Thursday, May 1

Where's My Credit Card?!

I just remember all of a sudden about my latest discussion with hubby in getting a new credit card. I was just asking him to buy me my tickets for the domestic flight then he suggested that he'll set me up with Capital One Credit Card with no interest charge for using it abroad. That's what we hate about our credit cards, last time I used it in the Philippines, stores charged me 6% and some even 10%! It's ridiculous! We hate paying interest and I'm sure you do too! We try to keep just one credit card so, to manage our finances well and not have some debt troubles. BUT where's that credit card now? I think with hubby's busy schedule, he forgot to request one! Well, even if he is that unorganized what I like about hubby is being wise enough to set an amount limit so, not to get overboard and just purchase anything that we might not need to pay now but of course, you have to pay that monthly. He believes that if you cannot pay it in cash, that means you cannot afford it and I think he is right! BUT we are always entitled to our own opinion and principles in life. It doesn't mean it's wrong to have a credit card, as a matter of fact I have two and hubby doesn't know I got a bigger amount limit for my other card,LoL! Well, I'm sure he knows, he just don't mind it as long as I'm paying,hehehehe! For others out there who would like to acquire credit card but has a bad credit history, one option to look at is an unsecured credit cards for bad credit!
If you have bad credit, you know how hard it is to find a decent credit card. After a short investigation of the market of bad credit cards one can see that this type of plastics is not quite beneficial. Banks tend to apply high interest rates and a lot of fees to bad credit cards, making it really hard to find an affordable deal. We introduce a variety of credit card for people with bad credit at our site. The list of products was collected by experts, that is why we can assure you that we present the most beneficial cards for low credit rating. To find the best card you should compare the cards’ features and choose those which meet your spending habits. Unfortunately, bad credit cards rarely provide rewards or zero interest. However, this type of cards will not give you a high credit limit, so, making a moderate balance, you will pay it out rather fast. Do not despair if your credit score makes you eligible for no better than bad cards. If you are accurate and loyal cardholder, you can ask the bank to lower the interest rate of your card or give you a more beneficial plastic.