Wednesday, September 17

What My Future's Goin' To Be!

There's no really a way to tell what our future would be but we can definitely try to make it as pleasant as possible by doing something now that we can benefit in the future someday such as living a healthy life {stress free, healthy diet} and saving money or having reserved funds for unsuspected things. I, on the other hand, isn't really future conscious, which I know, is bad! Good thing I married my opposite who's always worried about it and making sure we'll be alright but there are many sacrifices along the way just to commit to that future plans. I need to do better in doing something to be independent, resourceful or just something that I could be like hubby who's involve in the stock market,futures trading or anything to help him add up that cash or savings! I think getting a job is the first step towards getting my own credit background and building up a credit score. It will happen soon!