Wednesday, October 22

Finding The Perfect Bedding

I've been searching for a perfect bedding in my girl's bunked. I wanted it to be somewhat girly but making sure they can grow with the style. What I mean is, not picking any character that in a year from now, they wouldn't like know how they change from dora to ariel or any princesses and becomes cheesy when they are 10 or older,hehehe! How I wish I'd still be looking for a crib bedding since it's easier to find one at! I tell yah, this is not like ordinary bedding where you see pooh and his friends or mickey and any disney character...They have chic, stylish and unique designs. Kinda like what I'm looking for in my girl's room but they're no longer babies = ( Nice that made their bedding into something more modern, clean tones and colors with high quality fabrics!