Wednesday, October 1

You're Invited!

Just a simple invitation I made for my niece yesterday. It was kinda a rush thing since I didn't have time last weekend to scrap. They were asking for this to print it out asap and I hope it can still make the cut! Well, in the Philippines, even if you invite people up to the last minute, you can still expect them to come over, really! hehehe! It wouldn't work here, I know...too bad we can't join the party this Friday, just photos to look at, hehehe!

I also made an email invitation for my Katie's 3rd Bday! It's coming up pretty soon and good thing I remembered it in my "to do list" to took care of it this morning. It's going to be at Chuck E. Cheese since she loves that place and I like the idea that I don't have to worry about the activities and food. They even have cake and goodie bags ready! I can't wait til she celebrates it and have some fun!!!

Oh yeah, since I've mentioned about my "to do list", I gotta start checking out Mesothelioma lawyer, it got me curious after reading an article about it!