Friday, August 22

When SAHM-one Speaks!

I have been missing out for this meme. Just Friday has been quite a bz day for us here. Normally, I try to post a couple of entries. So, this time I'm catching up!

How do you get yourself organized with all the left and right chores in the house? Plus a crying toddler or a demanding husband waiting his dinner to be served around you? I used to go crazy over accomplishing my chores but now, I have changed a lot! I normally just let the house go messy and when I cannot deal with it anymore, that's when I start moving!hehehe! Well, of course I deal with the major chores like dishes and laundry then the organizing and cleaning is only when I'm in the mood. About dinner, normally, he cooks for himself but sometimes I cook whatever he can eat too. He's kinda picky so, it's easy for me to just prepare meals that I like and the kids will eat too.

What mother roles do you share with your partner? If there are teehee! He gives my kiddos bath at night but when he comes home really late, I do it myself. He also put them in bed and read them a book every night. I seldom do that coz he knows it's my time to rest and in the morning, if he's not in a rush, he gives them food for breakfast {very seldom}.

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