Saturday, January 26

Improving Your Appearance

As a woman, I often use make up to cover any imperfections in my face,LoL! Well, of course, makes me feel good too when I am all made up! Even if it's a lot of hassle, I still do it but not always!hehehe! How do you usually improve your appearance? Dressing up nicely? Putting make up on? Getting your hair done? Well, have you ever tried extreme measures like going under the knife to improve your looks? I call it an extreme measure because it is a major change in yourself that can be forever! Just like having a rhinoplasty. I think that is the most common procedure that Filipinos have done to themselves. I know quite a few and I guess that is because they aren't happy how short their noses are. There's nothing wrong with it, as long as you can afford it and you are happy with the result, that's your choice!hehehe! For me, although I'm not satisfied of how my nose looks, I won't ever change it but that's just me...if you are okay with any procedures, there's rhinoplasty in Baltimore that can correct any birth defect or nasal injury or just simply change the way it looks like according to what you want.