Monday, April 28

When Is The Final Move?

I don't know either! Even if we have our farm place now, I am still unsure when is the exact date that we are moving. Everything really has to be in place before we can start the move. That farm house needs a lot of cleaning to do inside and out. Last weekend, we did everything we can and accomplished quite a lot! I scrubbed all the carpets and the toilet and hubby worked outdoors to burn stuff and clean up the yard to make it safe for the kids. He still needs to fix the pipes and toilet in the ground floor. If that house is clean enough to live in, then we need to start packing and have moving boxes ready! By then, we have to clean up this house too for sale and hubby's idea to have carpets replaced and walls painted by the time we are out here is the way to go! Hopefully, we can sell this place as soon as possible to start with our renovation at the farm house. I really can't wait to improve that place. I know it takes time but I am so impatient when it comes to that.hehehe!