Friday, October 3

Got My New Place!

Yep! I finally has the key to the apartment I've been talking about! 1st of Oct. was the day I could get it but I was too busy to drop by at the Realtor Office. So, yesterday...I was able to finally have it in my hands and got the garage key as well. It was pretty neat having that place! I was there with my youngest cleaning up, putting some clothes in the closet...that's what I can do for now since I don't have the strength to lift any furniture from the old house, other than that, it's quite far too! An hour and 20mins drive. That's why I wanted to hire some movers but hubby thinks we can do it all coz pretty much all we need in the apartment are the basic stuff like bed for kids and us, couches and dining table. I just wanted it done in one trip but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. Oh well, I'm back to the farm house again and hoping this is my last night here. I have to continue packing stuff today, arrange the bus pick up and drop off for Jessica at the new place and move around some bills to my name. While here at the farm house, a guy already started putting up tiles in the bathroom and giving me samples for kitchen cabinets. I am hoping in 6mos stay at the apartment, lots of improvements I can see from this farm house! Dunno yet if we are able to get the other house ready for market. I think that will have to wait til my father gets here...Oh well just an update! Pretty happy about how things are doin' here...