Friday, October 17

Wanting a Boy?

I blogged about my daughter's bday party at Wandering Thuoughts and a part of a bday celebration is opening the gifts and to me it's priceless to see my daughter's glow in her eyes when she see that favorite cartoon character! Even just a simple tie that can cost a buck or two but have that fave character there, you'll guaranteed to make her really happy!!! I am really amazed that she still likes Dora and thinking she'll be into princess stuff by now like her elder sis way back when she was 3! I guess they are totally different. My eldest totally hates Dora by now but I used to enjoy seeing her dancing and singing with Dora when she was 2...ahhh...those days are always good memories!!! Just wondering if ever I have a boy, what would he be most most likely to play with? Dinosaurs?rc helicopter? Trucks and Cars? Soldier Toys? Would be kinda nice to have a boy someday...Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and contented with my girls but another boy in the family aside from hubby would be nice! hehehe!