Monday, October 13

A Lot of Quality Time!

These past 2 weekends, I was out with my girls for a road trip with friends! The 1st weekend was all about the lighthouse! For the 2nd weekend was the apple picking, pumpkin patch and I'll share about that sometime!

We travel all the lighthouses in Ohio but of course, couldn't make it in just one, by Sunday we were still on our quest! The nice thing about each lighthouses is the fact that they are different from one another. Each has a different scene, some can be a rocky road to get closer to it, others are sandy beaches, with a park or in a small town surrounded by buildings. I think my girls were having a lot of fun and the best part is, although it's kinda stressful being stuck in between the two in the car for a long mile journey, I believe it was well spent quality time with both of them*wink* {MORE PICS AT MY OTHER BLOG!}