Saturday, September 6

Her 1st Choice!

A friend of mine mentioned about Halloween and it made me think,'s getting pretty close to that! She was wondering where are we going to do our trick or treat {since we got 2 places we are living at and been planning to get an apartment soon so, that's going to be 3 places} Yeah - we have a complicated life, hehehe! Well, I thought wherever we are, we will definitely not miss the trick or treat and of course, I want my kids to pick out whatever costumes that they'd like! My kids enjoy Halloween a lot and I know not only do they like getting treats but also the fun of dressing up of who they wanna be even just for the night and the quality time spent together as a family too!

Jessica's first choice when asked about which Disney Costumes she liked the most, it's Tinker Bell of course! I guessed it right coz I know how much she likes Tinker Bell nowadays. It always changes especially at this age. It used to be Princess Aurora last year and now she's over with princess stuff, wants to look like a fairy and most especially become Tinker Bell!hehehe!

I am a procrastinator and I never learned my lesson. Every Halloween, I end up shopping for the costumes at the very last minute and it's not easy coz the sizes won't fit and they ran out of the costumes my girls wanted but I think even if I still do the same mistake this year, I wouldn't worry like before since I found one of the Halloween Costume Stores that might be helpful for me even at the last minute! Well, of course I cannot buy close to the day we are using it, still it's less stressful for me to shop for the costumes since I can do it online at at an affordable price! My kids can look through the picture and pick out the sizes! So, start shopping too with your kids and surely, you'll find what your kid would want for Halloween!!!