Friday, March 14

BIG Favor...

After I had a chat with my sister last night, I thought of giving her our old laptop that hubby almost never uses nowadays! He got his new laptop last Christmas. Well, I was planning I'd go ahead and buy one for myself too but my plan was changed when my sister told me she's getting married. I have to save my money for the trip. Wouldn't wanna miss her wedding, of course! So, now...I feel like buying her a laptop instead so she can do her research for school and do some blogging as well since our old pc is totally ancient and always crashes down. Money is just the question. I got too many expenses to think about so, I don't think I'd be able to afford one right now. Well, I'm kinda hoping when classes start for this school year, I'd start working somewhere and by then I'll probably can afford my own laptop and who knows, for my sister too! No need to ask hubby *wink*