Monday, July 28

Advancing Your Career

Like mentioned on my previous entry, I'd be out looking for a job sometime next month or so...I am just hoping I can find a full time job where my salary could help a bit with things around the house. I'd like to be able to take care of some bills or perhaps buy any furniture I would like to make our place more homey! Other than that, I am also eager to enhance my skills or keep my mind stimulated and interact with the outside world. It's not like I'm imprisoned in my own house, you know how different it is from a stay at home mom to a career woman...My eldest will be in school soon and we will have to put my youngest in a daycare center right next to her school. I think it would be good for her too! It will be a good change for me and my daughters, I'm sure!

My career choices are kinda limited since I didn't finish any degree. On the other hand, I have a bit of work experience before. I wouldn't mind to start low and work myself out even just to get a training while working to be able to enhance and advance in a career. Just like what Cisco Learning Network can offer an IT. You can get a Cisco certification to enhance IT career opportunities. From IP networking to an associate, professional, expert and even becoming a specialist...Cisco can help you attain your goal!Visit today and learn more what they offer!

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