Saturday, July 19

Their Happiness Is Ours Too!

Having kids is not an easy task but it's always rewarding! Sometimes you find time to be away from them but that doesn't mean you love them less. Other times you would never want to be away from them which is a normal feeling of a parent!

Whenever we have our anniversary trip, we always try to find a place where it's family friendly and kids will have a great time. Yesterday, spending it at King's Island is not really our thing. We would rather have it at a romantic and serene place like an island or somewhere at the beach! A place in the Outer Banks or a couple's villa! Well, we still have a great time even though we spent most of our time at the kiddie rides =) Just to see their happy faces melt our hearts away and whatever their happiness is ours too!BUT every couple need some time alone and we try to do that but it's not always possible during anniversaries. Hopefully, when my parents are here, we can arrange some time and rekindle some romance during our anniversary, {yeah just "during anniversaries",LoL!}