Friday, March 7

Will Be On The Road

Yep, we will certainly be back on the road today going back home. It's only about 2-3hr drive so, it wouldn't be that bad compared to our previous long trip to Florida and 7hr drive to PN. This is just another one of hubby's business trip that is convenient for him to bring us along. Too bad the weather in our place predicted a 3-6 inches of snow so, our plan to visit the glass factory today will be cancelled since we needed to get back before dark.

I always like to help hubby in driving but since we are using his company car, I can't be the one driving just in case we might ran into trouble and it's not legal for me to drive that car. It's always a good idea to drive your own car and of course, always good to have a car insurance as well. Both would keep you away from any trouble!