially my cousin Arlene who helped me figure out how to edit the sidebar title using Page Elements/Widgets. Now, I'm left with the Archives! I seriously looked for a javascript generator but only Previous Entries was easy to find! Archives is too hard! Maybe you know how to do it? I just need the Archives to be a script so I can add it to Page Elements/Widgets then I'm good to go...anyone??? BTW, if you have spare time...check out our Makeover Day here!

Advantage Term Life Insurance

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Saturday, December 1

Tweaking My Page

This is still under construction, I'm working on changing the whole template and as you can see, only the header is uploaded. Will take off and will work with this one later...