Saturday, September 6

I Want My Own!

I have 3 credit cards in my wallet but one is my own debit card, the other one is only meant for gas/groceries/emergency and another one for shopping but it's on my hubby's name. Now, why do I want another one after all that cards? Since I've been here for 7yrs. now, I want to build up my own credit score and having a credit card on my own name would be nice! I guess I have to get a real job first so, I can qualify for my own credit card. Still, I searched for one just to see what suits me best! Of course, it can be quite confusing with all the Credit Cards available but with, I find it very useful! What I like about this website, you can easily pinpoint what are your preferences like the network and things you care about in a credit card and more! It's a great feature to narrow down the choices! Honestly, couldn't find anything bad about this website...Wait! I guess I have to apply for one before I'd come up with that conclusion but sad to say, I can't! Maybe you can...go visit now!