Saturday, September 6

Didn't Get A Chance

I didn't get a chance to upload our recent photos from the Labor Day Weekend and a week has already passed. I am always good at uploading photos right away but this time, too many things has happened. Now that I've got the time to do so...I realized my camera is left at my hubby's van, boink! So, nothing for me to do but wait til he gets back home. He's actually busy right now moving stuff from his warehouse since he signed to be out of there next week! I am glad he's doing that right now coz we are paying $700 a month for that warehouse and now that one nice building in the farm has been cemented and ready for all his equipments and stuff {you can actually fit in about 50 cars in that building, seriously!} it will totally help us get rid of his stuff from the warehouse, basement, garage and office! One less thing to worry about ***wink***