Wednesday, October 29

Expenses Before Job?

That's what I'm up to right now, hehehe! I was able to convince hubby to let me have this apartment for 600bucks a month and I promised to take care of the bills which includes gas, electric, sewer, water, internet and cable! Imagine that?! Like I have the resources to pay all that!hahahah! Well, he thought I'd be working by now which I kinda thought as well. Unfortunately, I can't decide what field to jump right in. I'm willing to work at Macy's {who is hiring right now for the holidays} but contrary to what hubby thinks I can do., he is more concerned of a certain field that I am good at, where I can use my talent and where my passion is at! Well, I myself couldn't figure that out! *grinning* I just want something where I could keep myself occupied aside from chores and kids and of course make some moolah! Perhaps I could try to find a franchise opportunity or a business for sale to start something! I know it can be profitable if you know what you are getting into, of course with some luck too, you are good to go...Right now, I just keep on reminding hubby to find my old resume so I can update it. It's in one of the pc's he got coz he made it for me! I could do it myself but just not confident enough that my resume could be something interesting that's when I needed hubby to help me with!hehehehe! Excuses! Excuses!