Saturday, September 6

She's Hurt!

Last Thursday, while at my friend's house staying with Katie, I got a call from hubby around 7pm telling me that Jessica's been hurt! She bumped into our door and had a cut. Told me it's not big but it's very deep so he gotta bring her to the hospital. I was stunned and asked my friends to drive me to the hospital. It took a long time for her to get the stitches but was immediately assessed by a nurse when they got there. I am glad I made it there before they could start stitching the cut! I was just about to enjoy a boat ride at night with friends and unfortunately, this accident occurred! Hubby and Jessica have been staying at the farm house since she's in school while Katie and I stayed at a friend's place for few nights. Like mentioned on my other blogs, I just couldn't stand staying at the farm anymore { I was starting to get depressed and loosing my sanity}. We talked about few solutions and at first, I was hoping I could stay in the Philippines with Katie while waiting for my father's visa so he could come with us here in US but since this accident happened, I felt like it's a sign that I shouldn't leave my eldest although I know she'll be just fine with her dad. So, now I'm considering getting an apartment near Jessica's school so, I don't have to suffer in the farm and still can take care of my girls and perhaps get a job nearby. Just few things I wanted to share! Thanks for reading anyways.