Friday, July 11

McPlay Time!

TGIF! Everybody loves Friday! Who doesn't? It means weekend is just around the corner and even though I don't work, I try to make our Friday extra special by bringing the kids somewhere fun or doing something extraordinary like visiting the library and going to McDonald's with a play place! Not really a good place to eat with all its junk fast food but I try to get them something healthy choices like apple dippers, apple juice and chicken wrap (I really couldn't resist getting fries!) It was a surprise for them today with their kiddie meal and toy! I used to always bring them like once or twice a week to that place but when they seem to get frustrated if we won't stop by every time I drive by one, that's when I knew I was getting them addicted to that place!hehehe!So, once in a while,isn't so bad! They were really happy with their toys and the colorful playground bonus the library where they love playing in the children's area with all the books, puppet toys and everything else that amuses a kid!