Wednesday, October 8


Yes I am PRO bugs! Well, the good bugs that is...and what I am babbling about? I just discovered a new product from Lifeway which is PROBUGS Organic. What this very similar to yogurt and to tell yah, my family loves yogurt! It's even part of our breakfast meal and now that I am introduced to this new product, Probugs, I might as well have this for breakfast in our family. The reason why is not only because of the nutrition facts and the benefits we could get from it but also the convenient of having it in a simple package that I can carry anywhere and give it right away to the kids (no spoons, no mess) and that to me is something I always consider having kids and being on-the-go mom! Oh before I could get carried away with how easy it is to carry around and drink it anywhere...let me tell you all about this great product! This can help stimulate digestion plus it enhances immune system {with my Kindergarten bringing home all kinds of virus, I think it's best to find any food that can boost immune system, right?} and oh yeah it is perfect for someone like me who is lactose intolerant! There are plenty more good stuff about it so, you better check it out at any store! Remember it's Lifeway ProBugs Organic!