Monday, April 28

Home Security

The first time I saw our farm place, I'm kinda hesitant to live there. The fact that the house is located away from the street, makes me uncomfortable! Growing up in the suburbs where I can see houses nearby and people walking down the street, that's really my comfort zone but by being here, it's very different and I've adjusted well and now moving to a little bit isolated at the country, I think I have a lot of fears to overcome! I don't like the fact that all I see are trees around but I know our neighbors is just across the street and people in the farm are quite friendly and they are more helpful to their neighbors unlike here, you only wave hi-hello! I guess I just need more time to adjust but I told hubby that I'll be more at ease if we have some home security products like what ademco is selling! That's one of our priorities there and it's nice having that in your home to have a peace of mind and feel safe!