Wednesday, October 22

The Games We Play!

What kind of games do you usually play with your kids? I know for sure that playing games with them is a good quality time and will instill in their memories for a lifetime! With my eldest, we can play monopoly but not all the time since my youngest feel left alone not knowing what's going on. We also play puzzles which they both love to do! I try to play hide and seek with them and it's a lot of fun too! There are so many other games that we play together and they sure love it, I do too! I just wonder if I have boys...what certain games they would like to play that I can join? For sure, I'll try to be a cool mom who can play PS2 games with them if that's the trend or whatever it is that boys like to play!hehehe! Anyway I can spend time with them, I'll do it!